New VetTrust™ Pet Health Products Provide Pet Parents With Vet-Quality Products At Significant Savings

    New VetTrust™ Pet Health Products Provide Pet Parents With Vet-Quality
                       Products At Significant Savings

The makers of PetArmor® launch VetTrust™ as an affordable product line for
everyday pet health

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YARDLEY, Pa., May 9, 2013

YARDLEY, Pa., May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Pet ownership is at an all-time high
of 68 percent of American households, with six out of ten pet owners
considering their pets family members. And as cherished family members, "pet
parents" desire to give their dog or cat the best care possible for their
overall health and wellness.

To help satisfy the desire of pet parents to provide better care for their
loved ones, the makers of PetArmor^® have launched the new VetTrust™ line of
pet health products. The comprehensive line features 14 products that focus
on some of the most common pet health concerns including joint health, ear
care, skin and coat care, and general health and well-being. New VetTrust™
products allow pet parents to purchase vet-quality pet health products at
Walmart and other retailers that offer the same active ingredients and
benefits as the leading veterinary brands, but at significant savings.

"The new VetTrust™ pet health product line is the answer for pet parents who
are looking for vet-quality active ingredients and performance at an
affordable price for their pets," said Alex Kaufman, President and CEO of
FidoPharm. "After all, the convenience of being able to purchase vet-quality
products at a retail store makes it easier for pet parents to provide
on-going, consistent care and better support their pet's health. VetTrust™
products are available at a much lower price than the leading veterinary
brands, yet provide the same benefits."

Joint Health
As pets get older, it's common for them to experience joint aches and
stiffness just as people do. While some conditions can't be avoided, a regular
maintenance program can help.

VetTrust™ Joint Health Chewable Tablets and Soft Chews contain glucosamine,
chondroitin, and MSM, the same active ingredients found in the No. 1
veterinarian-recommended brand, at a significantly lower price. The proven
combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM delivers maximum cartilage
support to help maintain strong bones, normal healthy cartilage and joint
mobility to help pets maintain an active or normal lifestyle.

Ear Care
Maintenance of a pet's ears is essential as ear infections are the second most
common veterinarian diagnosis. The VetTrust™ ear care products are designed to
discourage bacteria growth and clean dogs' and cats' ears by loosening wax and

The VetTrust™ Cleansing Ear Wash contains the same active ingredients as
Epi-Otic^® Advanced, the leading veterinarian recommended ear cleanser.
VetTrust™ also produces a Medicated Ear Rinse formulated with the same
antifungal active ingredient as the leading veterinarian recommended medicated
ear flush to kill existing fungus and prevent further bacterial growth.

Skin, Coat & 'Hot Spots'
The VetTrust™ portfolio offers a number of products to help pet parents clean
and condition their pet's skin while providing relief from allergy signs such
as 'hot spots,' commonly caused by itching, allergic reactions and excessive

The VetTrust™ Medicated Hot Spot & Itch Relief Spray formulation of
hydrocortisone and pramoxine provides rapid relief of pain, itching and
reduced inflammation associated with hot spots. By reducing the itching and
irritation, the spray can also help reduce excessive licking and chewing to
allow healing to begin.

Like the leading veterinary recommended itch relief shampoo, the VetTrust™
Itch & Allergy Shampoo contains an anti-itch ingredient that quickly relieves
pain and itching.

Additional VetTrust™ skin and coat care products include an Antibacterial
Antifungal Shampoo & Spray, Skin & Paw Conditioning Lotion and Skin & Coat
Soft Gels and Soft Chews. All products contain the leading veterinary
recommended active ingredient.

General Health & Well-Being
Similar to people, a pet's diet can benefit from vitamin and mineral

The VetTrust™ Multi-Vitamin Chewable Tablets and Soft Chews contain 18
essential vitamins and minerals to support a dogs' well-being, at a
significantly lower cost than other brands.

Both cats and dogs can benefit from the VetTrust™ Calming Chewable Tablets
containing a combination of amino acids with three different B-vitamins, which
are used by the body during periods of stress to support relaxation and
balanced behavior. The Calming Chewable Tablets help maintain contentment
during separation, travel, motion sickness and tension caused by changes in a
pet's daily routine.

The complete VetTrust™ line is available nationwide at Walmart and other
retailers, and retails from $4.98 - $14.98. For more information on the
VetTrust™ product line, visit

PetArmor^® has recently launched the ASK FIDO call center where pet parents
can speak with a veterinary professional on how to keep their dog or cat
healthy from head to paws at 1-855-ASK-FIDO.

About PetArmor^®
FidoPharm^® is a leading, science-based pet health company committed to
improving the overall health of pets across the United States by creating
vet-quality products that are affordable and accessible. The FidoPharm
portfolio includes PetArmor^® & PetArmorPro™ Advanced flea and tick products
that have the same No.1 veterinarian active ingredient as the leading
vet-brand. As part of the Perrigo Company, a leading global manufacturer of
OTC healthcare products, PetArmor^® offers clinically proven tested products
at about half the price of comparable brand name and prescription treatments.
PetArmor^® products are available at major national retailers. For more
information, please visit


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