Aerojet Rocket Motors Contribute to Third Standard Missile-3 Block IB Intercept

Aerojet Rocket Motors Contribute to Third Standard Missile-3 Block IB

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aerojet, a GenCorp
(NYSE:GY) company, announced today that its propulsion systems successfully
contributed to the third consecutive intercept test of Raytheon's Standard
Missile-3 (SM-3) Block IB.

The SM-3 Block IB missile is part of the Missile Defense Agency's (MDA) Aegis
Ballistic Missile Defense system. During Flight Test Mission-19, the sea-based
missile intercepted and destroyed a separating ballistic missile target,
further validating the system's capability. Aerojet's MK 72 booster and MK 104
dual-thrust rocket motor provided the first- and second-stage propulsion,
while Aerojet's Throttling Divert and Attitude Control System (TDACS)
maneuvered the Kinetic Warhead into the target for the final hit-to-kill

The SM-3 Block IB missile incorporates kinetic warhead improvements to
increase the SM-3 Block IB missile's capability against current and emerging
target threat sets. Aerojet incorporated its throttling solid rocket
technology advancements into the TDACS design to provide increased mission
flexibility to the warfighter while maintaining the solid propellant safety

The SM-3 Block IB missiles will be deployed on Aegis cruisers and destroyers,
and also on land sites as part of the Aegis Ashore program to defend against
short-to-intermediate range ballistic missile threats in the mid-course phase
of flight. Raytheon is the prime contractor for SM‑3 development.

"Aerojet continues its string of successes with this third consecutive
successful intercept," said Vice President of Missile Defense and Strategic
Systems, Michael Bright. "The TDACS has demonstrated exceptional performance
under varying test scenarios for all flight tests. This flight testing and the
recent successful TDACS ground qualification testing provide Raytheon and the
MDA with the confidence that this system is ready to move into production and
become the workhorse for the fleet. I am extremely proud of the Aerojet TDACS
team. The long hours and individual sacrifices may be what no one sees, but
they see the results and the world will be a safer place for this effort. We
are proud to be a part of the Raytheon team."

In concert with Raytheon, Aerojet is developing the next generation of sea-
and land-based U.S. missile defense capabilities by providing reliable,
low-risk propulsion technologies. In addition to the current production of MK
72 and MK 104 rocket motors and the SM-3 Block IB TDACS, the company is
developing the TDACS for SM-3 Block IIA, the planned missile variant upgrade
to the current SM-3 Block IA and IB.

Aerojet is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader providing
propulsion and energetics to the space, missile defense, strategic, tactical
missile and armaments areas in support of domestic and international markets.
GenCorp is a leading technology-based manufacturer of aerospace and defense
products and systems with a real estate segment that includes activities
related to the entitlement, sale, and leasing of the company's excess real
estate assets. Additional information about Aerojet and GenCorp can be
obtained by visiting the companies' websites at and

CONTACT: Glenn Mahone, Aerojet, 202.302.9941
         Kristin Conner, Aerojet, 916.355.2143

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