Bazaarvoice Social Trends Report Details How to Thrive in the Connected Economy

Bazaarvoice Social Trends Report Details How to Thrive in the Connected

AUSTIN, Texas, May 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bazaarvoice, Inc. (Nasdaq:BV),
one of the world's largest shopper networks connecting consumers, brands,
products and retailers, has released its Social Trends Report 2013, an
in-depth review of the topics explored by social strategists and marketing
thought leaders during the sixth annual Bazaarvoice Summit. The report
highlights the ways consumers share knowledge in the connected economy—where
shared, collaborative relationships are networked between businesses,
customers and other influencers—and how companies can engage with and tap into
the collective power of these innovators, trendsetters and advocates.

The four P's of marketing are rewritten

In the connected economy, social communication creates a transparent
marketplace where the classic pillars of marketing—product, promotion, place
and price—take on new meanings that require new strategies. In particular, the
Social Trends Report highlights that digital marketing gives consumers the
power to bounce between what used to be well-defined channels while shopping
and buying. The most successful brands today recognize more consumers are
shopping online and offline simultaneously and, as a result, they connect with
them on their own websites, on social networks, on retailer sites and in the
aisles via mobile and store displays. Blending these channels helps create
experiences that are helpful, entertaining, educational and unique, resulting
in value for consumers that can translate into premium product pricing.

Data-literate companies thrive in the face of consumer change

The connected economy is creating a massive trail of data containing
everything needed to identify and deliver exactly what consumers want. A
brand's future rests on its ability to quickly distill that data to constantly
improve every aspect of the consumer experience. The Social Trends Report
outlines how data literate companies will tie together seemingly unrelated
data on purchases, sentiment, demographics, interests and more into a holistic
"data self" that predicts shoppers' preferences and enables brands to deliver
highly relevant, helpful experiences. Consumers will choose to share more
about themselves with the brands that use their data to make their lives
better and, in turn, these conversations will provide a mine of product
insights that can impact product R&D, marketing, and more.

Paid, owned, and earned media drive each other's success

Social media marketing lets consumers discuss and share all brand-created
content, creating a convergence of media channels where no content exists in
isolation. The Social Trends Report shows how, in the connected economy, smart
brands create campaigns that unify media by encouraging conversation on owned
media channels and working it back into both paid and owned content.

Consumers require relationships, not transactions

Consumers today look for businesses that explore new ways to engage beyond the
transactional relationship. The Social Trends Report discusses how brands can
build association and promote loyalty with consumers by creating communities
around their passions. The act of listening and respond to those conversations
proves that brands value consumers' input.

"As people become more tech-savvy and hyper-social, they expect brands to
listen and respond to their attitudes, preferences and behaviors—and they want
to form relationships with the brands that do this well," stated Lisa Pearson,
chief marketing officer at Bazaarvoice. "The opportunity for marketers is to
create online, offline and mobile experiences that engage consumers all along
the purchase path, capture authentic conversations, and forge relationships
that help brands to anticipate consumer needs to create products they want

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Bazaarvoice is one of the world's largest shopper networks connecting people,
products, brands and retailers at each stage of the buying journey. For more
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