Intu Properties plc: Additional Listing

22 May 2013 
INTU PROPERTIES PLC (the "Company") 
An application has been made to the UK Listing Authority, the London Stock
Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange for 1,721,664 ordinary shares of
50 pence each (the "New Shares"), allotted to the Trustee of the Company's
Employee Share Ownership Plan (the "Trustee") in connection with the Company's
Performance Share Plan ("PSP)), to be admitted to the Official List. The New
Shares will be held in trust and will be used to satisfy the future vesting of
awards under the terms of the PSP which was approved by shareholders at the
Company's Annual General Meeting on 8 May 2013. 
It is expected that permission to admit the New Shares will be granted on 24
May 2013 and that dealings will commence on 28 May 2013. The New Shares will
rank pari passu in all respects with the Company's existing issued ordinary
Under the terms of the PSP, all participants may be invited to participate in
the Joint Share Ownership Plan ("JSOP") which forms part of the PSP and offers
a tax efficient alternative to holding awards under the PSP in return for an
upfront, non-refundable tax charge incurred by the participant. The JSOP is
structured in a manner acceptable to the ABI and RREV. Under the JSOP shares
are held jointly by the employee and the Trustee with any increases in the
share price being allocated between the joint owners in accordance with the
terms of the JSOP. Conditions for vesting (including satisfaction of
performance conditions), forfeiture and lapse are in accordance with the rules
of the PSP. 
Set out below are details of awards of nil-cost options under the PSP made to
Executive Directors and PDMRs on 21 May 2013 on the basis of a market price of
£3.57. The table also shows the Executive Directors and PDMRs who have elected
to receive their PSP awards under the JSOP. 
Directors:                             No. of   Exercisable        Joint 

                                     nil-cost         from*    Ownership
                                      options                   election

David Fischel                         572,982   21 May 2016          Yes 
Matthew Roberts                       440,754   21 May 2016          Yes 
Mike Butterworth                      338,235   21 May 2016          Yes 
Martin Ellis                          126,048   21 May 2016           No 
Hugh Ford                             181,848   21 May 2016          Yes 
Susan Marsden                          61,797   21 May 2016          Yes 
Trevor Pereira                        126,048   21 May 2016          Yes 
Peter Weir                             65,433   21 May 2016           No 
* Awards vest in accordance with the rules of the PSP and subject to the
satisfaction of the performance conditions set out in the Company's Notice of
2013 Annual General Meeting which can be downloaded from our website: 
Susan Marsden
Company Secretary
Intu Properties plc
+44 (0)20 7887 7073 
-0- May/22/2013 14:45 GMT
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