Resolute Remains Committed to Sustainable Forestry Despite Breakdown of Discussions Under Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

   Resolute Remains Committed to Sustainable Forestry Despite Breakdown of
              Discussions Under Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

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MONTREAL, May 21, 2013

MONTREAL, May 21,  2013 /PRNewswire/  - Resolute Forest  Products Inc.  (NYSE: 
RFP) (TSX: RFP) today expressed the Company's disappointment that negotiations
under the auspices of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) have  broken 
down after three years of collaborative efforts. Parties were unable to  reach 
mutual agreement on a  workable plan to  jointly further conservation  efforts 
while balancing  environmental,  social  and economic  considerations  in  the 
Canadian boreal forest.

The CBFA was signed  by members of the  Forest Products Association of  Canada 
(FPAC), including  Resolute, and  a group  of environmental  organizations  to 
establish a common  framework to further  support boreal conservation  efforts 
while safeguarding the livelihood of thousands of citizens in communities that
depend on healthy working forests.

While it was challenging to find  common ground among organizations with  such 
diverse interests, Resolute believes its contributions to CBFA working  groups 
and its overall  commitment to  sustainable forestry  positively impacted  the 
process. Company  employees  participated  in all  CBFA  activities,  offering 
concrete proposals and committing thousands  of work hours to the  initiative. 
Resolute also  stepped  forward to  provide  funding and  offered  significant 
additional financial support to the process.

Over the past several weeks, intense negotiations took place leading up to the
third anniversary of the CBFA.Resolute put forward proposals for Northwestern
Ontario that  endorsed  the  setting  aside of  an  additional  504,000  acres 
(204,000 hectares) of forest for conservation, providing additional protection
of caribou and other species.This commitment  is on top of the  approximately 
4,942,000 acres (2,000,000 hectares) of Ontario forests that have already been
established as protected spaces, parks and other initiatives over the past  15 

In Quebec, Resolute put forward  additional candidates for protected areas  to 
move up the total  percentage to 12%, equivalent  to 1,710,000 acres  (692,000 
hectares), focusing primarily on best  habitats for caribou conservation.  The 
Company also specifically addressed concerns related to the Montagnes Blanches
and the Broadback Valley.The Resolute proposals were made with full knowledge
that further curtailment of the Company's  fiber supply is likely in the  near 
future due  to  revisions  of  the annual  allowable  cut  by  Quebec's  Chief 
Forester,  and  by  the  implementation  of  a  government  endorsed   caribou 
conservation plan.

"It is  unfortunate  the CBFA  signatories  were ultimately  unable  to  reach 
alignment on how to strike a balance among environmental, social and  economic 
priorities - the  three pillars  of sustainability,"  stated Richard  Garneau, 
President and  Chief Executive  Officer. "Rural,  northern and  First  Nations 
communities have paid a  heavy price from the  economic and market  challenges 
the  industry  has  faced  over  the  past  decade.  We  believe  we  have   a 
responsibility to ensure that they understand and have a say in any plans that
might affect their futures. Outcomes of the CBFA process that did not  involve 
serious stakeholder consultations would have  lacked legitimacy and could  not 
have been considered reasonable proposals," continued Garneau.

"Resolute will  simply not  abdicate our  responsibility to  address  regional 
concerns of the  North, including the  First Nations' interests  with whom  we 
have a  number of  business and  economic development  initiatives already  in 
place or  pending.  We  agree  that environmental  concerns  must  be  at  the 
forefront, however, the regional social and economic impact must also be  part 
of the equation," said Garneau.

During the  negotiations,  Resolute also  offered  to match  funds  raised  by 
participating environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) to  further 
research into endangered  species management.  It was proposed  that any  such 
funding would be jointly  managed by the Company  and the ENGO community,  and 
dollars would flow to research  efforts using post-secondary institutions  and 
other research resources residing in the North. Such an approach would further
support development of economic and institutional capabilities of the northern

Last year, as part of the  Company's involvement in the CBFA, Resolute  played 
an important role in crafting a proposal for Northeastern Ontario,  ultimately 
resulting in joint recommendations to government. One of the key elements  of 
the proposal  divided the  Abitibi  River Forest  Management Unit  into  three 
zones.  The  northern  most  zone  represented  establishment  of  a   caribou 
conservation area covering almost 2,063,000 acres (835,000 hectares). Industry
agreed to voluntarily and permanently avoid harvesting the area to provide for
better  caribou  habitat.  According  to  recent  developments,  the   Ontario 
government support  for these  recommendations will  soon evolve  into  formal 
implementation.  Additionally,  Resolute  intends  to  use  as  reference  the 
methodological frameworks  for  protected  spaces  and  caribou  conservation, 
produced under the CBFA, in the Company's ongoing work to improve the  current 
network of  protected  spaces and  to  enhance existing  caribou  conservation 

Resolute assumes that  in the  coming days,  certain ENGOs  will resume  their 
attacks against  the  Company.  Resolute  will  not  tolerate  falsehoods  or 
inaccuracies about the  Company's actions.A few  months ago, following  their 
announced exit  from  the CBFA,  Greenpeace  issued a  series  of  misleading, 
deceptive and factually inaccurate allegations.Resolute provided clear  proof 
that Greenpeace's  claims were  false. Ultimately,  when cautioned  that  the 
Company would commence legal proceedings, Greenpeace finally acknowledged that
its "evidence" was untrue and issued a formal retraction.

Last week,  Greenpeace  once  again  issued a  false  and  misleading  report, 
ignoring Resolute accomplishments and mischaracterizing the Company's  ongoing 
efforts to  be a  leading force  for sustainable  forestry. "As  we did  then, 
Resolute will continue to take the  necessary steps to protect its  reputation 
and that of our employees, as well as the reputations of our valued  customers 
and other business partners," stated Garneau.

Resolute remains  committed to  the principles  underlying the  CBFA and  will 
continue to  operate  in a  manner  consistent  with a  balanced  approach  to 
sustainability. In  2012,  Resolute  achieved the  distinction  of  being  the 
largest manager of forests certified through the Forest Stewardship  Council^® 
(FSC^®) in the  world. The  Company is  also a  member of  the World  Wildlife 
Fund's Climate Savers Program, through which it has pledged to reduce absolute
greenhouse gas emissions by 65% below 2000 levels by 2015. Recently, Resolute
launched Forum Boréal, a new online forum where users can discuss and exchange
information about  the challenges  of sustainable  development in  the  boreal 
regions of Quebec.

"By continuously striving to improve our sustainability performance,  Resolute 
creates value for our customers, our employees, our operating communities  and 
our shareholders," concluded Garneau.

About Resolute Forest Products
Resolute Forest Products is  a global leader in  the forest products  industry 
with a diverse  range of  products, including  newsprint, commercial  printing 
papers, market pulp and  wood products. The Company  owns or operates over  40 
pulp and paper mills and wood products facilities in the United States, Canada
and South Korea, and power generation assets in Canada. The shares of Resolute
Forest Products trade under the  stock symbol RFP on  both the New York  Stock 
Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Marketing its  products in  close to  90 countries,  Resolute has  third-party 
certified  100%  of  its   managed  woodlands  to  at   least  one  of   three 
internationally-recognized sustainable forest management standards,  including 
the Forest  Stewardship Council^®  (FSC^®) standards.  The Company  is also  a 
member  of  the  World  Wildlife  Fund's  Climate  Savers  program,  in  which 
businesses establish ambitious  targets to voluntarily  reduce greenhouse  gas 
emissions and work aggressively toward achieving them.

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