Smiths Medical Offers Innovative Technology that Reduces the Need for Occlusion De-clotting Medication

  Smiths Medical Offers Innovative Technology that Reduces the Need for
  Occlusion De-clotting Medication

   The Nexus TKO^® anti-reflux technology is clinically proven to decrease
               occlusions in central venous catheters by 58%^1

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ST. PAUL, Minn. -- May 14, 2013

Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, announced today
that there is an alternative product that decreases catheter occlusions, a
common problem with IV catheters. Smiths Medical distributes Nexus TKO^® (To
Keep Open) needleless connectors, a solution that can help healthcare
facilities affected by the current supply constraint of the occlusion
de-clotting medication Cathflo^® Activase^® (alteplase)^2.

Nexus TKO^® needleless connectors contain an innovative pressure-activated
anti-reflux technology that prolongs the life of central/peripheral IV lines.
This unique anti-reflux capability helps prevent blood backing up into IV
catheter tips and hubs from patient movement (coughing, sneezing, vomiting),
syringe connection and disconnection, IV bags running dry, syringe plunger
rebound and pressure from ventilators or other hospital equipment. The Nexus
TKO^® needleless connector also has an important clear, rigid, straight fluid
path, which allows a thorough and easy view of effective flush.

“The Nexus TKO^® needleless connectors with anti-reflux technology,
distributed by Smiths Medical, are proven to help maintain catheter patency
and reduce the need for de-clotting medication,” said Jeff Brown, Vice
President Sales & Marketing Smiths Medical, Americas Region. “With the current
supply constraint of Cathflo^® Activase^®  (alteplase) for catheter
occlusions, we are pleased to offer customers a simple solution that requires
no change to protocol.”

Blood reflux is one of the most common unintended consequences in IV
therapy^3. Blood reflux can provide an environment for microbes to create
biofilm which can potentially lead to a catheter-related blood stream
infection. Attaching the Nexus TKO^® needleless connector to IV catheters has
proven to reduce peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) and central
line occlusion by 58%^1, increase peripheral catheter life by over 51%^1, and
decrease peripheral catheter phlebitis and infiltrates by 60%^1. Reducing the
risk of occlusions can result in a decrease in the need for occlusion
de-clotting medication which is currently under a supply constraint.

The Nexus TKO^® needleless connectors are manufactured by Nexus Medical, LLC
and distributed by Smiths Medical in the U.S. and Canada. More product
information can be found by contacting Smiths Medical at 1-800-258-5361 or

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