/ R E P E A T -- The Space for Life: Lecture Series - What do extraterrestrials look like? - At the Rio Tinto Alcan

/ R E P E A T -- The Space for Life: Lecture Series - What do 
extraterrestrials look like? - At the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium/ 
MONTREAL, April 17, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - For the first event in its Lecture 
Series of 2013, the Space for Life welcomes astrophysicist Roland Lehoucq on 
April30, 7:30p.m., at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium; he will share his 
thoughts on the question: What do extraterrestrials look like? In comic books, 
movies, TV shows, and sensationalist magazines and newspapers, this topic 
always sparks curiosity and controversy in equal measure. But have you ever 
wondered what extraterrestrials might look like? Would they be humanoid, like 
us? Or would their appearance be completely... alien? 
Who might these extraterrestrials be?
Roland Lehoucq has been pondering the Universe for close to 30years. And he 
finds the potential existence of life elsewhere in the cosmos especially 
intriguing. If extraterrestrials exist, where are they? Discoveries made in 
the past 20 years are staggering: more than 850planets are known to orbit 
around stars similar to our sun! And just think—a galaxy like ours contains 
hundreds of billions of stars! Even in our own solar system, we have Mars and 
Titan—a moon of Saturn that resembles a primitive earth—which show signs 
of potentially intelligent life either in the past or in the future. 
Astronomers and biologists work together to examine the data and try to 
formulate hypotheses. In light of current scientific knowledge, Roland Lehoucq 
considers these various suppositions in an effort to draw some conclusions. 
A student of the Universe
Passionate about spreading scientific knowledge, Roland Lehoucq was a 
researcher at the Department of Astrophysics at the Atomic Energy and 
Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) in Saclay until 2011 and is currently a 
professor at the École Polytechnique. He is a senior fellow in physics and a 
specialist in cosmic topology, the branch of cosmology that works on how to 
determine the shape and size of the universe. A lecturer and prolific writer 
with 26 published works to his name, Roland Lehoucq is also the author of some 
50 articles written for lay readers. In addition to serving as chair of Les 
Utopiales, the international science-fiction festival in Nantes, since 2012, 
Roland Lehoucq has been honoured with numerous scientific awards and 
distinctions, including the Diderot-Curien prize, bestowed by the Association 
des musées et centres pour le développement de la culture scientifique, 
technique et industrielle (AMCSTI), in 2010. 
A signing will follow the lecture. The purchase of Mr. Lehoucq's books is 
possible with cash only. 
Roland Lehoucq's lecture is made possible by the support of the Service de 
Coopération et d'Action Culturelle of the Consulate General of France in 
Québec City and the Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec 
Lecture: What do extraterrestrials look like?
Where: Milky Way Theatre, Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, 4801 avenue 
Metro: Viau
When: Tuesday, April30, 2013, 7:30p.m.
Admission: Regular: $12 Students/ Friends of the Garden / Biodôme / 
Insectarium / SAPM / members of the ACS : $9*
*Those holding discount tickets must show a valid membership card and photo ID 
at the entrance.
To buy tickets online: www.espacepourlavie.ca/en/ticket-office
Seats are limited
Parking (paid): 3000 rue Viau, corner de Marseilles
(The lecture will be in French) 
Information for Montréal: Diane Pinard, Communications Coordinator Space for 
Life 514-872-5028 diane.pinard@ville.montreal.qc.ca  Nadine Fortin, 
Communications Coordinator Space for Life 514-868-3053 
Information for Québec City and Rimouski: Myriam Francoeur, Communication 
Agent Association des communicateurs scientifiques du Québec (ACS) 
514-508-5544 ext. 222 www.acs.qc.ca 
SOURCE: Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan 
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