Renesas Electronics to Release Intelligent Power Device for IGBT Drive with Micro-Isolator for Reduced System Footprint and High

  Renesas Electronics to Release Intelligent Power Device for IGBT Drive with
  Micro-Isolator for Reduced System Footprint and High Reliability

 Utilization of Micro-isolator to Enable More Compact Inverters for Electric
                      and Hybrid Vehicle Power Inverters

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- April 25, 2013

Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced
semiconductor solutions, today announced the development of the R2A25110KSP
intelligent power device of isolated IGBT driver for use in electric and
hybrid vehicle power inverters. Incorporating newly developed Micro-Isolator
isolation technology exclusive to Renesas Electronics, the R2A25110KSP makes
it possible to build more highly reliable and compact systems for today’s
demanding automotive applications.

Inverters that drive the electric motors in electric and hybrid vehicles
comprise a power module employing motor drive elements such as IGBTs and a
control circuit block with electrical isolation between the low-voltage drive
electronics and the high-voltage power electronics. The market growth of power
inverters has driven power modules to become even more compact to reduce size,
weight and overall cost of the system. Demand is growing for solutions that
integrate the isolation elements and IGBT driver circuits to enable an even
greater reduction in power module size to meet the ever-increasing push for
lower cost and higher performance.

Renesas Electronics has developed the R2A25110KSP in response to this market

Key features of the new R2A25110KSP

(1) Single-package solution incorporating isolation technology and high
capable IGBT driver for smaller printed circuit board (PCB) footprint

The R2A25110KSP has a built-in isolation feature called “Micro-Isolator,” an
isolated signal transmission technology exclusive to Renesas that uses a
coreless transformer configuration. Designed for automotive applications with
severe ambient temperature conditions, this device has a rated channel
temperature of 150°C (max.). The R2A25110KSP delivers fast switching capacity
with low dispersion (meaning that the range of characteristic values is
narrow), for improved efficiency in motor drive applications. In addition,
capability of IGBT drive is two to four times better than that of comparable
products (impedance in on state: 1.0 Ω max.), allowing direct IGBT drive
without external transistors. This reduction in external components makes it
possible to decrease the PCB footprint area and use a more compact inverter
control board design.

(2) Complete over-current and over-temperature protection, even when driving
parallel IGBTs, for enhanced superior system reliability

IGBT devices are used in parallel as drive elements in inverter systems. In
many HEV/EV applications, two IGBT devices are connected in parallel to drive
a large capacity motor. Therefore, the inverter system should detect both the
IGBT abnormal conditions such as over-current and/or over-temperature and
avoid them. Conventional isolated IGBT drivers, however, have only one
over-current protection and/or one over-temperature protection; this requires
larger circuit board area.

The R2A25110KSP integrates both methods, enabling protection for both IGBTs
without increasing circuit area.

(3) IGBT chip temperature monitor for enhanced system reliability

The IGBT chip temperature monitor circuit monitors the temperature of both
IGBTs continuously and also feeds back the higher one to the MCU via
Micro-Isolator. The temperature can be calculated from the duty ratio of the

Other functions that are integrated include active Miller clamp and soft
turn-off. The active Miller clamp prevents false turn-on when an IGBT is in
off state, and soft turn-off of the IGBT gradually when an abnormal state such
as over-current occurs. This IGBT turn-off function can avoid an over-voltage
spike across the IGBT caused by lead and wire inductances. These features
result in a higher performance-to-cost ratio in terms of smaller system
footprint, better performance and improved system reliability.

Renesas is working to strengthen its product lineup in the field of
three-phase motors for automotive applications. The company is expanding its
active sales efforts for total solutions combining components such as MCUs and
power devices.

Renesas is also moving forward with the planning and development of additional
“micro-isolated” future products that meet the isolation requirements of
automotive systems while additionally integrating other functionality.

Pricing and Availability

The first samples of the R2A25110KSP in 38-pin SSOP package will start at the
end of April 2013, priced at US$5 per unit. Mass production is scheduled to
start in the first half of 2015 at a level of 1 million units per month.

Sample shipments of the R2A25112KSP intelligent power device for isolated IGBT
driver in a 20-pin SSOP package are scheduled to start in December of this


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