HAVAS : HAVAS : 1st Quarter 2013

                       HAVAS : HAVAS : 1st Quarter 2013


Puteaux, May 2^nd, 2013   

                              1^st Quarter 2013

  *Q1 2013revenue flat: €386 million versus €387 million in Q1 2012 (-0.3%
    net growth and -0.9% organic growth)

  *Net New Business^1 firm:€402 million 

David Jones, Global CEO Havas, said: "The Group held up well against the sharp
downturn in  the  European  market  overall in  the  first  quarter  of  2013, 
achieving positive  performances in  the key  markets of  France and  the  UK. 
Business in North America  slowed after outperforming the  market in Q4  2012, 
but emerging markets remain solid. Digital, media, advertising and  healthcare 
communication all made significant contributions to Group performance."



See the attached file (PDF).


Consolidated Group  revenue for  the 1^st  quarter of  2013 was  €386  million 
compared with €387  million for  Q1 2012,  a slight  decrease of  -0.3% on  an 
unadjusted basis.

Organic growth in Q1 2013 was -0.9%, set against +3.5% for the same period  in 

The euro  strengthened against  the  US dollar  and GB  pound  in Q1  2013  as 
compared to Q1  2012, leading to  a negative  impact on revenue  of almost  €4 

The Group's key performance  indicators in Q1 2013  were broadly in line  with 

Highlights by region:

Results in Europe were mixed, with France reporting organic growth of +1.2% in
Q1 2013, despite a  high 2012 baseline, driven  largely by advertising,  media 
and digital. The UK returned to growth, with organic growth up +0.7% versus Q1
2012, despite budget cuts by certain  clients. The Rest of Europe reported  an 
overall decline  (-2.4%) with  the exception  of the  digital business,  which 
continues to perform  well across the  board. Germany and  Turkey continue  to 
report good growth.

North America:
Following a very strong Q4 2012 (+6.5%), North America posted negative  growth 
(-3.9%) driven by  high comparisons  and certain one-off  account losses  from 
last year including Dell at Arnold,  and Sprint and Exxon at Havas  Worldwide. 
Healthcare communications continued  to outperform and  deliver strong  growth 
despite significant declines in Pfizer, as did media. We expect the impact  of 
the one-off losses to tail off in Q2 2013.

Rest of world:
Latin America once again reported good growth thanks to the digital and  media 
businesses, and to strong growth in Mexico.

Growth continued in Asia-Pacific despite the loss of a significant account  in 
Australia and the slow down of  the corporate communications business in  Hong 

Healthcare communications and advertising made positive contributions.


The Group  delivered  strong  new  account  wins in  Q1  2013,  with  net  new 
business^1 of €402 million.

Significant wins in Q1 2013 include:

Havas Creative Group:

Bacardi - Camp + King & BETC London
Carrefour - Havas Worldwide Paris
Citroen - Havas Worldwide Shanghai
Del Monte - Havas Worldwide Delhi
Del Monte Milkbone - Arnold New York
DMK - Global PR win, led out of Germany
Ideal Standard - Havas PR UK for pan-European brief
IPSEN - Havas Worldwide Paris
La Poste - BETC & Havas Worldwide Paris
Mothercare - Havas Worldwide London
Ubisoft - BETC Paris
United Nations - Havas PR
Volvo - Havas Worldwide Munich & Dusseldorf
Volvo Australia - Arnold Furnace

Havas Media Group:

Agrolimen - Arena Spain
Artiach - Havas Media Barcelona
TV Azteca - Arena Colombia
Banque PSA Finance (Distingo savings account) - Havas Media France
Bakrie Telecom - Havas Media Indonesia
Burger King - Arena Argentina
Burn - Havas Sports & Entertainment US, ignition, HS&E UK, HS&E Spain
Crédit Agricole - Arena Poland
General Mills - Havas Media France
H&R Block - Havas Media Canada
Ifema - Havas Media Spain (Madrid)
Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan - Havas Media Indonesia
Leroy Merlin - Proximia Spain
Mazuma Mobile - Havas Media UK
Mutua Madrileña - Havas Media Spain (Madrid)
Reckitt Benckiser - in several markets
Saint Maclou - Havas Media France
Santa Lucia Seguros - Arena Spain (Madrid)
Tourism of Turkey - Havas Media Germany, plus the UK, Sweden, Norway and
Vivil - Havas Media Germany
Yahoo! - ignition US, HS&E France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany

Digital wins included:

Ale Combustiveis - Media Contacts Brazil
LaCentrale.fr - Havas Media France
Leboncoin.fr - Havas Media Regions France
LVMH - Havas Media US
Pizza Hut - Havas Worldwide Hong Kong
Roquefort - Havas 360
Simple - Havas EHS
Snuggle - Havas 360
SCA - Havas Worldwide Digital Athens
Unilever (Rexona Women) - Havas Worldwide Digital Warsaw


The first quarter of the year has been one of rapid expansion in Havas's pool
of talent, with the announcement of several major new hires at Havas
Worldwide, Havas Media and Arnold. Starting in January, former Arnold
Worldwide CEO Andrew Benett was named to the new post of Havas Worldwide
Global President, reporting to David Jones, who remains Global CEO of the
Havas Worldwide network. Robert LePlae, formerly Global President at Arnold,
steps in to Benett's CEO role there.

Matt Weiss joined the network as Global Chief Marketing Officer, and Matt
Howell stepped into the additional role of Chief Digital Officer for Havas
Creative Group, expanding his responsibilities to both the Arnold and the
Havas Worldwide networks.

Havas Worldwide recruited Vin Farrell from R/GA to fill the new role of Global
Chief Content Officer, and Sean Lyons, also formerly of R/GA, as Global Chief
Digital Officer. And in Chicago, Laura Maness was tapped to head new business
development and agency growth as U.S. Chief Growth Officer.

Brendan Tansey, digital pioneer and former CEO of Wunderman UK, was named CEO
of Socialistic China, part of Havas Worldwide Digital. This new startup was
launched at the beginning of April and will specialize in digital work in
Greater China.

Following the simplification of its global network and the success of its
global rebranding at the beginning of the year, Havas Media Group also made
several senior management announcements: Dominque Delport was appointed Global
Managing Director, and Raphaël De Andreis joined Havas Media France as CEO.


The Gunn Report, published in January, named "The Bear" for Canal+ the world's
most awarded TV spot, not just in 2012  but in the entire history of the  Gunn 

The Mobius  International Festival  awarded  BETC aBest  of Show  for  Canal+ 
(Borgia) plus  a further  three Mobius  awards for  Canal+ in  the Online  and 
Television (Entertainment Media Promotion  and Direction) categories, as  well 
as a Mobius in New Media for MCM Pizzas.

At the Andy Awards,  Arnold Boston was awarded  Bronze in the Direct  Response 
category for Al Gore's "Reality Drop" for Climate Reality.

Havas Worldwide Amsterdam was recognized in the Social Media category for  its 
"Tweetphony" campaign for the Metropole Orchestra at the IAC Awards.

In the  Asia-Pacific region,  Havas Worldwide  Sydney won  a Gold  for  Virgin 
Mobile "Fair Go Bro" and an award in the Integrated category in addition to  a 
Silver in Interactive for Sony NEX "DSLR Gear No Idea" at the Adfest and  Host 
took Silver for Air New Zealand. At the A.W.A.R.D, Havas Worldwide Australia,
Host, One Green  Bean and  Havas Worldwide Singapore  scooped a  total of  ten 
awards, including seven Silver and three Bronze.

At the Dubai Lynx, Havas Worldwide Dubai netted Gold in Promotion for  Reckitt 
Benckiser/Dettol. Havas Digital  Middle-East took  four Bronze  awards at  the 
Cristal MENA awards for Reckitt Benckiser/Durex.

Havas Sports  &  Entertainment UK  was  awarded  for Lloyds  at  the  European 
Sponsorship Association Excellence Awards.

In France, BETC  topped CB News  magazine's Hits d'Or  creative league  table; 
Havas Worldwide Paris,  BETC and W&Cie  were awarded a  Grand Prix, a  Special 
Prize, three Gold and a Silver at  the Top Com Corporate Business awards;  the 
Club des DA presented a total of 15 awards to Leg, BETC, Havas Worldwide Paris
and H; at  the Grand Prix  Stratégies du Marketing  Digital, BETC walked  away 
with a Grand Prix for  Evian, two more awards for  Evian and Air France and  a 
Distinction for Peugeot, while Leg achieved a Distinction for SFR.

Havas Worldwide  London took  two Bronze  awards at  the British  Arrows;  AIS 
London took  Best  Integrated Company  for  Sony  Music at  the  IAB  Creative 
Showcase Grand Prix awards; Havas Engage won  a Silver and a Gold at the  Mixx 
Awards in Turkey; Havas Worldwide Prague  won a Silver and four Bronze  awards 
at the Louskacek;  Havas Worldwide  Zurich won two  Bronze awards  at the  ADC 

Cake New York won a Silver SABRE award in the "TV Format Creation and
Licensing" category for Glacéau Vitaminwater and Cake UK won the top award in
the "Best Widget/Mobile Application" category for its Mobile Memories campaign
for Carphone Warehouse.

In the United States, Havas PR North America  took a Gold and a Bronze at  the 
Bulldog Digital/Social PR Awardsand  a further two prizes  at the CSR  Awards 
plus a place on the  "CSR A-List" for the second  year running. At the  Golden 
Hedgehog PR Awards, Havas PR UK carried  off the Grand Prix and a Campaign  of 
the Year award for Asda.

In Asia, the Youth  Marketing Forum/Social Media Summit  & Awards named  Havas 
Worldwide Digital Matrix India as Social Media Agency of the Year; Havas Media
China took two  prizes at  the Adworld  Awards and  another at  the RTV  China 

One Green Bean named PR  Agency of the Year by  Ad News (Australia) and  Havas 
Gurisa (Uruguay) named Agency of the Year by Desachate.


The Annual Shareholders' Meeting will be held on June 5^th, 2013 at 9 a.m., at
the Havas headquarters in Puteaux.

About Havas
Havas (Euronext Paris SA: HAV.PA) is one of the world's largest global
advertising, digital and communications groups. Headquartered in Paris, Havas
operates through its two Business Units: Havas Creative Group and Havas Media
Havas Creative Group incorporates the Havas Worldwide (www.havasworldwide.com)
network - formerly Euro RSCG Worldwide - (316 offices in 75 countries), the
Arnold (www.arn.com) micro-network (16 agencies in 15 countries on 5
continents) as well as several other strong agencies.
Havas Media Group (www.havasmedia.com), is the world's fastest growing media
group, operating in over 100 countries, and incorporates two major commercial
brands: Havas Media (ex MPG) and Arena.
A multicultural and decentralized Group, Havas is present in more than 100
countries through its networks of agencies and contractual affiliations. The
Group offers a broad range of communications services, including digital,
advertising, direct marketing, media planning and buying, corporate
communications, sales promotion, design, human resources, sports marketing,
multimedia interactive communications and public relations. Havas employs
approximately 15,000 people. Further information about Havas is available on
the company's website: www.havas.com

Forward-Looking Information

This document contains certain forward-looking statements which speak only  as 
of the  date on  which they  are made.  Forward looking  statements relate  to 
projections, anticipated events  or trends, future  plans and strategies,  and 
reflect Havas' current views about  future events. They are therefore  subject 
to inherent risks and  uncertainties that may cause  Havas' actual results  to 
differ materially  from  those  expressed in  any  forward-looking  statement. 
Factors that could  cause actual  results to differ  materially from  expected 
results include changes in the global economic environment or in the  business 
environment, and in  factors such  as competition and  market regulation.  For 
more information regarding risk factors  relevant to Havas, please see  Havas' 
filings with the AMF (Autorité  des Marchés Financiers) (documents in  French) 
and, up to  October 2006,  with the  U.S. Securities  and Exchange  Commission 
(documents in English only). Havas does not intend, and disclaims any duty  or 
obligation, to update  or revise any  forward-looking statements contained  in 
this document to reflect new information, future events or otherwise.
(1): Net New Business
Net new business represents the  estimated annual advertising budgets for  new 
business  wins  (which  includes  new   clients,  clients  retained  after   a 
competitive review, and new product or brand expansions for existing  clients) 
less the  estimated  annual  advertising budgets  for  lost  accounts.  Havas' 
management uses net new business as a measurement of the effectiveness of  its 
client development and retention efforts. Net new business is not an  accurate 
predictor of  future revenues,  since what  constitutes new  business or  lost 
business is  subject  to  differing judgments,  the  amounts  associated  with 
individual business  wins  and  losses depend  on  estimated  client  budgets, 
clients may  not  spend  as  much  as they  budget,  the  timing  of  budgeted 
expenditures is  uncertain,  and  the amount  of  budgeted  expenditures  that 
translates into revenues  depends on the  nature of the  expenditures and  the 
applicable fee structures. In addition, Havas' guidelines for determining  the 
amount of new business wins and  lost business may differ from those  employed 
by other companies.

Organic growth is calculated  by comparing revenue  for the current  financial 
period against revenue for the previous financial period adjusted as follows:
- revenue for the previous financial period is recalculated using the exchange
rates for the current financial period;
- to this resulting revenue is added the revenue of companies acquired between
January 1 of the  previous financial period and  the acquisition date for  the 
period in which these companies were not as yet consolidated;
- revenue  for  the  previous  financial  period  is  also  adjusted  for  the 
consolidated revenue of companies disposed of or closed down between January 1
of the previous financial period and the date of disposal or closure.
Organic growth calculated by this method is therefore adjusted for  variations 
in exchange  rate  against  the euro,  and  for  variations in  the  scope  of 

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