New Poser 10 and Poser PRO 2014 Animation Software Now Available

New Poser 10 and Poser PRO 2014 Animation Software Now Available 
ALISO VIEJO, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 05/21/13 --  Smith Micro
Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) 

--  New 3D characters
--  Subdivision Surfaces
--  Bullet Physics with soft body dynamics
--  Interactive Raytrace Preview
--  Comic Book Preview Mode

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) Productivity and Graphics
Group today announced the newest version of its 3D animation software
program, Poser(R) 10 and Poser(R) Pro 2014. Perfect for artists,
illustrators, animators and graphic designers, Poser enables users to
easily create full 3D scenes with digital humans, animals and props.
In addition to an extensive library of pre-loaded characters and
content, Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014 come equipped with new features
such as Subdivision Surfaces for improved bending fidelity, Bullet
Physics for adding increased realism to animation and Live Simulation
mode for previewing dynamics in real-time.  
Watch a video teaser for Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014 here.  
"It's our goal to provide illustrators, graphic designers, animators
and 3D artists as well as novice users and hobbyists with a resource
for telling their stories in 3D, via images and video," said Steve
Cooper, senior product manager of productivity and graphics at Smith
Micro. "Poser not only provides professional users with powerful
tools for creating 3D character content and scenes, but also offers a
variety of easy-to-use features and pre-loaded figures and props that
allow beginners to get into 3D art without forcing them to master
figure modeling, texturing and rigging." 
Poser comes with pre-built, ready to use 3D characters that enable
users to begin posing and animating right out of the box. Supported
by a multitude of tutorial videos as well as by an experienced team
of content creators, developers, QA testers and customer service and
support teams, the full featured software is reliable, well
documented and easy-to-learn. 
"With each new version that is released, Poser continues to raise the
bar for 3D illustrators and artists," said Brian Haberlin, co-artist
and co-writer of the multimedia sci-fi adventure saga Anomaly. "Poser
gives users the ability to create exceedingly realistic animations
and illustrations and has emerged as the digital artist's secret
little helper." 
Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014 provide new professional level features,
even at the base version of the software. The integration of Pixar's
OpenSubdiv library enables artists to define subdivision levels by
prop, figure or even individual body part with ease. This feature,
known as Subdivision Surfaces, improves bending accuracy, smoothens
polygonal surfaces and boosts overall performance by enabling lighter
poly-count content. Poser's new Bullet Physics tool simulates rigid
body dynamics, soft body dynamics and even dynamic strand-based hair.
Poser artists can now add jiggle and bounce to any prop or character,
paint soft body constraint weights to animate and more. Users can
even preview their animations in real-time with the Live Simulation
"Poser offers a variety of features that help everyone from beginners
to professional animators alike," said Monty Oum, director of
animation at Rooster Teeth Productions. "Whether you are just jumping
into 3D animation or are a skilled digital artist, Poser has tools
that will help bring your art to life, while cutting down production
time and cost." 
Comic Book Preview Mode and new Fitting Room:
 Poser's new Comic Book
Preview Mode enables illustrators to create color or black and white
comic art with improved line control and outlines with persistent
shading, even when rotating or animating their point of view. Users
can also interactively fit existing clothing and props to any Poser
figure with Poser Pro's Fitting Room, which provides five intelligent
methods that interactively loosen, tighten, smooth and preserve soft
and rigid features. With the click of a single button, designers can
generate a new conforming clothing item, using the original figure's
rig, complete with full morph transfer. 
For a full feature-listing visit here.  
Pricing and Availability:
 From now until June 20, 2013 Poser 10 is
available for $239.99 and Poser 2014 for $399.99. After this time,
Poser 10 will be available for $299.99 and Poser 2014 for $499.99.
For more detailed product, pricing and tiered upgrade pricing
information, please visit the Poser website. 
About Smith Micro Software, Inc. - Productivity and Graphics Group: 
Based in Santa Cruz, Calif., the Smith Micro Software Productivity
and Graphics Group produces award-winning software that inspires
consumer creativity and enables efficiency. The group's creative
suite of programs provides artists of all skill levels -- from novice
to professional -- with the tools to illustrate, animate and create
2D and 3D art. Some of the Productivity and Graphics Group's
award-winning creative and utilities products include Poser, Anime
Studio, Manga Studio and StuffIt. For more information, please visit: (NASDAQ: SMSI) 
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