GfK to Expand KnowledgePanel® in 2013

  GfK to Expand KnowledgePanel® in 2013

   Enables deeper research among sought-after populations at the state and
                               national levels

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NEW YORK -- April 25, 2013

Maintaining its commitment to the highest quality in online research, GfK will
increase the size of KnowledgePanel® by a third in 2013. Now in its 15th year,
KnowledgePanel is the only large-scale online panel based on a representative
sample of the US population; its precision is a cornerstone of GfK’s efforts
to help clients understand what lies ahead amid a rapidly shifting digital and
societal landscape. Innovation in digital services, including new
breakthroughs in mobile and location-based data and insights, is a core pillar
of GfK’s Own the Future strategy, and these digital capabilities will be
further enabled by the expansion of KnowledgePanel.

With KnowledgePanel-based solutions, GfK deploys both passive measurement
techniques and state-of-the-art survey methods to provide accurate and
up-to-the-minute insights on consumer motivations and actual behaviors –
precisely the type of integrated information that marketers, media companies,
social scientists, and government researchers demand. It is the optimal choice
for precisely assessing media usage, market size, purchase intent, product
acceptance, and purchase journey, as well as optimizing marketing and
communication alternatives in the digital age.

With the expanded KnowledgePanel, GfK will be able to support the highest
quality online research for marketing decisions and policy making at the 2%
incidence level, with 1,000 or more study respondents below the national and
general population levels.

The larger KnowledgePanel provides greater access to populations of growing
interest to marketers and the government that are often difficult to reach
using traditional survey methods, such as:

  *African Americans
  *high- and low- income households
  *specific disease sufferers

“Top-quality, representative sampling of the US population is essential to the
confidence that marketers, policy makers, and academicians need when making
business and policy decisions,” said David Krajicek, CEO of GfK Consumer
Experiences North America. ”With KnowledgePanel, GfK is able to provide the
most accurate digital solution, helping researchers not just assess events of
the past, but find future opportunities and innovations among key market

GfK is carrying out this expansion of KnowledgePanel households by randomly
selecting residential addresses through a process called "address-based
sampling" (ABS). With ABS, KnowledgePanel provides statistically valid
representation of the US population, as well as the difficult-to-survey
populations described above.

KnowledgePanel Calibration allows GfK to blend KnowledgePanel and opt-in
online sample on a “fitness-of-use” basis. This blended online approach is an
effective statistical methodology when compared to conducting the surveys
exclusively on non-probability opt-in panels. When calibrated, the combined
sample sources – KnowledgePanel and opt-in online samples – result in higher
accuracy than opt-in sample alone.

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David Stanton
Vice President,
GfK Marketing and Communications,
Consumer Experiences North America
(908) 875-9844
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