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Offsetters highlights recent global stories on innovative carbon management 
VANCOUVER, April 18, 2013 /CNW/ - Since launching in 2005, Vancouver-based 
Offsetters Climate Solutions has worked with more than 150 clients in various 
sectors helping to offset more than six million tonnes of carbon, the 
equivalent of taking more than 1.25 million cars off the road for one year. 
"As we mark the 43rd annual Earth Day, our team is inspired by so many of our 
partners who were early adopters and are leaders when it comes to managing and 
taking responsibility for their own carbon footprints," says Jeff Calvert, CFO 
and VP, sales and marketing for Offsetters Climate Solutions. "On a global 
level, we are proud of these game changing initiatives when it comes to how we 
think about carbon management." 

    --  In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Mai Ndombe REDD+
        project protects approximately 300,000 hectares of humid
        tropical and swamp forest located in the Congo River Basin,
        providing habitat for threatened and endemic species as well as
        important landscape-level connectivity. Beyond the direct
        climate benefits, the Mai Ndombe project will conserve
        ecosystem integrity and wildlife habitat, while facilitating
        sustainable development and conservation initiatives in local
        communities. Several social and economic community benefits
        will result from project activities including: building schools
        and healthcare centres, assisting with transportation to
        off-concession markets for agricultural and other products,
        improved agricultural and aquaculture production techniques,
        and recruitment of employees from the local communities.
    --  Along British Columbia's North and Central Coast and Haida
        Gwaii, Offsetters managed the development of the Great Bear
        Forest Carbon Project, an Improved Forest Management project
        which generates emission reductions by protecting forest areas
        that were previously designated, sanctioned or approved for
        commercial logging. Without offset funds, these protected areas
        would not have been established and tree harvest levels would
        not have been reduced. The Great Bear Rainforest is unique as
        it is the only forest management project of its scale in North
        America. It involves an unprecedented level of collaboration
        between local First Nations and the BC Government, strong legal
        and policy foundations, and robust data to support the
        quantification of ecosystem services. This is not a
        conservation project; it is a model for sustainable development
        in an ecologically and culturally vulnerable area, that is also
        economically valuable. Funds from the sale of carbon offsets in
        the Great Bear Rainforest will go towards creating jobs within
        the local First Nations communities. By creating a conservation
        economy that puts a dollar value on carbon absorption, funds
        are returned to the original stewards of this land. Returning
        forest management to the coastal First Nations provides new
        employment opportunities at home for First Nations in the Great
        Bear Rainforest.
    --  Fifty per cent of the harvested Canadian boreal forest is
        currently used to produce paper products. In late 2012,
        Offsetters released a
        research study
        that compared Manitoba's Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc.'s newly
        launched 80 per cent wheat straw-based Step Forward Paper
        (™ )with other copy paper types available in North
        America. Research results demonstrate that Step Forward
        Paper's™ wheat straw-based paper is the best performing
        copy paper type studied, with the lowest overall climate
        impact. Why was this important? Canada's boreal forest is home
        to eight of the 10 largest intact forest ecosystems left in the
        world. The boreal forest contains an interconnected ecosystem
        of plants, animals, insects and microorganisms that interact
        with the physical environment of soil, water and air. This
        essential global resource plays a significant role in
        mitigating climate change by absorbing and storing carbon
    --  Following the success of the 2010 Games, Offsetters helped to
        offset the 2011 Baltimore Indy, the CFL Grey Cup (2012),
        Canada's Olympic team for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games,
        and in 2013 signed an agreement with the America's Cup Event
        Authority to help the organizers of the Summer of Racing in San
        Francisco to reach its sustainability goal of having the event
        be carbon neutral. Offsetters will provide a portfolio of high
        quality carbon credits that have strong links to marine
        benefits and the sport of sailing while managing the America's
        Cup Sustainability Credit ("ACSC") Program. In late 2011,
        Offsetters CEO James Tansey was selected as an adviser to the
        United Nations Environment Programme to Sochi 2014, helping to
        provide support to the organization to identify and mitigate
        environmental impacts surrounding the upcoming Winter Olympics.

About Offsetters Climate Solutions 
Offsetters is North America's leading carbon management solutions provider. 
Founded in 2005, the company helps organizations and individuals understand, 
reduce, and offset their climate impact. Offsetters was the first official 
supplier of carbon offsets in the history of the Olympic movement (Vancouver 
2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games). Its team of industry leaders 
specializes in the origination, development and commercialization of 
high-quality carbon offset projects and is proud to also provide clients with 
a comprehensive offering of sustainability consultancy services.Based in 
Vancouver, Canada, Offsetters has worked with over 150 of the world's most 
prestigious organizations including Aimia and lululemon athletica. For more 
information, please

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SOURCE: Offsetters Climate Solutions

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