L&L Expands Business in Taiwan

                        L&L Expands Business in Taiwan

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SEATTLE, May 2, 2013

SEATTLE, May 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --L & L Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: "LLEN")
("L&L" or "Company"), a Seattle-based company with profitable coal operations
in China, announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with
Apollo Technology Co. of Taiwan ("Apollo") as its clean (coal) energy response
to demands in China, the global leader in new investments into clean energy

The execution of the partnership is consistent with L&L's 2012 shareholders
meetings mandate to expand business, in addition to seeking an alternative
listing in a Taiwan Deposit Receipt (TDR) issuance.

Apollo is a top pollution control group in Taiwan with 60 technical staff.
Apollo's expertise covers chemical engineering and environmental science which
will help L&L to eliminate sulfur and nitrogen from the coal-fueled utility
plants and to reduce CO2 in China. In its 18 years of operations, Apollo has
executed approximately 200 large environmental improvement studies or
pollution clean ups for customer such as Taiwan Power Co, Long Life Utility
Co, Formosa Petroleum Co, and Taiwan's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
Apollo's senior management is US educated and 70% of its team members are
postgraduates, with 25 engineers holding US OHSA certifications.

L&L's Chairman and CEO, Dickson Lee, commented, "I am pleased to enter the
first Taiwan business partnership with Apollo. Using the Apollo team and its
experience, we will provide a basis to apply US clean energy technology
inChina and expand our business from before-combustion coal operations to
after-combustion energy controls with our existing customers, such as Datang
Utility,in response to the demands in China. I look forward to working with
Apollo to meet the growing needs in China's coal-as-fuel industry."


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