April 23, 2013 
OJSC "Magnit" Announces the Results of the BOD Meeting 
Krasnodar, April 23, 2013: OJSC "Magnit", Russia's largest retailer (the
"Company", "Issuer"; MICEX and LSE: MGNT), is pleased to announce the results
of the BOD meeting held on April 23, 2013. 
Please be informed that on April 23, 2013 the BOD meeting was held (minutes of
the BOD meeting of OJSC "Magnit" are w/o No. of April 23, 2013). 
The meeting agenda: 
 1. Determination of OJSC "Magnit" business priorities. 
The following BOD members were present: A. Arutyunyan, V. Butenko, S.
Galitskiy, K. Pombukhchan and A. Shkhachemukov. 
A. Zayonts and A. Makhnev provided their written opinions on the items of the
agenda of the BOD meeting of OJSC "Magnit". 
The number of the BOD members participated in the meeting, including written
opinions of A. Zayonts and A. Makhnev, amounts to not less than half of the
number of the BOD members determined by the Charter of the Company. 
Quorum to hold the BOD meeting with this agenda is present. 
Content of the decisionsand voting results: 
Item 1 on the agenda: 
"To determine OJSC "Magnit" business priorities by means of ratification of the
Plans of  financial and economic activity of the Company for the year 2013, the
first quarter of 2013, the second quarter of 2013". 
Votes were cast as follows: 
A. Arutyunyan - "for", V. Butenko - "for", S. Galitskiy - "for", A. Zayonts -
"for", A. Makhnev - "for", K. Pombukhchan - "for", A. Shkhachemukov - "for". 
The decision was made. 
For further information, please contact: 
Timothy Post                 Director, Investor Relations                       

                             e-mail: Post@gw.tander.ru                         
                             Tel. in Krasnodar +7 (861) 277-45-54, 210-98-10   
                             ext. 7600                                         
                             Mob.: +7 (961) 511-76-78                          
                             Direct line for investors only: +7 (861) 277-45-62

Dina Svishcheva              Deputy Director, Investor Relations                

                             e-mail: Chistyak@gw.tander.ru                     
                             Tel. in Krasnodar +7 (861) 277-45-54, 210-98-10   
                             ext. 5101                                         
                             Mob.: +7-961-511-02-02                            
                             Direct line for investors only: +7 (861) 277-45-62

Company description:

Headquartered in the southern Russian city of Krasnodar, Magnit (LSE and MICEX:
MGNT, S&P: "BB") is the holding company for a group of entities that operate in
the retail trade under the "Magnit" brand. The chain of "Magnit" stores is the
largest food retail network in Russia. As of March 31, 2013 the chain consisted
of 6,209 convenience stores, 132 hypermarkets, 21 "Magnit Family" stores and
713 cosmetics stores (drogerie) in 1,647 cities and towns throughout the
Russian Federation.

Approximately two-thirds of the Magnit's stores are located in cities with a
population of less than 500,000 inhabitants. Most of its stores are located in
the Southern, North-Caucasian, Central and Volga regions. The Company also
operates stores in the North-Western, Urals and Siberian regions.

As of March 31, 2013 Magnit operated an in-house logistics system consisting of
18 distribution centers, employing automated stock replenishment systems and a
fleet of 4,448 vehicles.

In accordance with the audited IFRS consolidated financial statements for 2012,
Magnit recorded consolidated revenues of approximately $14,430 million USD and
a consolidated EBITDA of $1,524 million USD.


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