Fusion-io and Memory Champion Nelson Dellis Scale Mount Everest in Climb For Memory

 Fusion-io and Memory Champion Nelson Dellis Scale Mount Everest in Climb For

Datacenter Technology Leader and Two-Time USA Memory Champion Team Up to Raise
Awareness of Alzheimer's Disease and Memory in Mount Everest Challenge

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SALT LAKE CITY, April 18, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY, April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO) today
announced that it is working with USA Memory Champion and Fusion-io Memory
Master Nelson Dellis to showcase the importance of memory in our minds and our
datacenters by bringing Dellis' Memory Challenge of climbing Mount Everest to
computer screens around the world. After having to stop 280 feet short of the
29,029-foot summit on his first attempt to climb the south side of Mount
Everest in 2011 due to an oxygen tank malfunction, Dellis is scaling the
world's tallest mountain once again in support of his charity, Climb For

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A two-time USA Memory Champion, Dellis holds multiple U.S. memory records,
including 63 seconds to memorize the order of a shuffled deck of playing cards
and the record of most digits memorized in five minutes – 303. His journey
began shortly after his grandmother passed away in 2009 after suffering from
Alzheimer's disease for many years. As a result, Dellis developed a passion
for memory training and believes that keeping the mind fit and exercising the
brain daily can keep the mind sharp and protect against the debilitating brain

"After losing my grandmother to Alzheimer's disease, raising awareness of the
importance of memory became a personal mission," said Dellis. "After having to
stop so close to the summit in 2011, I knew I had to go back and try again.
Mount Everest is a very literal mountain to climb, but it also takes courage
to stand up and be innovative in how we approach other challenges. Fusion-io
is an exciting technology innovator that I am proud to be working with to
bring more awareness to how computer memory and mental memory are both
enhanced by using software designed to help us achieve more."

Four psychologists at Washington University in St. Louis, a leading center for
the study of human memory, will be studying Dellis' mental performance as he
ascends and descends the north side of Mt. Everest to determine the effect of
altitude on the ability to recall information. Dellis will test himself on
several memory tasks programmed into his computer in the evenings after
climbing, and the results will be automatically stored for the researchers to
examine later. Similar challenges and memory training videos will be posted
online at www.fusionio.com/memorychallenge as Dellis reaches each base camp to
give everyone a chance to sharpen and test their own memory skills.

"We are interested in the effects of altitude on mental performance to help
develop a better understanding of memory," said Mary Pyc, one of the
Washington University psychologists. "There are very few studies of this sort
in the scientific literature, and we're pleased to be working with Nelson to
evaluate the impact of altitude on a mental athlete to advance our
understanding of the biological science of memory."

The Washington University researchers, including Pyc, as well as Professors
David Balota, Kathleen McDermott and Roddy Roediger, will also be testing a
group of control subjects repeatedly on the same schedule of tests taken by
Dellis as he climbs Mt. Everest. The control group will all be tested at only
466 feet above sea level (the altitude of St. Louis) to separate the effects
of simply taking the cognitive tests repeatedly as distinct from the effects
of climbing and altitude.

In addition to memory training videos and tests, the Memory Challenge website
also includes a 3D video view of the north trail Dellis will trek from
mid-April to mid-May as he awaits a weather window to summit the mountain.
Dellis will also post video and blog posts throughout the climb, and he will
be sharing updates via satellite link from his Twitter account,
@ClimbForMemory, using the hashtag, #MemoryChallenge.

"Fusion-io and Nelson Dellis both believe in the importance of memory, both in
our brains and our computers, making it a natural fit for us to team up for
the Climb for Memory," said Rick White, Fusion-io Co-founder and Chief
Marketing Officer. "Nelson is an inspiring mental and physical athlete, and we
admire his dedication to memory and achieving challenging goals, even when
it's not easy to succeed the first time. As an entrepreneur, you learn from
experience that determination is critical to success, and we see that spirit
of hard work and innovation shared by many of our groundbreaking customers
around the world. We're proud to sponsor Nelson to bring awareness to the
importance of memory, all in celebration of the courage of innovators scaling
their own mountains every day."

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