Scor : SCOR's Combined General Meeting of 25 April 2013 adopts all the proposed resolutions

    Scor : SCOR's Combined General Meeting of 25 April 2013 adopts all the
                             proposed resolutions

Press Release
25 April 2013 

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               SCOR's Combined General Meeting of 25 April 2013
                     adopts all the proposed resolutions

The Combined General Meeting of SCOR SE was held on 25 April 2013 in Paris and
was chaired by Mr. Denis Kessler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SCOR
SE. A particularly high  number of shareholders  attended the general  meeting 
this year, representing  65.29% of  shares with  voting rights  and 62.63%  of 
capital (including treasury shares).

All the proposed  resolutions were adopted  by SCOR's shareholders  by a  very 
large majority^[1], including in particular:

  oThe renewal of the director mandates of Messrs. Gérard Andreck and Charles
    Gave for two years and the appointment of four new directors, Ms. Kory
    Sorenson and Ms. Fields Wicker-Miurin (for mandates of two years), and
    Messrs. Andreas Brandstetter (for a mandate of two years) and Thierry
    Derez (for a mandate of four years).
  oPayment of a dividend of EUR 1.20 per share for the 2012 financial year.
    The coupon date was set at 29 April 2013 and the dividend will be paid on
    3 May 2013.

On the occasion of their departure  from SCOR's Board of Directors, Mr.  Denis 
Kessler and the  members of  the Board praised  the contribution  made to  the 
Group throughout their mandates by Ms. Monica Mondardini, who joined the Board
in 2010,  and  by Messrs.  Georges  Chodron  de Courcel,  Daniel  Lebègue  and 
Jean-Claude Seys, who had been with SCOR since 2003 and played a major role in
the recovery and success of the Group over the last ten years.


                                 * *

Gérard Andreck, a French citizen, has  been Chairman of the MACIF Group  since 
June 2006. Mr. Andreck has a deep interest in the mutual company and insurance
sector, and he served as President  of CJDES (Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants  de 
l'Economie Sociale) from 1991 to 1993. In June 1997, he became Chief Executive
Officer of MACIF  and second-in-command  to the then  Chairman Jean  Simonnet. 
Gérard Andreck was instrumental  in the development  of the close  partnership 
between Caisses  d'Epargne,  MACIF  and  MAIF in  October  2004,  and  he  was 
appointed Chairman  of  the  Management  Board of  the  holding  company  that 
formalized this  partnership  in  November  2005. On  July  1,  2008,  he  was 
appointed Chairman of the  Groupement des Entreprises Mututelles  d'Assurances 
(GEMA) for three years  and became President of  the Conseil des  Entreprises, 
Employeurs et Groupements de  l'Economie Sociale (CEGES) on  May 12, 2009.  In 
October  2010,  he  was  appointed  to  the  Conseil  Economique,  Social   et 
Gérard Andreck was first appointed a director of the Company in 2008.

Andreas Brandstetter,  an Austrian  citizen, was  a member  of the  Management 
Board of UNIQA Versicherungen AG from 2002 to 2011.
Since 2011, he has been  the Chairman of the  Management Board and Manager  of 
UNIQA, Chief Executive Officer of Austria Versicherungsverein  Privatstiftung, 
a member  of the  Management Board  of PEIF  (Pan European  Insurance  Forum), 
Deputy Manager of the banking and insurance division of the Austrian  Economic 
Chamber, and a member  of the Management Board  of the Federation of  Austrian 

Thierry Derez, a  French citizen,  was a  lawyer practicing  in Paris,  before 
joining the insurance group  AM-GMF in 1995, first  as Deputy Chief  Executive 
Officer of GMF and then as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of  Assurances 
Mutuelles de France and  of GMF in  2001 and as  Chairman and Chief  Executive 
Officer of the group AZUR-GMF in September 2003.
He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Assurances Mutuelles  de 
France, of GMF Assurances and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Garantie
Mutuelle des Fonctionnaires (GMF).
He was appointed as  director of MAAF Assurances  in November 2004 and  became 
its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in June 2005.
Since June 2007, he  has been the  Chairman of the Board  of Directors of  MMA 
IARD Assurances Mutuelles, MMA IARD,  MMA Assurances Mutuelles and MMA  Mutual 
Since 2008, he has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Covéa.

Charles Gave, a French citizen, has been researching tactical asset allocation
for over forty years. In 1974, after  three years as a financial analyst in  a 
French investment bank, Charles created CECOGEST, an independent research firm
through which he serviced a wide portfolio of clients across the world for  12 
years. In 1986,  Charles Gave  stepped away from  pure research  to move  into 
money management: he co-founded Cursitor-Eaton  Asset Management where he  was 
in charge  of  investment  policy  and managed  over  10  billion  dollars  of 
institutional money on a global asset allocation mandate. Cursitor was sold in
1995 to Alliance Capital which Charles finally left in 1998 to create GaveKal,
where he currently serves as Chairman. Today,  he is a member of the Board  of 
Directors of Marshall-Wace and Grace  Financial. Charles Gave will  strengthen 
the Board's skills in terms of  knowledge of financial markets, and will  also 
provide in-depth  expertise  on  Asian markets,  thanks  to  his  professional 
activity which is today divided between Europe and Hong Kong.
Charles Gave was first appointed as a director of the Company in 2011.

Kory Sorenson,  a British  citizen born  in the  United States,  has made  her 
career in  finance,  devoting  the  last  fifteen  years  exclusively  to  the 
management  of  capital   and  risk   in  insurance   companies  and   banking 
institutions. More recently, she has offered consulting services in the  field 
of insurance.  Until  the  end of  2010  she  held the  position  of  Managing 
Director, Head of  Insurance Capital  Markets at Barclays  Capital in  London, 
where her team conducted innovative transactions in capital management such as
the launch  of  the first  private  and renewable  securitizations.  She  also 
conducted mergers and  acquisitions, as  well as  equity transactions,  hybrid 
capital and coverage  for major  insurance companies. She  previously led  the 
team in charge of  the financial markets specializing  in insurance at  Credit 
Suisse and the  team in charge  of debt markets  in financial institutions  at 
Lehman Brothers for Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. She began her career
in investment banking at Morgan Stanley  and in the financial sector at  Total 
She speaks  fluent French  and  holds a  Masters  from the  Institut  d'Etudes 
Politiques de Paris,  a Masters in  Applied Economics from  the University  of 
Paris Dauphine and a BA in Political Science and Econometrics with honors from
the American University in Washington DC.

Fields Wicker-Miurin, an American and  British citizen, studied in France,  at 
the Institut d'Etudes Politiques  de Paris and then  in the United States  and 
Italy. She  graduated  from  the  University of  Virginia  and  Johns  Hopkins 
University. Fields Wicker-Miurin began her  career in banking, before  joining 
Strategic Planning  Associates  (Mercer  Management Consulting)  as  a  senior 
partner where she  was the main  advisor to  Lloyd's of London.  In 1994,  she 
became Chief  Financial Officer  and  Head of  Strategy  of the  London  Stock 
Exchange. She  was a  member of  the Nasdaq  Technology Advisory  Council  and 
advised the European parliament on  financial markets harmonisation. In  2002, 
she was one of the founders of  Leaders' Quest, whose activity is to  organize 
programs to exchange  experiences that  allow international  leaders from  all 
sectors to meet actors from business and civil society in emerging  countries. 
In 2007 she was awarded the OBE - Officer of the British Empire.
She  is  also  a  director  of  BNP  Paribas,  CDC  Group  Plc  and  Ballarpur 
International Graphic Paper Holdings.


[1] See the table of votes per resolution on page 4


                                 * *

Resolution voting results

Ordinary       For         Against    Abstentions Total votes  For     Against
Meeting                                                        (%)     (%)
1              120,564,632 272,000    40,861      120,877,493  99.7749 0.2251
2              120,564,149 272,620    40,724      120,877,493  99.7744 0.2256
3              120,560,038 272,000    45,455      120,877,493  99.7749 0.2251
4              86,290,799  30,687,961 3,198,039   120,176,799* 73.7662 26.2338
5              120,239,580 596,305    41,608      120,877,493  99.5065 0.4935
6              120,488,817 346,748    41,928      120,877,493  99.7130 0.2870
7              111,823,085 2,691,638  6,362,770   120,877,493  97.6495 2.3505
8              120,559,891 274,095    43,507      120,877,493  99.7732 0.2268
9              120,560,647 274,095    42,751      120,877,493  99.7732 0.2268
10             120,560,100 275,305    42,088      120,877,493  99.7722 0.2278
11             118,794,289 2,039,233  43,971      120,877,493  98.3124 1.6876
12             120,561,921 274,474    41,098      120,877,493  99.7729 0.2271

* cards 0001, 0013 and their mandates excluded

Extraordinary   For         Against    Abstentions Total votes For     Against
Meeting                                                        (%)     (%)
13              119,365,302 1,470,650  41,541      120,877,493 98.7829 1.2171
14              116,049,286 4,787,666  40,541      120,877,493 96.0379 3.9621
15              117,203,118 3,631,708  42,667      120,877,493 96.9945 3.0055
16              102,636,989 5,107,266  13,133,238  120,877,493 95.2598 4.7402
17              117,311,133 3,519,263  47,097      120,877,493 97.0874 2.9126
18              117,178,373 3,649,332  49,788      120,877,493 96.9797 3.0203
19              105,471,094 6,149,201  9,257,198   120,877,493 94.4910 5.5090
20              115,778,138 5,042,831  56,524      120,877,493 95.8262 4.1738
21              120,554,189 278,710    44,594      120,877,493 99.7693 0.2307
22              89,255,393  27,489,430 4,132,670   120,877,493 76.4534 23.5466
23              87,606,774  30,099,724 3,170,995   120,877,493 74.4282 25.5718
24              116,866,455 3,964,082  46,956      120,877,493 96.7193 3.2807
25              115,188,647 5,647,896  40,950      120,877,493 95.3260 4.6740
26              120,556,445 272,000    49,048      120,877,493 99.7749 0.2251
27              120,531,904 301,435    44,154      120,877,493 99.7505 0.2495
28              120,556,576 274,374    46,543      120,877,493 99.7729 0.2271


                                 * *

Forward-looking statements
SCOR does not communicate "profit forecasts" in the sense of Article 2 of (EC)
Regulation n°809/2004 of the  European Commission. Thus, any  forward-.looking 
statements contained in this communication should not be held as corresponding
to such  profit  forecasts.  Information in  this  communication  may  include 
"forward-looking statements", including but not limited to statements that are
predictions of or indicate future  events, trends, plans or objectives,  based 
on certain  assumptions and  include  any statement  which does  not  directly 
relate to a historical  fact or current  fact. Forward-looking statements  are 
typically  identified  by  words  or  phrases  such  as,  without  limitation, 
"anticipate",   "assume",   "believe",   "continue",   "estimate",   "expect", 
"foresee",  "intend",  "may   increase"  and  "may   fluctuate"  and   similar 
expressions or by future  or conditional verbs  such as, without  limitations, 
"will", "should", "would" and "could." Undue reliance should not be placed  on 
such statements,  because, by  their nature,  they are  subject to  known  and 
unknown risks,  uncertainties  and  other  factors,  which  may  cause  actual 
results, on the one hand, to differ  from any results expressed or implied  by 
the present communication, on the other hand.
Please refer to SCOR's  Document de référence  filed with the  AMF on 6  March 
2013 under number D.13-0106 (the  "Document de référence"), for a  description 
of certain  important factors,  risks and  uncertainties that  may affect  the 
business of  the SCOR  Group. As  a result  of the  extreme and  unprecedented 
volatility and  disruption of  the current  global financial  crisis, SCOR  is 
exposed to significant  financial, capital market  and other risks,  including 
movements in  interest  rates, credit  spreads,  equity prices,  and  currency 
movements, changes in rating agency policies or practices, and the lowering or
loss of financial strength or other ratings.
The Group's  financial  information is  prepared  on  the basis  of  IFRS  and 
interpretations issued  and approved  by the  European Union.  This  financial 
information does not constitute a set  of financial statements for an  interim 
period as defined by IAS 34 "Interim Financial Reporting".

SCOR Press Release


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