Over 20 Shale Gas Innovations Will Be Exhibited at Event

  Over 20 Shale Gas Innovations Will Be Exhibited at Event

Business Wire

PITTSBURGH -- April 23, 2013

On May 7, 2013, the Shale Gas Innovation & Commercialization Center
(www.sgicc.org) will announce the three winners of their Innovation Contest.
More than 70 applicants entered this year’s competition. Each winner will
receive a check for $25,000.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn how to maximize sales in any
industry by utilizing social media. Andy Martin, Director of Marketing with
Best PumpWorks, will share the techniques he uses every day.

Join us from 1:00 PM – 4:30 PM on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at the Hilton Garden
Inn in Southpointe, PA. Click on
http://www.sgicc.org/75000-shale-gas-innovation-contest.html to register for
this free event/reception to follow.

A group of industry leaders will discuss their views of innovation. On the
panel will be Steve Winberg, VP, Research & Development of CONSOL Energy,
Edward Greer, Manager, Ventures & Business Development from Dow Chemical,
Dante Bonaquist, Senior Corporate Fellow, R&D from Praxair, and Jeremy Pitts,
VP, Product Development of OSCOMP Systems.


  *Advanced-Tec Materials - Fire and heat resistant polyceramic foams
  *Alternative Fuel Solutions - CNG Diesel Duel Fuel Injection Tunnel for HD
  *Atlantis Technologies - Radial deionization wastewater treatment
  *ATONARP - Real-time natural gas monitoring
  *Bencor Technology - Electrolysis reactor wastewater remediation
  *Bio-Energy Holdings - Ceptor™ Water/Wasterwater Treatment unit
  *CALYX Bioprocess Technologies - Technology to upgrade NG syngas to fuels,
    lubricants and high-value chemicals
  *Clean Power Resources - CNG powered refrigeration systems for mobile
    transportation/stationary systems
  *D.A. Nolt – Containment/fresh water management for drilling sites
  *Flow Data - Well automation controller with Android-based display
  *Frack Markets.com - Social environment for shale gas members
  *KCF Technologies - SmartDiagnostics®/predictive maintenance for rotating
  *LaserSense - “Robust Laser Interferometer (RLI)” - measures
    vibration/acoustic emissions (AE) during drilling
  *Lasers for Innovative Solutions - Laser Ablation Tomography System to
    vaporize drill cuttings
  *Lewis Environmental - Water treatment process which removes heavy metals
    and sulfates
  *Nittany Laser Technologies - Laser tools for cladding the inside of O&G
    piping and equipment
  *Nitor Technologies - Leak Detection System for quick/accurate location of
    small leaks
  *Pix Controllers - Outdoor, self-contained, battery or solar operated
    surveillance cameras/sensors
  *ProChemTech - Electrolytic bromine generator technology
  *Pyrochem Catalyst - Catalyst technology for NG conversion
  *REV LNG - Supplies mobile LNG fueling stations & small scale mobile plant

This year’s contest was co-sponsored by Ben Franklin Technology Partners
(http://www.benfranklin.org), ANGA (www.anga.us), Acorn Energy
(http://acornenergy.com), Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (www.cabotog.com),
CONSOL Energy (www.consolenergy.com), Chesapeake Energy (www.chk.com), The Dow
Chemical Company (http://www.dow.com/), First National Bank
(www.fnb-online.com ), Little Pine Resources (http://littlepineresources.com),
the Marcellus Shale Coalition (http://marcelluscoalition.org), OSCOMP Systems
(http://www.oscomp-systems.com/),and Praxair (www.praxair.com).


Bill Hall, Director, 814-933-8203