New CopperEgg Cloud Sizing Tool Helps Enterprises Choose the Perfect Amazon EC2 Instance

New CopperEgg Cloud Sizing Tool Helps Enterprises Choose the Perfect Amazon EC2 
Analyzes Over 200 Possible Combinations to Recommend Best Match Based
on Real Server Benchmarking 
AUSTIN, TX -- (Marketwired) -- 04/16/13 --  CopperEgg Corp., a
leading cloud monitoring and analytics company, today announced a new
Cloud Sizing Tool that accurately benchmarks enterprise and cloud
servers to help customers choose the proper Amazon EC2 instance
types, pricing, and Elastic Block Storage (EBS) configurations from
over 200 possible Amazon Web Services (AWS) combinations. Businesses
can save money and ensure application performance by using the Cloud
Sizing Tool to rightsize instances during cloud migrations, resize
existing EC2 instances, and avoid over- or under-provisioned cloud
resources. CopperEgg will demonstrate the Cloud Sizing Tool at the
AWS Summit 2013 in New York City on April 18 and at the Opsode
#ChefConf 2013 in San Francisco.  
"The cloud sizing report gives us a better way to measure server
usage," said Jonathan Marbutt, Vice President of WayCool Software.
"By changing cloud providers and switching to AWS, we were able to
reduce cost by at least 30 percent, plus gain more powerful servers
in the process. Our app response time has also improved."  
The Cloud Sizing Tool, based on a proprietary CopperEgg server
benchmark derived from industry standards, accurately measures CPU,
memory, storage, disk IOPS, and network I/O metrics. Unlike typical
benchmarks which run pre-canned load tests and provide inaccurate
application usage patterns, the CopperEgg Cloud Sizing Tool uses Real
Server Benchmarking to analyze performance against the actual
customer's environment of inputs, outputs, and production application
usage gathered over a full 24 hour duty cycle.  
With over 200 potential combinations of AWS EC2 instance types,
pricing options, and EBS storage configurations, the Cloud Sizing
Tool provides specific recommendations, itemized for each user in a
customized Cloud Sizing Report, that maps the server-specific
benchmark measurements to the appropriate Amazon EC2 instance types
and EBS storage configurations. These reports include per
server-detailed averages and 95th percentile averages for CPU, active
memory, used storage, disk throughput,
 disk IOPS, and network I/O.
The recommended EC2 instances also detail the related costs per hour,
per month (Reserved Instances), or per month (on-demand). The Cloud
Sizing Tool is available today and is included free with all
subscription levels of the CopperEgg cloud monitoring solution. 
Learn more about CopperEgg solutions and the Cloud Sizing Tool. For
more information on CopperEgg, visit Register for
AWS Summit 2013 or Opscode #ChefConf 2013 to see a live CopperEgg
Cloud Sizing Tool demo.  
About CopperEgg
 CopperEgg cloud monitoring provides unified, simple,
smart, and fast insight into the performance, quality, and
availability of cloud services, applications, websites, and servers
running at production scale. Our SaaS-based cloud application
performance metric monitoring, server monitoring, and web application
monitoring deliver immediate intelligence into critical cloud
performance problems, correlated visibility into developing trends,
and split-second decision support for organizations of all sizes.
CopperEgg products are simple to try, install, use, and grow. Our
scalable, big data monitoring platform, which is processing over 100
billion records a day, maximizes hybrid visibility, minimizes false
alarms, and optimizes performance fidelity at scale. CopperEgg is
backed by Silverton Partners and based in Austin, Texas. 
Jen Cadmus for CopperEgg 
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