CyberAgent Reports First Half Results; Net Income Rises 87.8%

CyberAgent Reports First Half Results; Net Income Rises 87.8% 
Tokyo, Apr 25, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) -  CyberAgent, Inc. (TSE: 4751), a
Tokyo-based leader in Internet media markets, has announced results for the
first half ended March 31, 2013. Net sales reached 82,192 million yen (up 20.7%
from the same period of the previous year); operating income reached 5,171
million yen (down 53.3%); ordinary income reached 5,348 million yen (down
51.2%); and quarterly net income reached 9,555 million yen (up 87.8%). 
The number of smartphones shipped in 2012 was 28.98 million (71.0% of overall
shipments), and 31.60 million (76.3% of overall shipments) are forecast to be
shipped in 2013 with the adoption of smartphones continuing at an increased
pace(1).  With the rapid adoption of smartphones, the marketplace for
downloadable content is expanding as well, reaching 1.6 trillion yen in 2013
and forecast to be approximately 2.0 trillion yen by 2017. The social game
market is growing especially rapidly, worth 538.5 billion yen in 2012 and
forecast to grow to 615.0 billion yen in 2013(2). 
Under such conditions, the Group focused operating resources on smartphone
businesses, with the smartphone community and game SNS "Ameba"
starting in earnest and large scale promotions carried out with television
commercials and transportation advertising.  Business restructuring, such as a
decision to sell FX business, was also carried out. 
1) Consolidated Financial Results for the First Half Ended March 31, 2013 

A. Business Results                                 (millions of yen)
First Half Results             3/31/13          %    3/31/12          %
Net Sales                       82,192       20.7     68,110       14.6
Operating Income                 5,171     (53.3)     11,064       45.3
Ordinary Income                  5,348     (51.2)     10,969       46.3
Net Income                       9,555       87.8      5,089       35.5
Net Income/Share(y)                     14,939.20              7,857.42
Diluted Net Income/Share(y)             14,938.61              7,853.84
B. Financial Position          3/31/13               9/30/12
Total Assets                    81,284               136,366
Net Assets                      48,229                43,594
Shlders' Eqty Ratio(%)            54.7                  30.6
C. Dividends
Year ended                                  2013 (Forecast)        2012
(y)                                        3,500                  3,500
D. Forecast for Fiscal Year 2013
Year Ending September 30,                   2013      Change Progress %
Net Sales                                170,000        20.5      48.3%
Operating Income                          10,000      (42.6)      51.7%
Ordinary Income                           10,000      (41.7)      53.5%
Net Income                                12,000        40.8      79.6%
Net Income/Share(y)                    18,761.08          --

2) Results by Business Segment 
As of the first quarter of this consolidated accounting period, the division
of the reporting segments has been changed, so for comparisons to the same
period the previous year the values from the previous year have been changed to
follow the new segment divisions. 
(a) Ameba business 
The Ameba business includes Ameba, Ameba Pigg and AMoAd, etc. For this
business, there were large scale promotion activities for the smartphone
community and game SNS "Ameba", and new smartphone media businesses
that were previously part of Internet advertisement agency business (formerly
comprehensive Internet business) were consolidated. 
As a result, net sales totaled 13,684 million yen (up 7.7% from the same
period of the previous year), and we recorded an operating loss of 4,666
million yen (an operating income of 3,131 million yen in the same period of the
previous year). 
(b) SAP and other media businesses 
The SAP and other media businesses includes CA Mobile, LTD. and SAP (social
game) businesses in our Group companies such as Cygames Inc., Applibot, Inc.,
and Sumzap, Inc. For these businesses, with active expansion of SAP businesses
both domestically and internationally, net sales totaled 31,512 million yen (up
45.0% from the same period of the previous year), and we recorded an operating
income of 3,243 million yen (up 4.5% from the same period of the previous
(c) Internet advertisement business 
Internet advertisement business includes advertising agency businesses and SEM
(search engine marketing), centered on the Company's internet advertising
business department. For this business, with healthy sales of smartphone
advertising, net sales totaled 38,981 million yen (up 13.8% from the same
period of the previous year), and we recorded an operating income of 4,175
million yen (up 40.6% from the same period of the previous year). 
(d) Investment development business 
Our investment development business includes the Company's corporate
venture capital business, and fund operation in CyberAgent Ventures, Inc. It
discovers, develops and generates value for promising venture companies both
within Japan and in Asian countries. 
In the current business year, due mainly to sales of shares, net sales totaled
1,405 million yen (up 914.8% from the same period of the previous year), and we
recorded an operating income of 732 million yen (an operating loss of 140
million yen for the same period of the previous year). 
(e) FX business 
As all shares of CyberAgent FX, Inc., which was a consolidated subsidiary,
were sold on January 31, 2013, the performance of the FX business only for the
period from October 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013 is included. Sales and
operating income of this business were 2,916 million yen and 1,686 million yen,
3) Segment Information 

Current consolidated first half (October 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013)
                                                   (millions of yen)
               A       B       C       D       E      F       G       H
Net Sales
(1)Sales to external customers
          10,417  31,000  36,451   1,405   2,916 82,192      --  82,192
(2)Intersegment internal sales of transferred amount
           3,267     511   2,529      --      --  6,308 (6,308)      --
Total     13,684  31,512  38,981   1,405   2,916 88,500 (6,308)  82,192
Segment income (loss)
         (4,666)   3,243   4,175     732   1,686  5,171      --   5,171
A. Ameba business
B. SAP and other media businesses
C. Internet advertisement business
D. Investment development business
F. Subtotal
G. Adjustment Amount
H. Consolidated quarterly balance sheet amount

(1) MM Research Institute, Ltd.
(2) Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. 
About CyberAgent, Inc. 
Founded in 1998, CyberAgent, Inc. is a leading Internet company focused on its
smartphone social community and game SNS platform Ameba and has provided many
kinds of businesses in Japan including being the largest social game provider,
the internet Ad, and the corporate venture capital. CyberAgent maintains
operations in the U.S., China, Vietnam, Japan with corporate headquarters
located in Tokyo, Japan. The company generated annual sales of more than $1.6
billion in FY2012 ended September 2012. CyberAgent is listed on the Tokyo Stock
Exchange, Mothers (4751). For additional information on the company and its
offerings, please visit or contact 
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