RightScale 2013 State of the Cloud Survey Reveals a Cloud Value Imperative

RightScale 2013 State of the Cloud Survey Reveals a Cloud Value Imperative 
Enterprises Unlock More Cloud Value as They Increase Cloud Adoption 
SANTA BARBARA, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/25/13 --  RightScale(R)
Inc., a leader in cloud management, today announced the results of
its second annual State of the Cloud survey. The 2013 results showed
broad adoption of cloud computing -- with enterprises now adopting at
higher rates than smaller companies. Survey respondents continued to
show a strong interest in multi-cloud strategies, with plans to
evaluate and use a broad range of public and private cloud options.
For the first time, RightScale categorized respondents based on a new
Cloud Maturity Model. The Model uncovered a cloud value imperative:
companies reported more benefits and fewer challenges with expanded
adoption of cloud computing. 
The full results of the survey are available in the RightScale 2013
State of the Cloud Report at
"In our 2013 State of the Cloud survey, we were able to gather
meaningful insights as to how an organization's level of cloud
maturity impacts both the benefits they are able to realize and the
challenges they perceive," said Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale.
"The results reveal a clear cloud value imperative: more cloud
adoption unlocks more cloud value. The survey results align with our
experience at RightScale helping companies to begin or expand their
cloud initiatives. The data shows that investments in cloud adoption
will continue to drive increased value for their business." 
The survey was conducted in the first quarter of 2013 and included
625 respondents from development, IT and business roles across a wide
range of company sizes and industries, including financial services,
media and publishing, education, digital agencies, and software
Cloud Experience Pays Off
 In this survey, RightScale introduced a
Cloud Maturity Model in order to segment and analyze companies based
on their level of cloud adoption. Respondents were categorized into
the following four cloud maturity levels: 

--  Cloud Watchers are developing cloud strategies and plans but have not
    yet implemented cloud projects. (17 percent of respondents).
--  Cloud Beginners are new to cloud computing and are working on
    proof-of-concepts or first projects (26 percent of respondents).
--  Cloud Explorers have implemented some cloud projects and are running
    applications in the cloud. (23 percent of respondents).
--  Cloud Focused respondents are heavily using cloud computing and using
    it as a strategic initiative to transform business. (26 percent of

The remaining 8 percent of respondents were not planning to use cloud. 
The top benefits reported in the survey are faster access to
infrastructure, greater scalability, faster time to market with apps,
and higher availability. Organizations report that they are realizing
significantly more benefits as they progress from Cloud Beginner to
Cloud Explorers to Cloud Focused. As an example, 30 percent of Cloud
Beginners reported that they were gaining faster access to
infrastructure, while 87 percent of Cloud Focused respondents
realized that same benefit. In addition, respondents reported that
challenges such as security, governance, and compliance declined as
cloud maturity increased. For example, security is reported as a
significant challenge by 38 percent of Cloud Beginners, but only 18
percent of the experienced, Cloud Focused, respondents. 
Enterprise Adoption Gains Steam; Shows Increasing Preference for
 Companies of all sizes continue to adopt cloud computing.
However, larger enterprises with more than 1,000 employees were
slightly more likely to claim some level of cloud adoption (77
percent) versus smaller companies (73 percent). 
In addition, larger organizations are choosing multi-cloud (77
percent) with the majority of those (47 percent) choosing hybrid
cloud strategies. Enterprises with hybrid cloud strategies are making
progress toward their goals, with 61 percent of those organizations
already running apps in public cloud, 38 percent in private cloud and
29 percent in hybrid cloud environment. 
DevOps Reaches Tipping Point
 DevOps has taken hold in 54 percent of
companies surveyed with adoption split between at the project level
(25 percent), indicating a bottom up approach, and the corporate or
business unit level (29 percent), indicating a top-down mandate. The
survey revealed that DevOps adoption goes hand-in-hand with cloud
maturity, with more than 75 percent of Cloud Focused respondents
reporting adoption of DevOps vs. 56 percent of Cloud Explorers, 53
percent of Cloud Beginners and 41 percent of Cloud Watchers. 
Configuration management tools, such as Chef and Puppet, can be one
element in a DevOps approach. 33 percent of respondents were using
Chef or Puppet or both. The two solutions were battling for market
share with each product appealing to different segments of the
market. Chef leads Puppet among developers (Chef 24 percent vs Puppet
14 percent) and smaller organizations (Chef 23 percent vs Puppet 15
percent). However Puppet leads Chef among IT/Ops professionals
(Puppet 24 percent vs Chef 20 percent) and in companies with more
than 1,000 employees (Puppet 28 percent vs Chef 21 percent). 
How RightScale Helps 
 RightScale provides technology and services to
help companies move along the path to cloud maturity. RightScale
works with Cloud Watchers who need strategy consulting, Cloud
Beginners needing tools and assistance to deploy their first cloud
applications and more mature Cloud Explorers and Cloud Focused
organizations who want to scale out their use of cloud.  
Other resources: 

--  The full RightScale 2013 State of the Cloud report is available here:
--  Michael Crandell will discuss details of the report today, Thursday,
    April 25, at his RightScale Compute morning keynote. Follow it at
    #RightScaleCompute on Twitter.
--  The 2012 RightScale survey is available here:

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