Nuvilex, Inc. Pancreatic Cancer Trials Could Make "Cell-in-a-Box" Gold Standard

Nuvilex, Inc. Pancreatic Cancer Trials Could Make "Cell-in-a-Box" Gold Standard 
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- 04/29/13 --  While many biotech and
pharmaceutical companies are designing one drug after another to
address specific health problems, Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) is
using its own living cell encapsulation as a "one size fits all" type
solution. The company is off to a great start at getting its
"Cell-in-a-Box" technology on the map with its work in late stage,
inoperable pancreatic cancer.  
Nuvilex is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, and while it is
a small international biotech, the company has been delivering big
results, and now it's preparing for an even bigger stage -- Phase III
clinical trials. When it comes to pancreatic cancer, you can bet the
NYSE's Eli Lilly and NASDAQ's Celgene Corp. are all too familiar with
Nuvilex and its technology. Currently, Eli Lilly's drug Gemzar is the
only drug to date approved by the FDA as a single agent for the
treatment of advanced, inoperable pancreatic cancer and the drug is
considered the "gold standard" by the market. Eli Lilly introduced
gemcitabine (Gemzar) back in 1996, and since that time, it has netted
the drug's maker billions of dollars in sales.  
Nipping at Eli Lilly's heels are both Celgene and Nuvilex, but of the
three, the smallest of them all, has produced the best results in
clinical trials using its living cell encapsulation. Nuvilex's
"Cell-in-a-Box" is a process that forms a "platform" upon which
treatments for many serious, debilitating, and even fatal diseases
may be built. Some of these diseases include different types of
cancer, diabetes, diseases for which stem cell therapies are being
developed, and diseases caused by viruses. 
The process uses living cells, and Nuvilex takes a very specific type
of cell to address a specific problem a patient suffers from.
Scientists then wrap up cells in a type of cellulose, forming
essentially "cotton" capsules with live cells inside that form this
"platform" or bundled miniature "house" of cells about the size of
the head of a pin. 
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