Mosaic's Biggest Solar Project Ever Tops $1M Invested from 823 Individuals in 42 States

Mosaic's Biggest Solar Project Ever Tops $1M Invested from 823 Individuals in
                                  42 States

Solar Asset Class Beats Treasuries with 4.5% Est. Annual Returns

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OAKLAND, Calif., May 16, 2013

OAKLAND, Calif., May 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --With the carbon dioxide level at
its highest in human history and more than half the population worried about
climate change, many Americans are looking for an easy way to minimize their
carbon footprint and expedite the transition to a clean energy economy.
Mosaic, an online marketplace for high-quality solar project investments, is
catching on as an option for those who want to make an impact investment and
earn steady returns ranging from 4.5%-6.38% per year.* For the estimated 75%
of Americans who can't go solar on their own roofs, Mosaic offers a way to
help promote solar power generation.


Mosaic just released a "This is What People Power Looks Like" infographic
inviting individuals to put their "dots" on the map by investing in Mosaic's
newest and biggest solar project, a 487 kW installation on New Jersey's famous
Wildwoods boardwalk (view graphic here). More than 823 people from 42 states
have invested in the Wildwoods project so far, creating enough electricity to
power 50 American homes. The youngest Mosaic investor is 18 while the oldest
is 86.

As San Francisco-based investor Rosana Francescato said, "Mosaic is enabling
people like me to benefit from solar power while providing a good return on
investment-- an opportunity previously only available to major investors and
banks. I invested in several projects, the process was easy and it only took a
few minutes."

Mosaic's expected yield is competitive with stocks (with the S&P 500 averaging
4.5% from 2003-12) and corporate bonds (averaging 5.20% from 2003-12) and
significantly greater than that of Treasuries (1.90%) and CDs (0.50%). Mosaic
has made 100% on-time payments to date.**

About Mosaic

Mosaic is an online marketplace for clean energy investments. Mosaic's mission
is to open up clean energy investing to the public and fundamentally change
the way energy is financed. To date, Mosaic has raised over $2M from more than
1,500 investors to finance solar projects in California, Arizona and New
Jersey. For more information about Mosaic visit

*Please visit to learn more about the projects and to access
the offering memoranda, which discuss the projects, the terms of the
investment and the risks associated with this investment.

**Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

Jade Jones


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