Altera Opens the World of FPGAs to Software Programmers with Broad Availability of SDK and Off-the-Shelf Boards for OpenCL

      Altera Opens the World of FPGAs to Software Programmers with Broad
           Availability of SDK and Off-the-Shelf Boards for OpenCL

Altera SDK for OpenCL Combined with an Ecosystem of Development Boards
Delivers Power-efficient, High-performance Solution for Heterogeneous

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SAN JOSE, Calif., May 6, 2013

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Altera Corporation (NASDAQ:
ALTR) today announced the broad availability of its SDK for OpenCL and
supported third-party production boards. Availability of the SDK for OpenCL
enables software programmers to access the high-performance capabilities of
programmable logic devices. Also part of today's news, Altera announced a
Preferred Board Partner Program, allowing third-party board vendors to work
closely with Altera to design optimized production boards based on Altera's
programmable devices. The availability of supported third-party boards through
the Preferred Board Partner Program and an SDK for OpenCL enables software
programmers to easily target high-performance FPGAs using a high-level

Altera's SDK for OpenCL allows software programmers to take their OpenCL code
and easily exploit the massively parallel architecture of an FPGA. Software
programmers targeting FPGAs achieve higher performance at significantly lower
power compared to alternative hardware architectures.

"Because FPGAs enable parallel processing, they are critical for specialized
server workloads that demand real-time performance. We are pleased that our
clients are now able to take full advantage of this technology on Power
Systems using Altera's SDK for OpenCL," said Robert L. Swann, vice president,
IBM Power Systems. "With this standards-based approach,our clients can
leverage a vibrant ecosystem of commercial and research contributions to
accelerate emerging compute intensive workloads." 

The SDK for OpenCL is designed to increase system performance in highly
data-parallel computing applications featured in financial, military,
broadcast, medical and a variety of other markets. Altera's OpenCL solutions
are supported by a robust ecosystem consisting of board partners, design
partners, software tools and university collaboration. Altera and its partners
provide the tools, hardware, libraries, reference designs and design resources
necessary for developers to implement their OpenCL designs into FPGAs and
reduce time-to-market.

The Altera Preferred Board Partner Program for OpenCL ensures third-party
production boards are optimized for current Alteradevice architectures.
Initial preferred board partners included in the program are BittWare,
Nallatech and PLDA, with additional board partners to be added in the future.

"For years, Altera and BittWare have partnered to deliver timely high-end
signal processing board-level solutions that significantly reduce technology
risk for our mutual customers," said Darren Taylor, senior vice president of
sales and marketing at BittWare. "Leveraging the latest hardware technology
from Altera, which now includes an SDK for OpenCL, we are able to dramatically
reduce the complexity for applications in the computing, financial and
military markets."

"An OpenCL implementation provides an ideal fit for Nallatech's
hardware-accelerated computing solutions," said Allan Cantle, president and
founder of Nallatech. "We simplify the deployment of FPGAs in heterogeneous
platforms via direct purchase of our cards or pre-integrated in leading
vendors' high density servers and blades. Customers developing
high-performance computing applications using Altera's SDK for OpenCL will
benefit from a dramatic increase in performance per watt, per dollar over
traditional computing architectures."

"PLDA has a successful track record of supporting Altera's customers with
their high-performance applications," said Stephane Hauradou, vice president
and CTO of PLDA. "The SDK for OpenCL will open up a significantly broader
group of software developers who can now fully leverage Altera's leading-edge

Pricing and Availability
The Altera SDK for OpenCL is currently available for download on Altera's
website. The annual software subscription for the SDK for OpenCL is $995 for a
node-locked PC license. For additional information about the Altera Preferred
Board Partner Program for OpenCL and its partner members, or to see a list of
all supported boards and links to purchase, visit the OpenCL section on
Altera's website.

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