EVtones(TM) Launches Indiegogo Campaign Earth Day Weekend 2013

EVtones(TM) Launches Indiegogo Campaign Earth Day Weekend 2013 
Electric Vehicle Sounds to Alert the Blind, Pedestrians and Pets to
Silent Running EV's Approach  
ORLANDO, FL  -- (Marketwired) -- 04/19/13 --   EVtonesâ„¢, the world's
original name in Electric Vehicle sounds, announced today that it has
launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign that began April 18 to
mark Earth Day 2013 Weekend. The campaign will end on May 31, 2013
the Friday following Memorial Day. EVtonesâ„¢ set the tone for the EV
Industry by being the first to develop sounds to alert the blind,
pedestrians and pets to oncoming, silent running Electric Vehicles
and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. EVtonesâ„¢ will be downloadable to hand
held devices and the EV's infotainment system from the internet. 
On January 7, 2013 EVtonesâ„¢ joined the National Federation for the
Blind in praising the NHTSB for its decision to require that
"Electric Vehicles which have soundless engines would need to make
noises to let pedestrians know they're near under a U.S. proposed
rule released today. Our proposal would allow manufacturers the
flexibility to design different sounds for different makes and models
while still providing an opportunity for pedestrians, bicyclists and
the visually impaired to detect and recognize a vehicle and make a
decision about whether it is safe to cross the street," NHTSB
Administrator David Strickland said in the statement. 
EVtonesâ„¢ move beyond just a boring monotone sound to something
exciting and fun. "Since Electric Vehicles are now required by law to
emit sounds you should have the sound you want when you want. Jet
Turbine one minute, race car or your favorite tune turned EVtone the
next, you should be allowed set the tone. EVtonesâ„¢ don't need to be
loud, they just have to sound cool," says EVtonesâ„¢ founder Robert
McDowell. EVtonesâ„¢ will be a distinct tone to distinguish these
sounds coming from an EV. Plus, they will also have an embedded tone
similar to a dog whistle to pre-alert Seeing Eye dogs. Pet lovers
across the world will feel a sense of security knowing that their
pets will be alerted to on coming, silent running Electric Vehicles.
Animal lovers and animal rights groups can be assured that small
urban wildlife will also be alerted to an EVs ap
Funds raised through the indiegogo campaign will go to continue the
development and building of these unique MP3 sounds, build the
EVtonesâ„¢ mobile app and to promote EVtonesâ„¢ to all related industries
to speed up the adoption of EVtonesâ„¢ as the name in Electric Vehicle
sounds. "We want to make EVtonesâ„¢ to Electric Vehicles what ringtones
are to cell phones," said McDowell. 
EVtonesâ„¢ could present a whole new licensing revenue stream for the
Music Industry. Thousands of songs from across all genres could be
added to the EVtonesâ„¢ library of tones. These unique MP3 downloads
would command a substantial premium and provide higher revenues to
the music industry over current regular music MP3's. 
Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said at the Detroit auto show, "We should say
specifically young people, first-new-car buyer," when speaking about
the target market for EV's and EV Hybrids. "We must be sure that we
make the EV 'fun' as well as practical. While we don't want EV's to
become noise polluters, we can make them sound compliant as well as
make them fun at the same time. We have been working on this concept
for over five years. We are looking forward to raising the funds
necessary to take the next step in the evolution of Electric Vehicle
sounds," McDowell. 
About EVtones: 
EVtonesâ„¢ was conceived and developed at Bran-Raeâ„¢. Bran-Raeâ„¢ founded
in 2008, is a green oriented development and marketing firm promoting
new alternative energy ideas, products and concepts. Many of
Bran-Rae's concepts are centered on Electric Vehicle technologies.
EVtiresâ„¢, EVfastchargeâ„¢, evEZchargeâ„¢ and many other concepts are
owned by Bran-Raeâ„¢. Bran-Raeâ„¢ Founder Robert McDowell also founded
Operation Ensuring Christmas supporting children of fallen American
troops. Bran-Rae strives to reduce our dependence on foreign oil so
we may only have to fight for our National Security and not our
Energy Security. This may mean OperationChristmas.org will have fewer
'precious lil heroes' to support in the future. 
Indiegogo Campaign --
For more information on EVtonesâ„¢ please visit www.evtones.com or call
To schedule an interview with Robert McDowell, e-mail
mediarelations@evtones.com or call 321-251-7850. 
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