Bruker Introduces Actively Refrigerated Ascend™ Aeon Magnet Product Line

  Bruker Introduces Actively Refrigerated Ascend™ Aeon Magnet Product Line

 Novel NMR Magnet System Provides Unmatched Convenience and Independence from
                                Cryogen Supply

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ASILOMAR, Calif. -- April 15, 2013

At the 54^th Experimental NMR Conference (ENC), Bruker introduces new Ascend™
Aeon 600 and 700 superconducting, nitrogen-free magnet systems, which feature
fully integrated Helium reliquefaction. The unique Aeon technology enables
long-term care-free operation without the need for user maintenance and
without compromising Bruker’s industry-leading NMR performance. By obviating
the need for liquid helium and nitrogen refills, the Ascend Aeon 600 and 700
MHz magnets deliver user convenience and substantial independence from cryogen
supplies. Optional Ascend Aeon magnets require a higher initial capital
investment than standard 600 and 700 MHz Ascend low-loss magnets,  which
require periodic refills of liquid Nitrogen and liquid Helium, and which will
continue to be offered as Bruker’s standard NMR magnets.

Novel Ascend Aeon 700 magnet with integrated liquid Helium reliquefaction
(Photo: Business Wire)

Novel Ascend Aeon 700 magnet with integrated liquid Helium reliquefaction
(Photo: Business Wire)

In addition, Bruker now also offers actively refrigerated Ascend Aeon 400 and
500 magnets, which are nitrogen-free, have very low liquid Helium evaporation
rates, and require liquid Helium refills only every 18months. These Ascend
Aeon 400 and 500 magnets represent a cost-effective, convenient surcharge
option for routine 400 and 500 MHz NMR customers, and also provide highest
quality NMR results. In recent years, Bruker has already successfully
installed close to 20 such Ascend Aeon 400 and 500 magnets in customer
laboratories around the world, with excellent results and field reliability.

With scheduled refrigeration maintenance service from Bruker, all Ascend Aeon
magnet systems can be operated by customers in a care-free manner for years.
Hundreds of preclinical MRI customers worldwide have been enjoying this level
of convenience since the introduction of Bruker’s actively refrigerated MRI
magnets more than a decade ago.

With their reduced size and weight, the standard Ascend magnets, launched by
Bruker in the last 3 years, make important contributions to environmental
sustainability and reduce costs due to significant reductions in Helium
consumption of up to 50%, compared to previous generations of Bruker low-loss
magnets. With this year’s introduction of the new Ascend Aeon technology,
Bruker has now further responded to worldwide concerns regarding Helium
shortages, as well as the rise in Helium costs. Ascend Aeon magnets achieve
this by combining the latest active-shielding technology with Bruker’s
advanced, proprietary refrigeration designs featuring integrated low-vibration
cryocoolers, thus providing reliable long-term operation - importantly without
compromising NMR performance.

The novel Ascend Aeon 600 and 700 MHz magnets are straightforward to install
and are equipped with an integrated monitoring unit and sound insulation,
providing safe, user-friendly and quiet operation. By maintaining the reserve
liquid helium reservoir in the Aeon design, which is filled once upon initial
installation, the long-term Ascend Aeon magnet stability is maintained, even
in the event of potential power outages lasting several days and even up to a

“With the new Ascend Aeon we have been able to focus on the science and not
the magnet technology. Its convenience makes our daily tasks easier,”
commented Dr. Sarah Kliegman at the ETH Institute for Biogeochemistry and
Pollutant Dynamics (IBP) in Zürich, Switzerland, where an Ascend Aeon 400
magnet has been installed and running already for well over one year.

“Built on the proven reliability, performance and wealth of experience gained
from thousands of UltraShield and Ascend NMR magnet installations worldwide,
the optional Ascend Aeon magnet refrigeration technology offers unique
additional benefits for safety, convenience and cost efficiency,” stated Dr.
Rene Jeker, the global Magnet Technical Director of Bruker BioSpin.

Dr. Werner Maas, President of Bruker BioSpin, added: “While already available
in hundreds of our preclinical MRI magnets for years, the extreme demands for
stability and spectral purity of high-resolution NMR had until recently
prevented us from introducing this active refrigeration convenience for NMR
magnets. Thanks to several proprietary technological breakthroughs and further
magnet and refrigeration systems integration optimization over several years,
our magnet engineers have now made the ‘care-free’ Ascend Aeon option
available also to our high-resolution NMR customers.”

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