Guidewire Software Releases Cloud-Based Apps Delivered Directly Inside Guidewire InsuranceSuite

  Guidewire Software Releases Cloud-Based Apps Delivered Directly Inside
  Guidewire InsuranceSuite

Insurers can access ViewPoint and Claim Canvas within their daily workflow via
                new delivery channel, Guidewire Live Inside^SM

ACORD LOMA 2013 Conference

Business Wire

LAS VEGAS -- May 06, 2013

At the ACORD LOMA 2013 Conference, Guidewire Software, Inc. (NYSE: GWRE), a
provider of Property/Casualty (P/C) insurance software products, today
announced the availability of new Guidewire Live^SM app, ViewPoint, as well as
enhancements to the Claim Canvas^SM app. Guidewire also announced a new
feature, Live Inside, which is a delivery channel that embeds these apps
within Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ products, making them easy to access within
the right workflows at the precise moment they are needed.

ViewPoint and Claim Canvas are available for use by in-production Guidewire
ClaimCenter® 6 and 7 customers. ViewPoint is also available for use by
in-production Guidewire PolicyCenter® 7 customers. As with all Guidewire Live
apps, ViewPoint and Claim Canvas are cloud-based and can be implemented by
Guidewire customers ^ within days and without a major implementation project.

Gartner recommends that insurers “integrate analytics with core business
systems and mobile strategy to be able to execute real-time business
processes. Embedded analytics and leveraging context computing will help
insurers realize performance changes and also enable more-integrated processes
than when analytics sit in an external separate system”^1, said Kimberly
Harris-Ferrante, vice president, distinguished analyst, Insurance, Gartner.

Guidewire has previously launched four Guidewire Live apps.The two apps
available within InsuranceSuite are:

  *ViewPoint – enables users to pinpoint and view a precise location based on
    the latest mapping technology within their claims and/or policy workflow.
    Adjusters, underwriters, agents and Customer Service Representatives
    (CSRs) can now pinpoint loss or policy locations without an address. They
    can also view properties or accident sites virtually to add immediate
    context to an individual customer experience, policy submission or claim
    investigation leading to higher quality customer interactions and improved
    customer satisfaction.
  *Claim Canvas – lets users travel virtually to a particular time and
    location to visualize and filter their data on a map. They can add weather
    context through pre-integrated data services from expert sources. US
    insurers can overlay hail data to see where and when hail fell, how big it
    was, and what claims were filed. Claim Canvas can now be accessed within
    the insurer’s workflow without leaving the claim file – saving time, and
    increasing accuracy and insight.

“We are excited to be a part of the Guidewire Live community and to be one of
the first customers to really dig in and put Guidewire Live to use to enhance
our business,” said Jim Kauffman, senior vice president, Claims, California
Casualty Insurance Company. “We’ve been amazed at the creativity of the apps
Guidewire has built, and by the depth of the information we are able to
quickly access and make use of. Being able to access apps from within
ClaimCenter will increase usage internally and make the data even more
powerful every day in making our business successful.”

“Adjusters and CSRs often struggle to use external data services and cloud
technology because these tools are outside their normal workflow and IT
environment. So, we are particularly excited that Live Inside is now available
to deliver ViewPoint and Claim Canvas directly into ClaimCenter and
PolicyCenter,” said Eugene Lee, senior director, New Initiatives, Guidewire
Software. “Live Inside makes it easy for insurance professionals to access the
apps and context they need, when they need them, during their daily work
without leaving the system in which they are already working.”

About Guidewire Live

Guidewire Live^SM is a cloud-based network that provides insurance
professionals access to today’s data today, delivering the context to make
smarter decisions and increase customer satisfaction. Live does this by
connecting peer insurers, core system data and expert tools through easy to
use, instant on apps. Guidewire Live Inside^SM is the delivery channel that
enables insurers to access Live apps inside InsuranceSuite in their day-to-day
workflow; securely, with high availability and performance.

About Guidewire Software

Guidewire Software is a provider of software products for Property/Casualty
insurers. Designed to be flexible and scalable, Guidewire products enable
insurers to deliver excellent service, increase market share, and lower
operating costs. Guidewire products include Guidewire InsuranceSuite™,
consisting of Guidewire PolicyCenter®, Guidewire ClaimCenter® and Guidewire
BillingCenter® which span the core functional areas in insurance and Guidewire
Live^SM, a cloud-based network connecting peer insurers, core system data and
expert tools through instant on apps. Guidewire is headquartered in Foster
City, California, with offices in Beijing, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Munich,
Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and Warsaw. For more information, please visit

^1 From the Gartner report, Predicts 2013: The Nexus of Forces Will Lead to
Further Digitalization of Insurance Value Chains, November 27, 2012; Juergen
Weiss, Kimberly Harris-Ferrante, Steven Leigh, Jeff Haner authors.

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