Orco Property Group : Orco Property Group : Q1 2013 results

         Orco Property Group : Orco Property Group : Q1 2013 results

28 May 2013

Press Release

                             Orco Property Group

                        Q1 2013 financial information

First 3 months financial highlights

  oRevenue is decreasing by EUR 6.3 Million to EUR 23.0 Million YoY mainly as
    a result of reduced Development activities;
  oAdjusted EBITDA is decreasing in a lower proportion than revenue from EUR
    5.6 Million in march 2012 to EUR5.1Million;
  oPositive net Financial result of EUR 4.1 Million (EUR -6.4 Million in Q1
    2012) is strongly impacted by the decrease in interest expenses, the
    negative foreign differences and the one off gain on debt buy back.
  oNet profit of EUR 7.3 Million compared to EUR 1.1 Million in Q1 2012.

Key recent achievements

  oBuy back of Hungarian liabilities for EUR 1 Million, generating a EUR 15.3
    Million financial income;
  oOn 30 April 2013, Orco has sold for EUR 20 Million a plot of 3.6 hectares
    to the joint-venture it has constituted with Unibail Rodamco in which the
    Group keeps a 20% share. The net cash-in after the loan repayment and the
    investment in the Joint-Venture amounts to EUR 1.8 Million. The venture
    aims at developing a prime shopping center in the Bubny area, downtown
  oAll units in Office and Office II Sub-funds of the Endurance Real Estate
    Fund have been sold for a total price of EUR10Million;
  oAs of 22 May 2013, the Group completed the disposal of the land plot
    U-Hranic after finalization of the permitting process to Skanska for a
    sale price of EUR 4.5 Million;

Unaudited Profit and Loss Statement

(*) "Pro forma" is the 3 months 2012 income Statement with an amended
presentation of the Joint Ventures contributions, in line with the IFRS 11
transition measures and as detailed in Note 6, and Office Sub-fund, as
detailed in the 2012 Financial Statements (Note

All the comparatives figures presented in this document are "Pro forma",
except if indicated otherwise.

Year on year, the first 3 months of Revenue decreased to EUR 23.1 Million,
compared to EUR 29.4 Million as of March 2012, mainly driven by the absence of
rental revenue on Sky Office and Radio Free Europe and the decrease of the
Residential sales only partially compensated by the performance of the
Property Investments in Berlin.

The strict control of the operational expenses reduced by EUR 3.5 Million,
compared to March 2012, allows to limit the decrease of the Operating Result
to EUR 3.4 Million.

The financial result as of March 2013 reflects mainly the 2012 debt
restructuring with the decrease of bonds and loans interest expenses for
respectively EUR 8.3 Million and EUR 1.6 Million, the gains of EUR 15 Million
on bank loans buy-backs in Hungary, partially compensated by the high level of
foreign exchange losses for EUR 4.3 Million.

                       1 Revenue by segment

1.1 Property Investments

The Property Investments' revenue decreased by EUR 1.6 Million, year-on-year,
reaching EUR 20.8 Million as a result of lower Management services revenue
from Endurance Fund (-EUR 0.7 Million) and the absence of Radio Free Europe
rental revenue for EUR 1.4 Million, partially compensated by the improved
performances of the German rental portfolio.

  oRental portfolio

Rental revenue decreased year-on-year by EUR 0.8 Million to EUR 19.3 Million.
The positive impacts of the increased occupancy in GSG commercial spaces
(EUR0.9Million, despite assets sales) do not compensate the lack of the
Radio Free Europe contribution (EUR -1.4 Million) sold in Q2 2012.

Year on year, excluding the disposal of Radio Free Europe in Q2 2012, the
occupancy rate of the total portfolio increased by 180 bps up to 78.8% or a
net take up of 19,113 SQM. Average rent went up to 5.23 EUR/SQM (+4% YoY). The
main driver of this improvement is the strong performance of the Berlin
portfolio delivering the results of the strategic focus of the Group on this
key location. Average rent on the Berlin portfolio increases by 15 cents YoY
up to 4.96 EUR/SQM and occupancy rate improved by 270 bps(net take up of
22,351 SQM).

Over the first quarter, the occupancy rate of the Berlin portfolio increased
by 80 bps. Main contributors for the improvement were mainly located in the
western parts of Berlin including two signed contracts for Geneststrasse 5 in
Berlin-Tempelhof comprising circa 2,335 SQM. The existing tenant Fraunhofer
Institute for Reliability and Microintegration IZM expanded its space in
Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25 in Berlin-Mitte by 2,820 SQM. The occupancy of the
eastern asset Dobelner Strasse 5-7-8 in Berlin-Hellersdorf has also been
increased with two contracts of 660 SQM each.

Over Q1 2013, the Group created a new label in Berlin, "Econoparks", gathering
the five eastern modern assets Wolfener Strasse, Plauener Strasse,
Pankstrasse, Dobelner Strasse and Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Strasse. The purpose is
to highlight the advantages of flexible space and use combined with on-site
value added services. Accordingly new marketing materials have been produced
such as dedicated website (www.econoparks.de) or information booklets.

Year on Year, in Central Europe, the average rent increased significantly from
5.90 EUR/SQM as of Q1 2012 up to 6.47 EUR/SQM as of Q1 2013 mainly driven by
the Prague Portfolio led by the key asset Na Porici. In the meantime the
occupancy rate of the Central Europe portfolio decreased by 140 bps as a
consequence a significant lease termination on the logistic platform of Marki
in Poland (net take up of Warsaw portfolio -4,765 SQM YoY).

In Budapest, the opening of first stores in Vaci I and their performance
allowed an increase of the average rent on the portfolio generated up to
26.92EUR/SQM. Occupancy rate of the portfolio remains below 12% as half of
the portfolio is made of Assets Held for Development, namely Vaci 188,
Vaci190 and Szervita that are currently empty.

In Luxembourg, the asset Cap 2 is now close to full occupancy with a level of
95.6% while its average rent increased further up to 23.57 EUR/SQM.

  oHospitality portfolio

Year on year, the fully consolidated Hospitality portfolio revenue remains
stable to EUR 0.5 Million, against EUR 0.6 Million as of March 2012. As a
result of the change in method detailed in Note 6, the Hospitality revenue now
only encompasses the revenue of the Pachtuv Hotel in Prague owned at 100% by
OPG and the Suncani Hvar portfolio which is in tourism off-season.

1.2 Development


The commercial revenue recorded over Q1 2013 amounts to EUR 0.1 Million and
includes only the rents generated by the Bubny land plot. As of Q1 2012,
commercial rent amounted to EUR 1.8^[1] Million with EUR 1.7 Million of rent
generated by the Sky office building sold in December 2012.


Residential development sales have decreased from EUR 5.2 Million over Q1 2012
to EUR 2.1 Million at end of Q1 2013.

In line with the Group's strategy to strategic move from mass development to
specific opportunistic developments, the Group launched over the past years a
dramatically reduced number of projects and inventories completed between the
years 2010 and 2012 are the main source of the revenue recognized in Q1 2013.

The main drivers of the current revenue are Mostecka in Prague (EUR 0.8
Million), Klonowa Aleja in Warsaw (EUR 0.6 Million) and Koliba - Parkville in
Bratislava (EUR 0.5 Million). In Germany, no revenue were generated (versus
EUR 0.2 Million in Q1 2012) as the commercialization of the plots of Hochwald
is now close to completion.

In Central Europe and Germany, 20 units have been delivered (10 in the Czech
Republic, 2 in Slovakia and 8 in Poland) over the first 3 months of 2013 or
close to 21% of the opening inventory of completed units. As to completed
projects, the total backlog is made of 66 completed residential units
excluding the joint venture of Kosic^[2], for total expected sales of EUR 12.7
Million. 9 out of the remaining completed units are covered by a future
purchase or a reservation contract.

For projects under construction, namely Benice, Mezihori and Zlota 44 in
Central Europe and Naunynstrasse 68, total backlog amounts to 457 units of
which 146 are covered by a future purchase or a reservation contract. This
includes 266 units in Poland (63 contracted) and 171 in the Czech Republic (83
units contracted) and 20 units in Berlin.

As of the date of this report V Mezihori's pre sales reached 62%, and
completion of the construction is planned for August 2013 with first
deliveries to client occurring end of 2013. Regarding the construction of
Zlota 44 in Warsaw, the façade is now complete. The restart of the Zlota 44's
sales is planned for Q3 2013. In Germany, the Group pursues the planned
conversion of the asset of Naunynstrasse 68 in the Kreutzberg area of Berlin
with first revenue expected end of 2013.

                       2 Operating expenses

Operating expenses including employee benefits amount to EUR 16.7 Million as
of March 2013, decreasing by EUR 3.5 Million (or 17%) year-on-year. The main
drivers to this improvement are the reduction of Administration costs by EUR
1.9 Million, the Building maintenance and Leases by EUR 1.0 Million and the
Employee benefits by EUR 0.7 Million.

Employee benefits represent 29% of the total operating expenses after a
decrease by 12 % compared to the same period of 2012 due to the significant
decrease of headcount (534 employees in 2013 versus 617 employees in 2012).

                       3 Adjusted EBITDA^[3]

The adjusted EBITDA amounts to EUR 5.1 Million for the 1st quarter of 2013
compared to EUR 5.6 million over 2012 over the same period.

In the Property Investments business line, the decrease of the Rental activity
EBITDA is mainly driven by the sale of Radio Free Europe that was contributing
for EUR 0.9 Million, while over the same period Berlin is improving its Rental
EBITDA by EUR 0.3 Million. The Management Services activity is decreasing by
EUR 1.0 Million.

In the Development business line, the decrease of the revenue, as a result of
a lower number of residential units available for sale and the loss of the Sky
Office building in the Commercial revenue, is more than compensated by the
decrease of the operating expenses generating a positive evolution of the
EBITDA by EUR 1.0 Million.

             4 Net gain or loss on the sale of assets

Over the first three months of 2013, the sale of a land plot in Berlin
generated a net cash inflow of EUR 0.6 Million with no accounting gain or

                        5 Financial Result

5.1 Interests

The interest expenses are the driver of the strong improvement of the
financial result, decreasing by EUR 10.0 Million. The Bonds interest expenses
reached EUR 2.2 Million compared to EUR 10.5 Million over Q1 2012 and the Bank
loan interest expenses decreased by EUR1.6Million to EUR 7.5 Million
compared to EUR 9.1 Million over the same period in 2012. Excluding the
penalty interests of the period in Croatia and Hungary, the bank interest
expenses would have decreased by EUR 3.7 Million. As of March 2013, Bonds and
New Notes non-cash interests amount to EUR0.3Million.

The net bank and bonds interest and adjusted EBITDA for the first 3 months of
2013 are:

  oRental properties: EUR 5.7 Million compared to an adjusted EBITDA
    contribution of EUR 6.9 Million;
  oHospitality properties: EUR 1.5 Million compared to an adjusted EBITDA
    contribution of EUR -1.1 Million;
  oDevelopment projects: EUR 0.1 Million compared to an adjusted EBITDA
    contribution of EUR -1.2 Million;
  oInterest income: EUR 1.7 Million.

5.2 Foreign exchange differences

Over 2013, most Central European currencies weakened against the Euro
resulting in a EUR 4.3 Million loss compared to a gain of EUR 9.7 Million over
the same period in 2012. The main contributors are the liabilities on the
Hungarian assets with a net loss of EUR 3.5 Million, related to the VaciI for
EUR 2.1 Million, Paris Department Store for EUR 0.8 Million and Szervita for
EUR 0.4 Million.

5.3 Other net financial results

Other net financial results amounting to EUR 16.4 Million are essentially
related to the gains on bank loans buy-backs in Hungary for EUR 15.3 Million.

           6 Significant changes in accounting policies

(a) Change in consolidation method

The Group has early adopted IFRS 11 and changed the criteria for election
between Proportionate and Equity Method for consolidation of investments in
joint venture (JV). The Group now has to recognize its JVs under the equity
method and has consequently restated the opening balance. The opening balance
of the investments has been measured at the aggregate of the carrying amounts
of the assets and liabilities of the entities previously proportionately
consolidated which is considered as the deemed cost of the investment at
initial recognition.

As of December 2012, the aggregated assets and liabilities of the investment
in the Hospitality JV results in a negative asset of EUR 40.9 Million. As the
Group does not have any legal obligation in relation to the negative asset,
the Group adjusted the retained earnings and consequently recognized its
investment in the Hospitality JV for a nil value. As a counterpart, the PPL
will not be paid in full upon sale of hotels and it is a result impaired to
the level of expected cash flow.

As a result of this change in consolidation method:

- The Net Result of the Group, as of December 2012, decreased by EUR
1.7 Million due to the impact of the loss of the Net Result of the Hospitality
JV (EUR 0.8 Million) and the revaluation of the PPL (EUR -2.5 Million),

- The Equity of the Group, as of December 2012, increased by EUR 10.9
Million due to the change in Net Result, the gain resulting from the
revaluation of the Hospitality JV Equity (EUR + 40.9 Million) and the PPL
historical revaluation in Equity (EUR -27.1 Million),

- The value of the JVs under Equity method as of December 2012 is EUR
0.2 Million.

(b) Change in accounting classification (see Notes of the December
2012 Financial Statements)

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                        visit our Shareholders corner
                      on www.orcogroup.com, or contact:
                        Yves Désiront +352 26 47 67 49
                        or at investors@orcogroup.com


[1] The land plot Hochwald has been transferred to residential project
portfolio in 2012. In Q1 2012, it was contributing to revenue up to EUR 0.2

[2] Residential inventories do not include the units of the Kosic's joint
venture which revenue is now presented under the equity method.

[3] The adjusted EBITDA is the recurring operational cash result calculated by
deduction from the operating result of non-cash items and non-recurring items
(Net gain or loss on fair value adjustments - Amortization, impairments and
provisions - Net gain or loss on the sale of abandoned developments - Net gain
or loss on disposal of assets) and the net results on sale of assets or

OPG: Q1 2013 results


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