Premier Holding Corp CEO Randall Letcavage Applauds Board Member Dr. Woodrow Clark II for His Efforts on Earth Day 2013 at Los

Premier Holding Corp CEO Randall Letcavage Applauds Board Member Dr. Woodrow 
Clark II for His Efforts on Earth Day 2013 at Los Angeles
City Hall and Support of the Company 
TUSTIN, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/24/13 --  Premier Holding Corp.
(OTCBB: PRHL) (the "Company") announced its board member and advocate
for on-site power, Dr. Woodrow "Woody" Clark, delivered the keynote
vision address at the sixth annual International Environmental Event,
entitled: "The Face of Climate Change: Local and Global
Dr. Clark is a Nobel Peace prize recipient and noted industry author,
and sits on the board of Premier Holding because he believes the
company has a unique approach which encompasses his practical ideals
of taking a local approach to reducing energy consumption,
replicating that on a large on-site distributed scale. "PRHL has the
best strategy of utilizing deregulated energy to springboard to
distributed and on-site generation; complementing this with
prescriptive energy reduction solutions so that the energy systems
are 'agile' or flexible, meaning local unique solutions are applied
to local unique problems," he said.  
Dr. Clark is working closely with the leadership of PRHL to build
programs that help businesses make the best choice in power
generation and reducing power consumption. Many industry experts,
including giants like Warren Buffet, believe that this shift in how
power is provided is a $500 billion market and will be the biggest
transfer of wealth in the history of the United States. 
The company is excited that Woody is now an active working board
member and has helped position PRHL with the recent purchase of The
Power Company (TPC) to capture this market and deliver much better
solutions that benefit each unique business, consumer, investor, and
ultimately, mankind. 
The Earth Day 2013 Forum held on Monday, April 22, 2013, at the Los
Angeles City Hall was organized by Council Member Tom LaBonge, with
Bharat Kris Rao and Muriel Wood (BNARCO) for the Sister Cities with
Los Angeles, to explore diverse global perspectives on mitigating
climate change. The event gathered experts from the private and
public sectors, representatives from a dozen countries, and industry
experts to focus on how to move from awareness to action, which was
d by the keynote address from Dr. Woodrow Clark. 
Dr. Clark's enthusiastically received address pointed out the need
for a paradigm change, that every state, country and continent is
inextricably interconnected, because the "world is round" and what
happens climatically and economically in one community has a dramatic
(and devastating) effect on others around the world. In describing
the current efforts worldwide to reduce pollution, he cited his
forthcoming book, "The Green Industrial (Economic) Revolution," which
will be published this year in Chinese (before it is published in the
USA,) in order to note that China, the world's No. 1 greenhouse gas
polluter, is now investing in its current Five-Year Plan, not merely
incentivizing, but building sustainable communities and
infrastructure improvements, whereas the US has yet to have even a
Drawing from his current book, "The Next Economics," Dr. Clark
illustrated that economists have skewed the meanings of words,
symbols and numbers to the point where they "do not mean anything,
except support particular preconceived political perspectives." In
order to take the necessary next steps to achieve sustainability, and
not just inch toward it, economics needs to become a science in
itself so that a unified plan with funding that comes from business
and government can be developed and deployed. A "qualitative
economist," Dr. Clark has a remarkable cross-disciplinary perspective
that merges the physical science of climate change with the practical
and pragmatic approach of achieving change through the economies of
the world. To do so, he says, "An accurate, common definition of
terms and goals needs to be established... Not only can we do it, but
we MUST do it now for the sake of our children and grandchildren." 
About Dr. Clark
 Dr. Clark is a long-time advocate for the
environment and renewable energy, and an internationally recognized
author, lecturer, public speaker and advisor specializing in
sustainable communities. He was one of the contributing scientists to
the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC)
that, as an organization, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in
December 2007. In 2004, he founded and now manages Clark Strategic
Partners (CSP), an environmental and renewable energy consulting
firm. Using his political-economic expertise, Dr. Clark guides and
advises public and private clients worldwide on sustainable, smart,
green communities of all kinds, ranging from colleges and
universities to shopping malls, office buildings and film studios. 
About Earth Day 2013
 The Earth Day 2013 has been organized by the
Los Angeles - St. Petersburg Sister City Committee with the support
of multiple Los Angeles Sister City Associations, and is being held
in collaboration with the USC Institute of Genetic Medicine (USC IGM)
Art Gallery's sixth annual Global Environmental Earth Forum,
featuring the "Aging People/Aging Planet" exhibition. The massive
challenge climate change presents from both local and global
perspectives was addressed. The Earth Day 2013 Forum, with its
comprehensive and holistic approach to "The Face of Climate Change"
featured concerned experts and distinguished speakers from multiple
sectors of government, business, institutions and NGOs, including
consuls general and consular officials from multiple Los Angeles
consulates. Each speaker offered his and her local and global
viewpoints on "The Face of Climate Change." The forum included
several interactive sessions to provide a cross-sector exchange of
ideas with the hope of identifying potential solutions to the
numerous issues surrounding climate change.  
About Premier Holding Corp.
 The Company provides financial and
management expertise, which includes access to capital, financing,
legal, insurance, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and
management strategies. The Company also intends to acquire clean
technology companies and/or green products and services that are
accretive and can be seamlessly integrated, and utilize the overall
economics of such products and services for the benefit of its
customers. Through its various subsidiaries, it offers energy
efficiency products and services to commercial middle-market
companies, Fortune 500 brands, developers and management companies of
large-scale residential developments. Additional integrated business
offerings include direct energy services such as power purchase
agreements (PPAs), energy financing and leasing of lighting
efficiency systems, refrigeration systems and other energy efficiency
technologies. Visit for more information. 
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