Clearwire Corporation Annual Report is Now Available Online

Clearwire Corporation Annual Report is Now Available Online

BELLEVUE, Wash., May 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Clearwire Corporation,
(NASDAQ: CLWR), a leading provider of 4G wireless broadband services in the
U.S., announced today that the company's annual report on SEC form 10-K/A for
the year ended December 31, 2012 is now available online. Shareholders and
others may view and download a copy of the annual report by visiting
Clearwire's investor relations site,

About Clearwire

Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ: CLWR), through its operating subsidiaries, is a
leading provider of 4G wireless broadband services offering services in areas
of the U.S. where more than 130 million people live. The company holds the
deepest portfolio of wireless spectrum available for data services in the
U.S.Clearwire serves retail customers through its own CLEAR^® brand as well
as through wholesale relationships with some of the leading companies in the
retail, technology and telecommunications industries, including Sprint and
NetZero.The company is constructing a next-generation 4G LTE Advanced-ready
network to address the capacity needs of the market,and is also working
closely with the Global TDD-LTE Initiative to further the TDD-LTE ecosystem.
Clearwire is headquartered in Bellevue, Wash. Additional information is
available at

Forward-Looking Statements

This release, and other written and oral statements made by Clearwire from
time to time, contain forward-looking statements which are based on
management's current expectations and beliefs, as well as on a number of
assumptions concerning future events made with information that is currently
available. Forward-looking statements may include, without limitation,
management's expectations regarding future financial and operating performance
and financial condition; proposed transactions; network development and market
launch plans; strategic plans and objectives; industry conditions; the
strength of the balance sheet; and liquidity and financing needs. The words
"will," "would," "may," "should," "estimate," "project," "forecast," "intend,"
"expect," "believe," "target," "designed," "plan" and similar expressions are
intended to identify forward-looking statements. Readers are cautioned not to
put undue reliance on such forward-looking statements, which are not a
guarantee of performance and are subject to a number of uncertainties and
other factors, many of which are outside of Clearwire's control, which could
cause actual results to differ materially and adversely from such statements.
Some factors that could cause actual results to differ are:

  oOur business has become increasingly dependent on our wholesale partners,
    and Sprint in particular. Additionally, our current business plans depend
    on our ability to attract new wholesale partners with substantial
    requirements for additional data capacity, which is subject to a number of
    risks and uncertainties. If we do not receive the amount of revenues we
    expect from existing wholesale partners or if we are unable to enter into
    new agreements with additional wholesale partners for significant new
    wholesale commitments in a timely manner, our business prospects, results
    of operations and financial condition could be adversely affected, or we
    could be forced to consider all available alternatives, including
    financial restructuring.
  oIf the proposed merger with Sprint fails to close for any reason, we
    believe that we will require substantial additional capital to fund our
    business and to further develop our network; such capital may not be
    available on acceptable terms or at all.If the merger fails to close and
    the funding under our Note Purchase Agreement with Sprint was no longer
    available, we would have to significantly curtail substantially all of our
    LTE network build plan to conserve cashand there would likely be
    substantial doubtabout our ability to continue as a going concern for the
    next twelve months. Additionally, if the proposed merger with Sprint fails
    to close and we are unable to obtain sufficient additional capital, or we
    fail to generate sufficient revenue from our businesses to meet our
    ongoing obligations, our business prospects, financial condition and
    results of operations will likely be materially and adversely affected,
    and we will be forced to consider all available alternatives, including
    financial restructuring.
  oWe have a history of operating losses and we expect to continue to realize
    significant net losses for the foreseeable future.
  oOur substantial indebtedness and restrictive debt covenants could limit
    our financing options and liquidity position and may limit our ability to
    grow our business.Further, unless we are able to secure the required
    shareholder approvals to increase the number of authorized shares under
    our Certificate of Incorporation, we may not have enough authorized but
    unissued shares available to raise sufficient additional capital through
    an equity financing.
  oSprint owns a majority of our common shares, is our largest shareholder,
    and may have, or may develop in the future, interests that may diverge
    from other stockholders.
  oOur proposed merger with Sprint is subject to certain regulatory
    conditions that may not be satisfied on a timely basis, or at all, and is
    also conditioned on the consummation of the Sprint-Softbank (or a similar
    merger) transaction. If the merger with Sprint fails because it is not
    adopted by our shareholders, then under certain circumstances Sprint may
    gain significant additional control over us by acquiring the Clearwire
    shares held by other parties to our Equityholders' Agreement, pursuant to
    the terms of an agreement with those other shareholders. Additionally,
    failure to complete the proposed merger could negatively impact our
    business and the market price of our Class A Common Stock, and substantial
    doubt may arise regarding our ability to continue as a going concern.
  oWe are in the early stages of deploying LTE on our wireless broadband
    network, alongside mobile WiMAX, to remain competitive and to generate
    sufficient revenues for our business; we will incur significant costs to
    deploy such technology.Additionally, LTE technology, or other alternative
    technologies that we may consider, may not perform as we expect on our
    network and deploying such technologies would result in additional risks
    to the company, including uncertainty regarding our ability to
    successfully add a new technology to our current network and to operate
    dual technology networks without disruptions to customer service, as well
    as our ability to generate new wholesale customers for the new network.
  oWe currently depend on our commercial partners to develop and deliver the
    equipment for our legacy and mobile WiMAX networks, and are dependent on
    commercial partners to deliver equipment and devices for our planned LTE
    network as well.
  oMany of our competitors for our retail business are better established and
    have significantly greater resources, and may subsidize their competitive
    offerings with other products and services.
  oFuture sales of large blocks of our common stock may adversely impact our
    stock price.

For a more detailed description of the factors that could cause such a
difference, please refer to Clearwire's filings with the Securities and
Exchange Commission, including the information under the heading "Risk
Factors" in our Annual Report on Form 10-K filed on February 14, 2013, and
subsequent SEC filings. Clearwire assumes no obligation to update or
supplement such forward-looking statements.

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