Agilent Technologies Supports University of Michigan Professor’s Work Developing Transformative NMR Applications for

  Agilent Technologies Supports University of Michigan Professor’s Work
  Developing Transformative NMR Applications for Structural Biology

        Dr. Hashim M. Al-Hashimi Receives Agilent Thought Leader Award

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SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- April 22, 2013

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that Dr. Hashim M.
Al-Hashimi at the University of Michigan has received an Agilent Thought
Leader Award. The award supports his work in developing advanced nuclear
magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy methods to characterize the form of DNA
known as Hoogsteen base pairs, a work that could dramatically alter the way
DNA structure is understood.

The award will support Dr. Al-Hashimi and his team in their efforts to develop
robust and efficient methods for characterizing the unusual structure and
biological functions of Hoogsteen base pairs in DNA and DNA-protein complexes.
The methods developed through this project will be made widely accessible to
the biophysics and structural biology communities via scientific publication
and other channels. Dr. Al-Hashimi and his team believe their work could lead
to significant advances in DNA-targeted drug discovery and other applications.

Hoogsteen base pairs, named after biochemist Karst Hoogsteen, are rare,
three-dimensional variations of base-pairing in nucleic acids that are dynamic
and structurally distinct from Watson and Crick’s linear double-helix model of
DNA. NMR spectroscopy is used to analyze the atomic-level hydrogen-bonding
patterns of base pairs.

“NMR spectroscopy can provide unique information about the many curious
aspects of biomolecular structure and behavior, such as Hoogsteen base pairs,
which can in some cases exist in exceptionally low abundance and for very
short periods of time,” said Dr. Al-Hashimi. “I expect that innovations in NMR
methods will make it possible to comprehensively examine the occurrence of
such unusual base pairs in genomes where they may provide a new and unexplored
layer of genetic information.”

Dr. Al-Hashimi, a professor of chemistry and biophysics, has focused his
research on the structure and dynamics of nucleic acids and
ribonucleoproteins, using NMR spectroscopy. He holds a doctorate from Yale
University, is a published author and has received numerous awards for his
scientific achievements. More information about his work is available on the
Al-Hashimi Research Group website.

“The scientific community is in great need of tools to adequately visualize
and characterize the dynamics of biomolecules at the atomic level, so we are
pleased to support Dr. Al-Hashimi’s transformative work with NMR
spectroscopy,” said Regina Schuck, Ph.D., Agilent vice president and general
manager, Research Products Division. “We are confident that his work will
yield a variety of NMR-based approaches to DNA research that can be used by
NMR experts and novices alike, and quite possibly lead to a radical shift in
our understanding of genetic code.”

The Agilent Thought Leader Program promotes fundamental scientific advances by
contributing financial support, products and expertise to the research of
influential thought leaders in the life sciences and chemical analysis.
Information about previous recipients is available at

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