Responsys Unveils New Offering for Unifying Customer Preferences Across Marketing Channels

Responsys Unveils New Offering for Unifying Customer Preferences Across 
Marketing Channels 
Interact Preference Gives Marketers a Trusted Source of Cross-Channel
Preferences to Deliver More Relevant Messages and Help Ensure
Regulatory Compliance 
SAN BRUNO, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/29/13 --  In an era when
companies that don't listen to their customers run the risk of costly
lawsuits, damaged reputations and lost consumer trust, Responsys,
Inc. (NASDAQ: MKTG), a leading provider of email and cross-channel
marketing solutions, has introduced Responsys Interact Preference, a
new offering within the Responsys Interact Suite that provides
marketers with a unified, cross-channel view of customer preferences
and permissions. For the first time, marketers can easily collect and
manage preferences across both digital and physical touch points,
while mitigating the risk of costly fines and lawsuits, all within
one technology platform.  
"In the last few years, major brands with great reputations have been
hit with lawsuits seeking tens of millions of dollars for marketing
to customers without permission," said Steve Krause, Senior Vice
President of Product Management at Responsys. "These costly mistakes
happen because marketers don't have the right technology to unify and
proactively manage customers' preferences and permissions across
every point of interaction, from an email to a mobile app to the
point of sale. Responsys Interact Preference enables marketers to
collect this data the right way, then apply it in combination with
other profile data, such as purchase history and demographics, to
deliver messages that are not only highly individualized, but also
Wendy Greenberg, Digital Communications Manager at Intuit, commented,
"When brands have multiple product lines and various channels of
communication, managing preferences and permissions across every
touch point can be a challenge. Getting the right technology in place
that helps provide a single view of the customer is critical to
fostering long term customer engagement."  
According to Forrester Research, more than three-quarters (77
percent) of consumers say companies should let them decide how they
can be contacted(1). Yet, many marketers don't have the systems in
place to collect and unify preferences across today's multitude of
customer touch points and marketing channels. Preferences have become
fragmented and unmanageable within organizations, with data living in
silos across various departments, geographies and lines of business.
As a result, marketers lack a clear picture of how each customer
wants to be contacted -- and consumers are catching on. Eighty-five
percent of U.S. consumers say they are concerned about the data
marketers are collecting about them online, according to research
conducted by the Wall Street Journal(2). With Responsys Interact
Preference, marketers gain a unified view of customer preferences
across the entire organization, every marketing channel, and every
customer touch point. This trusted, auditable preference data not
only helps ensure compliance with global marketing rules and
regulations, but also rebuilds the foundation of trust needed to
foster long term relationships with customers.  
Responsys Interact Preference allows marketers to: 

--  Develop a unified view of preferences and permissions across every
    channel: Most companies have multiple sources of customer preference
    data stored across a variety of databases. Marketers and IT teams have
    done their best to stitch this data together in a way that is
    actionable and compliant, but as programs grow, so does the number of
    data sources that have to be connected -- and for every single source
    that isn't properly connected, the risk grows dramatically. Responsys
    Interact Preference enables marketers to collect customer preference
    data for every marketing communication across every marketing channel.
    And, Responsys Interact Preference unifies that data, providing a
    single source of truth for preferences across the entire organization,
    giving marketers a clear view into the relationship customers want to
    have with their brand.
--  Collect preferences wherever consumers are: Responsys Interact
    Preference enables marketers to easily and effectively gather
    preferences everywhere customer relationships exist. Whether they're
    shopping in a store, engaging with a brand on Facebook, or browsing a
    mobile site, consumers can easily and effectively share how they'd
    like brands to communicate with them.
--  Reduce compliance risk: Responsys Interact Preference warrants the
    accuracy of customer permissions and stores that information in a
    central, auditable repository, acting as a single source of truth for
    customer preferences.

In concert with the rich behavioral, demographic and social data
Responsys already exposes to marketers, Responsys Interact Preference
completes the customer profile -- enhancing insight into consumers'
authentic identities and empowering marketers to build deep, lasting
and profitable relationships with their customers. 
Part of an exclusive partnership with PossibleNOW, the leading
provider of customer experience and enterprise preference management
solutions, Responsys Interact Preference is the latest in a series of
industry leading cross-channel marketing solutions from Responsys
that enable marketers to manage interactions with their customers
across an increasingly digital set of marketing channels. For a full
overview of the Responsys Interact Suite, visit
To learn more about Responsys Interact Preference, available now,
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About Responsys
 Responsys is a leading provider of email and
cross-channel marketing solutions that enable companies to engage in
relationship marketing across the interactive channels customers are
embracing today -- email, mobile, social, the web and display. With
Responsys solutions, marketers can create, execute, and automate
highly dynamic campaigns and lifecycle marketing programs that are
designed to grow revenue, increase marketing efficiency, and
strengthen customer loyalty. Responsys' New School Marketing vision,
flexible on-demand application suite, and customer success-focused
services aim to deliver high ROI, increased levels of automation and
fast time-to-value. Founded in 1998, Responsys is headquartered in
San Bruno, California and has offices throughout the world. Responsys
serves world-class brands such as: Southwest Airlines, LinkedIn,
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(1) Source: Forrester Research: Marketers: Stop the Abuse! Adopt
Preference Management. July 22, 2009
 (2) Source: The Wall Street
Heather MacKinnon
Responsys, Inc.
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