New Digby Analysis Reveals Continued Mobile App Adoption within Retail and Hospitality, Setting the Stage for Location-Based

  New Digby Analysis Reveals Continued Mobile App Adoption within Retail and
  Hospitality, Setting the Stage for Location-Based Marketing Capabilities

Digby’s analysis shows 70% of retailers in STORES’ Top 100 Retailers list and
   47% of brands in the Hot 100 list offer mobile apps, 100% of the top 20
                     revenue producers offer mobile apps

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AUSTIN, Texas -- May 8, 2013

Digby, the leader in location-based marketing for retailers and brands, today
unveiled analysis that shows an increase in mobile app adoption from
2012-2013, setting the stage for similar growth in more advanced mobile
technologies such as location-based marketing. Digby’s analysis, based on
STORES’ magazine Top 100 and Hot 100 retailer lists, shows that mobile
adoption continues to grow at a high rate. Currently 100% of department stores
and online retailers in the STORES’ lists offer a mobile app up from 60% of
department stores and 56% of online retailers offering an app in 2012.
Additionally, 100% of the top 20 revenue-producing retailers from 2012 are now
offering branded mobile apps for customers.

Digby’s analysis shows 70% of retailers in the Top 100 Retailers list and 47%
of brands in the Hot 100 list now offer mobile apps. Further research of the
retailers included on the lists indicates:

  *78% of fast food and 75% of casual dining brands have mobile apps
  *77% of big box retailers have a mobile app
  *59% of specialty and 58% of grocery stores have a mobile app
  *Value brands received the lowest percentages, with only 10% having a
    mobile app

With all of the attention surrounding mobile app adoption, however, the design
and development of mobile touch points is just the “tip of the iceberg,”
according to a Forrester Research¹ report. Authors of the report indicate
that, “Mobile is an enabler of fundamental shifts in consumer behavior as well
as business models, ecosystems, and metrics. eBusiness professionals must
rethink their businesses, such as pricing and in-store inventory, given the
possibilities that mobile enables.”

“While retailer-branded mobile apps continue to increase in popularity with
shoppers, as evidenced by the growing implementations of the industry’s top
retailers, they are only the first step to providing loyal customers with a
targeted, real-time shopping experience across all store locations,” says
David Sikora, CEO and founder, Digby. “By implementing location-based mobile
marketing, retailers can pair powerful location detection with a contextual
communication engine and best-of-breed notification capabilities to help make
branded mobile applications more intelligent, relevant and engaging.”

Through the mobile app, retailers and brands can gain insight into its
customers’ shopping behavior and target real-world locations in order to
capture the attention of nearby customers and drive foot traffic.
Location-based marketing technologies can also help retailers own the mobile
experience around brick and mortar stores by turning its customers’ mobile
devices into high-value shopping companions that enhance satisfaction and
influence purchasing behavior through interactive branded mobile apps that
matches retailer’s in-store brand experience.

In the coming weeks, Digby will announce additional results from its analysis
of the STORES magazine Top 100 and Hot 100 retailers that indicate overall
adoption of location-based marketing capabilities within the mobile app. Early
results indicate:

  *Three out of the top five retailers’ mobile apps ask for location services
  *Four out of the top five retailers’ mobile apps ask permission for push
  *None of the top five retailers’ mobile apps offer targeted location

“Location marketing in a mobile app will not only improve operations and drive
revenue, but greatly enhance customer satisfaction,” says Sikora. “As
retailers and brands combine loyalty programs, payment options, and contextual
marketing in their mobile applications they will truly be able to offer the
right message to the right person at the right time and place.”

¹2013 Mobile Trends For eBusiness Professionals, Forrester Research, Inc.
Julie A. Ask and Thomas Husson, February 13, 2013

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Digby leverages mobile and location technologies to help brands achieve their
strategic omni-channel goals – to drive store traffic through
location-relevant marketing, engage with consumers in the brick and mortar
store, and provide web-style analytics about consumer behavior in store
locations – all through their own branded mobile experience. Through the
Localpoint® Mobile Platform, Digby delivers hosted software, rich mobile
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