Gran Tierra Energy Announces Record Quarterly Production of 21,860 BOEPD and Operations Update

 Gran Tierra Energy Announces Record Quarterly Production of 21,860 BOEPD and
                              Operations Update

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CALGARY, April 17, 2013

Preliminary Front End Engineering Design Initiated for Bretaña Norte Field
Development in Peru

CALGARY, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -  Gran Tierra Energy Inc. ("Gran  Tierra 
Energy") (NYSE MKT: GTE, TSX: GTE),  a company focused on oil exploration  and 
production in South  America, today  provided updates for  its production  and 
exploration drilling in Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

"Gran Tierra  Energy  is pleased  to  start the  year  with record  levels  of 
production as we continue to successfully mitigate transportation  disruptions 
in Colombia," commented Dana Coffield,  President and Chief Executive  Officer 
of Gran Tierra Energy. "Operationally, we believe the northern boundary of the
Moqueta  field  has  now  been  successfully  delineated  with  the  Moqueta-9 
appraisal well.  The balance  of  this year  will  focus on  increasing  water 
injection for pressure  support and  increasing production  capacity from  the 
field. Once  permits  are in  place,  we can  then  direct our  attention  to 
appraising  the  eastern  flank  of  the  Moqueta  structure,  which   remains 
undrilled. In  Peru,  the  evaluation  of  our  Bretaña  Norte  oil  discovery 
continues, with initial testing of our  well extension expected in the  coming 
month, preliminary field development planning initiated, and long term testing
expected to  begin within  a  year. Our  exploration  program in  the  onshore 
Recôncavo Basin in  Brazil, testing a  new play with  horizontal drilling  and 
multi-stage fracture stimulation, is ongoing with results expected  mid-year," 
concluded Coffield.


Average daily  consolidated  light  and  medium  crude  oil  and  natural  gas 
production net after royalty (NAR) before inventory adjustments for the  three 
months ended March 31, 2013, increased 21% to approximately 21,860 barrels  of 
oil equivalent per day  ("BOEPD") NAR compared with  18,148 BOEPD NAR for  the 
corresponding period  in  2012. Approximately  97%  was oil  and  natural  gas 
liquids.  First  quarter  production  reflects  increased  production  in  all 
countries in  which we  are producing  with the  largest contribution  to  the 
increase from  the  Costayaco,  Moqueta,  and  Surubi  oil  discoveries.  This 
increase was  partially  offset  by  approximately 44  days  of  oil  delivery 
restrictions due  to disruptions  in the  Ecopetrol-operated Trans-Andean  oil 
pipeline (the  "OTA  pipeline")  in Colombia.  Gran  Tierra  Energy  continued 
production while the OTA pipeline was down, selling oil through an alternative
pipeline and trucking and storing excess oil.

Average daily Colombian production of light  and medium crude oil and  natural 
gas for the three months ended  March 31, 2013 increased 18% to  approximately 
17,850 BOEPD NAR before inventory adjustments, compared with 15,163 BOEPD  NAR 
before inventory adjustments for the comparable period in 2012. The production
is primarily from the Costayaco and Moqueta fields in the Chaza Block in which
Gran Tierra Energy has a 100% working interest.

Additionally, preliminary indications show  approximately 139,800 barrels  NAR 
net liquidation of inventory  during the quarter.  Inventory volumes will  be 
finalized near the end of April 2013  and, as such, this figure is subject  to 


Chaza Block (100% working interest and operator)

In Colombia, the  Moqueta-9D appraisal well  was spud on  January 20, 2013  to 
test the northwest extent of the Moqueta field. It discovered hydrocarbons  in 
a different fault block, separate from the main Moqueta oil accumulation.  The 
T-Sandstone tested gas  and the combined  Caballos and U-Sandstone  formations 
tested  oil  and  water.  Further  isolation  testing  on  the  Caballos  and 
U-Sandstone  formations  will  be   conducted  to  define  their   hydrocarbon 
potential. These results, integrated with  seismic and other wells drilled  to 
date, indicate the well  has defined the northern  margin of the main  Moqueta 
oil accumulation. The down-dip  extent of the oil  column to the west,  south 
and east, and the lateral  extent of the structure to  the east, have not  yet 
been defined  by  drilling, with  this  additional resource  potential  to  be 
defined with our ongoing drilling campaign.

The Moqueta-10 well has  begun drilling. This  well will be  used as a  water 
injection well to assist with pressure support in the Moqueta field to support
production growth from  existing and  future planned  production wells.  This 
well is being drilled to the far  western flank of the field, and may  provide 
additional information on the down-dip extent of the oil column in the primary
reservoirs in the main  block, which has not  yet been determined. This  well 
will be followed by Moqueta-11, which is planned to be a production well.


Block 95 (100% working interest and operator)

Gran Tierra  Energy  has  initiated  drilling  of  the  horizontal  side-track 
extension of the Bretaña  Norte 95-2-1XD oil discovery  well. Casing has  been 
set at the top  of the Vivian  reservoir, where very  high quality sands  with 
very good  oil  shows  were encountered,  and  the  drilling of  a  500  meter 
horizontal leg has  been initiated.  Upon completion,  a short  test will  be 
conducted.  Plans  are  ongoing  to  initiate  long-term  testing  from  this 
horizontal well, with production to be initiated within a year. In  addition, 
a Preliminary Front End Engineering Design has been initiated for the  Bretaña 
Norte field development  to support  reserves booking,  with results  expected 
before year-end.


Block 142 (100% working interest and operator)

Gran Tierra Energy's horizontal  multi-stage fracture stimulation  exploration 
drilling program  in  the Recôncavo  Basin  onshore Brazil  is  ongoing,  with 
results of the program expected mid-year.

About Gran Tierra Energy Inc.

Gran Tierra Energy is an international oil and gas exploration and  production 
company, headquartered in Calgary, Canada, incorporated in the United  States, 
trading on  the NYSE  MKT (GTE)  and  the Toronto  Stock Exchange  (GTE),  and 
operating in South America.  Gran Tierra Energy  holds interests in  producing 
and prospective  properties in  Colombia, Argentina,  Peru, and  Brazil.  Gran 
Tierra Energy  has a  strategy that  focuses on  establishing a  portfolio  of 
producing   properties,   plus   production   enhancement   and    exploration 
opportunities to provide a base for future growth.

Gran Tierra Energy's Securities and Exchange Commission filings are available
on a web site maintained by the Securities and Exchange Commission at and on SEDAR at

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barrel of oil. BOEs may be  misleading, particularly if used in isolation.  A 
BOE conversion  ratio of  6  Mcf :  1 barrel  of  oil is  based on  an  energy 
equivalency conversion method primarily applicable at the burner tip and  does 
not represent a value equivalency at the wellhead. In addition, given that the
value ratio based on the  current price of oil as  compared to natural gas  is 
significantly different from the energy equivalent of six to one, utilizing  a 
BOE conversion ratio  of 6  Mcf: 1  barrel of oil  would be  misleading as  an 
indication of value.

This  news   release   contains  certain   forward-looking   information   and 
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and the United States  Private Securities Litigation Reform  Act of 1995.  The 
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"potential" and derivations thereof and similar terms identify forward-looking
statements. In  particular,  but without  limiting  the foregoing,  this  news 
release contains forward-looking statements regarding anticipated exploration,
testing and development activities,  expected drilling locations and  expected 
timing of activities and results.

The forward-looking statements contained in this news release reflect  several 
material factors  and  expectations  and assumptions  of  Gran  Tierra  Energy 
including, without limitation: assumptions  relating to log evaluations;  that 
Gran Tierra  Energy  will continue  to  conduct  its operations  in  a  manner 
consistent with  past  operations; the  accuracy  of resource  estimates;  the 
accuracy of testing and  production results and seismic  data; the effects  of 
certain drilling  techniques;  cost  and  price  estimates;  and  the  general 
continuance of current or,  where applicable, assumed operational,  regulatory 
and industry conditions.  Gran Tierra  Energy believes  the material  factors, 
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expectations and assumptions will prove to be correct.

The forward-looking statements contained in  this news release are subject  to 
risks, uncertainties  and other  factors that  could cause  actual results  or 
outcomes to differ materially from  those contemplated by the  forward-looking 
statements, including,  among others:  unexpected technical  difficulties  and 
operational difficulties may occur, which could impact or delay the completion
or continuation of drilling, production or testing; geographic, political  and 
weather conditions can interrupt operations,  which could impact or delay  the 
commencement or continuation of drilling, production or testing; and the  risk 
that current  global economic  and  credit market  conditions may  impact  oil 
prices and oil consumption  more than Gran  Tierra Energy currently  predicts, 
which  could  cause  Gran  Tierra  Energy  to  change  its  current  drilling, 
production and testing  plans. Further information  on potential factors  that 
could affect Gran Tierra  Energy are included in  risks detailed from time  to 
time in  Gran  Tierra Energy's  Securities  and Exchange  Commission  filings, 
including, without limitation, under the caption "Risk Factors" in Gran Tierra
Energy's Annual Report  on Form  10-K for the  year ended  December 31,  2012, 
filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 26, 2013.  These 
filings are available on a Web site maintained by the Securities and  Exchange 
Commission  at   and  on   SEDAR  at 
forward-looking statements contained herein  are expressly qualified in  their 
entirety by this cautionary statement. The forward-looking statements included
in this press release are made as of  the date of this press release and  Gran 
Tierra Energy disclaims any  intention or obligation to  update or revise  any 
forward-looking statements, whether  as a  result of  new information,  future 
events or otherwise,  except as  expressly required  by applicable  securities 

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