Pittsburgh Revealed as BEST PLACE FOR BOOMERS TO LIVE According to New Life Goes Strong Study

  Pittsburgh Revealed as BEST PLACE FOR BOOMERS TO LIVE According to New Life
  Goes Strong Study

 Expert J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman of The Futures Company, Dissects
Metrics and Discusses Behavior of Boomer Population in New Feature Article on

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NEW YORK -- May 21, 2013

A new research study, commissioned by the popular boomer lifestyle site
LifeGoesStrong.com (www.lifegoesstrong.com) and conducted by Kelton, reveals
that Pittsburgh, PA is the BEST PLACE FOR BOOMERS TO LIVE, followed by
Portland-South Portland-Biddeford, ME, Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol, TN/VA,
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH/PA and Rochester, NY.

Highlights from the Top 5 list include:

1.Pittsburgh, PA – With the highest number of hospitals, airports, Amtrak
    stations, colleges and universities, the city scored high marks for
    proximity and snagged the overall best score with a good cost of living
    and reasonable housing prices.
2.Portland-South Portland-Biddeford, ME – Touting the lowest violent crime
    and the lowest unemployment rates on the list, this Maine market
    guarantees residents high quality peace of mind.
3.Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol, TN/VA – This pocketbook friendly city boasts
    the lowest cost of living on the list.
4.Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH/PA – Leaving none of the basics to be
    desired, this market touts the lowest home price on the list.
5.Rochester, NY – This city combines good fundamental basics with high
    scores in accessibility and proximity, but comes with a price tag of high
    cost of living.

The standings, which take into consideration a series of ten metrics including
cost of living, violent crime rate and proximity to hospitals, show that
midlifers are making decisions with their pocketbooks first and foremost, over
proximity to amenities, when determining which cities to live in. J. Walker
Smith, Executive Chairman of The Futures Company, details the research in a
new article on LifeGoesStrong.com.

“Census data tracking the moves people have made each year since the end of
the Second World War show a sudden and dramatic spike in the early 1980s as we
came of age,” Smith writes in the exclusive article. “Inevitably, though, with
time and experience, this changed. Moves ebbed as we learned how much place
matters, and now it matters more than ever. Looking ahead to retirement or
second careers, place is foremost in the planning of midlifers.”

In the article, Smith breaks down the metrics to get to the heart of what
midlifers really care about.

“This ranking belies the midlifers stereotype of spendthrift hedonists.
Prudence tops the list; high living and highbrow fill out the bottom. In fact,
this ranking reveals three underlying things that matter most to us about
place: Pocketbook first. Peace of mind next. And only then, proximity to
indulgences and amenities.”

According to Ken Baron, Editorial Director for LifeGoesStrong.com, the
research suggests that midlifers are changing their tune when it comes to
location and straying from past stereotypes.

“As the longtime editorial director of Life Goes Strong, I am rarely, if ever,
surprised by the thoughts or desires of my fellow baby boomers. But when it
comes to where we want to live now that we are (or soon to be) grandparents, I
was surprised to see that we midlifers value security (a low cost of living
and crime rate) above more loftier endeavors (proximity to parks or higher
education). In short, it seems the ‘me generation’ is getting a bit safe as we
age, preferring comfort and security to adventure and the unknown. Heady stuff
from a generation that once rocked out to the lyrics, ‘Hope I die before I get

For the full article from J. Walker Smith, complete with breakdown and
analysis of the BEST PLACES FOR BOOMERS TO LIVE list, including a round-up of
the cities which ranked six through ten on the list, head to

About the Research:
The LifeGoesStrong.com Boomer Research was conducted by Kelton between January
14^th and February 12^th. The project began with secondary research into the
10 MSAs with the highest concentration of Boomers, as defined by US News &
World Report, to determine statistics for the following metrics that would
factor into a decision of where to live: cost of living, violent crime rate,
average home price, air quality, unemployment rate, walkability, number of
hospitals, number of airports and Amtrak stations, number of colleges and
universities, and number of state and national parks. Based on the
distribution of the statistics within each metric across all 10 MSAs, these
statistics were divided into thirds, with each third assigned a multiplier
value of 0, 1, or 2, with “2” being the most desirable and “0” being the most

An online survey among 678 nationally representative Americans ages 49-67 was
conducted between February 4^th and February 11^th. Quotas were set to ensure
reliable and accurate representation of the total U.S. population of Americans
ages 49-67. Respondents were asked to rank each of the 10 metrics in order of
their importance to their overall decision on where they would consider
moving. The most important metric was given an overall mean importance value
of 10 and the least important metric was assigned a value of 1. Scores were
then tallied for each metric in each city, by multiplying the overall mean
importance value by the multiplier value. Once all metric scores were
calculated for each MSA, the scores were summed up, providing a list of the
best MSAs for boomers to live.

About LifeGoesStrong.com:
LifeGoesStrong.com (www.lifegoesstrong.com) was launched in May 2010 by
Digital Works@NBCU, a division of iVillage Networks, as a vibrant online
destination for adults between 48 and 67 years of age who are living well and
going strong. A network of websites celebrating the topics and passions at the
center of the boomer generation’s everyday lives, Life Goes Strong currently
attracts over 1.5 million uniques a month, featuring verticals devoted to
family, style, technology, health, home, work and play.

About Kelton:
Kelton is a leading global insights firm serving as a partner to more than 100
of the Fortune 500 and thousands of smaller companies and organizations.
Utilizing a wide range of customized, innovative research techniques and staff
expertise in marketing, branding, PR, media, and business strategy; Kelton
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