OCZ Technology Partners With The Rombus Group to Deliver PCIe Flash-Based Storage to SME and Mid-Sized IT Environments in

OCZ Technology Partners With The Rombus Group to Deliver PCIe Flash-Based 
Storage to SME and Mid-Sized IT Environments in Germany 
Leading OCZ Enterprise/Workstation PCIe SSDs Now Qualified on Rombus
Supermicro Tertia Servers and Rombus Quinta Workstations  
SAN JOSE, CA  -- (Marketwired) -- 04/30/13 --  OCZ Technology Group,
Inc. (NASDAQ: OCZ), a leading provider of high-performance
solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today
announced that its PCI Express (PCIe) flash-based SSDs for enterprise
and workstation applications are now qualified on specific Rombus
Group platforms. This includes OCZ's Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD Series for
Rombus Supermicro Tertia enterprise servers and OCZ's RevoDrive 3 SSD
Series for Rombus Quinta workstations. These high-performance SSDs
are available from The Rombus Group and targeted for
small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and mid-sized IT
environments in Germany. 
The ability to achieve optimized VMware virtualization within the
Supermicro Tertia platform was a priority for The Rombus Group in
their selection of OCZ's Z-Drive R4 SSD Series. Each Z-Drive R4 card
provides a compact, power-efficient solid-state solution that fits
directly into the server's PCIe slot to increase application
performance while delivering fast and reliable access to data without
burdening host CPU and memory resources. The Z-Drive's Virtualized
Controller Architectureâ„¢ (VCA) efficiently distributes the
application loads between all available flash on the host-based SSD
card resulting in optimal random data access performance within
virtual server environments. With many SAN/storage infrastructures
based on Fibre Channel/iSCSI deployments, the implementation of
Z-Drive R4 cards within Supermicro Tertia servers enable new levels
of I/O access and application performance while lowering IT operating
costs when compared to conventional hard disk drives (HDDs). 
To complement power users and multimedia designers in workstation
environments, The Rombus Group now features OCZ's RevoDrive 3 SSD
family to its Quinta workstation platform. The RevoDrive 3 SSD Series
is designed for intensive workstation applications delivering
incredible performance and a sophisticated feature-set also based on
OCZ's proprietary VCA Technology. This single-card solution reduces
the burden on host resources and is ideally suited for professional
media development and management. 
"We are very pleased that our partnership with The Rombus Group has
resulted in qualifications of our PCIe offerings into their
enterprise server and workstation platforms," said Wayne B.
Eisenberg, Senior VP of Sales for OCZ Technology. "The Z-Drive R4
Series and RevoDrive 3 Series represent a turning point in the
evolution of PCIe solid-state storage enabling ultra-fast I/O access
and application performance, advanced durability and reliability,
while slashing capital and operating costs." 
The Z-Drive R4 Series is available in both full-height (FH) and
half-height (HH) configurations. The FH form factor supports storage
capacities from 800GB to 3.2TB and random write operations (4K
blocks) up to 410,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS). The
RevoDrive 3 is FH-compliant with storage capacities up to 480GB and
random write operations (4K blocks) up to 130,000 IOPS. 
For more information about Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSDs, select
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About The Rombus Group:
Founded in 1996, The Rombus Group is one of the leading German
manufacturers of server, storage, notebook and PC systems. The group
is headquartered in Westphalian BÏ‹ren (near Paderborn-Lippstadt
Airport) and is a multi-channel distributor of its own product brands
with focus on service, speed, flexibility and individual customer
attention. The 'Rombus' brand of IT solutions is focused on
efficient, high-performance server systems and blade technologies
that are built 'to-order' providing the specifications, benefits and
budget needs of its customers. The Rombus Group has a base of over
4,700 resellers with locations in BÏ‹ren (headquarters), Passau
(Germany) and Taipei (Taiwan). For more information, select
About OCZ Technology Group, Inc.
Founded in 2002, San Jose, CA-based OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (OCZ)
is a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of
high-performance solid-state storage solutions and premium computer
components. Offering a complete spectrum of solid-state drives
(SSDs), OCZ provides SSDs in a variety of form factors and interfaces
(i.e. PCIe, SAS and SATA) to address a wide range of client and
enterprise applications. Having developed firmware and controller
platforms, to virtualization and endurance extending technologies,
the company delivers vertically integrated solutions enabling
transformational approaches to how digital data is captured, stored,
accessed, analyzed and leveraged by customers. For more information,
please visit: www.ocz.com. 
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