KELLER GROUP PLC: Annual Financial Report

Keller Group plc
12 April 2013 
Keller Group plc ("the Company") - Annual Financial Report 
In accordance with the Listing Rules, copies of the following documents have
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* Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31 December 2012  (the 'Annual 
Report 2012')
 * The notice of annual general meeting 2013
 * Form of proxy for the annual general meeting 
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The Annual Report 2012 is also available on the Company's website at Hard copies of all the documents have been sent to 
The annual general meeting will be held at 11.00am on Thursday 23 May 2013 at 
the offices of Investec, 2 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7QP. 
In accordance with DTR 6.3.5, this announcement contains information in the
attached Appendix of the principal risk factors, the directors' responsibility
statement and a note to the accounts on related party transactions.   This
information has been extracted in full unedited text from the Annual Report
2012.  References to page numbers and notes in the Appendix refer to those in
the Annual Report 2012.  A condensed set of financial statements was appended
to Keller Group plc's preliminary results announcement issued on 4 March 2013. 
For further information please contact: 
Jackie Holman
Company Secretary 

                   Unedited extract from Annual Report 2012                    

Principal risks
    Risk              Description                 KPIs           Controls           

Market cycles     Whilst our business will    Revenue growth •  Strategy of   
                     always be subject to                       geographic         

The Group's broad economic cycles, market     compared with  diversification:   

base helps to     risk is reduced by the                                        

mitigate against  diversity of our markets,   market growth  - operations in    

the risk of       both in terms of geography                 over 30 countries  

downturn in       and market segment.  It is  Definition and                    
                  also partially offset by                   - growing presence 

our markets       opportunities for           method of      in Australia and   

              consolidation in our highly calculation    developing 
              fragmented markets.         Year-on-year   •  Broad 

                  Typically, even where we    sales          base.              
                  are the clear leader, we                                      
                  still have a relatively     growth in      •  Services used 

                 small share of the market.  local currency across all 

                  Our ability to exploit                     segments:          
                  these opportunities through compared with  infrastructure,    
                  bolt-on acquisitions is     growth in      industrial,        
                  reflected in our track                     commercial,        
                  record of growing sales,    the total      residential and    
                  and doing so profitably,    regional       environmental.     
                  across market cycles.                                         
                                              As our work                       
                                              occurs at the                     
                                              start of the                      
                                              cycle, our                        
                                              revenue is a                      
                                              indicator for                     
                                              whereas market                    
                                              are based on                      
                                              the lagging                       
                                              put in                            

Tendering and     It is in the nature of our  Operating      •  Risk 
                  business that we            margin         Framework defines  

management        continually assess and                     Minimum Standards  
                  manage technical, and other                in the control of  

of projects       operational, risks.                        project risk.      
                                              Definition and                    

Project risk is   Some of the controls we     method of      •  Risk-based    
managed           have in place, particularly                tender             
                  at the crucial stage of     Calculation.      approval        

throughout the    tendering of contracts, are Operating      process, with      

life of a         set out in the table                          clear           
                  opposite. Given the Group's profit         delegations of     

project from the  relatively small average    expressed as a    authority.      

tendering         contract value (less than £                                  

                200,000), it would be       percentage of  •  Independent    
stage to          unusual for any one         revenue.       review of tenders.  
completion        contract to                                                    

                                                             •  Training for  
                     materially affect the                      staff in the       

              results of the Group. In                   typical risk 
              fact, our largest contract                 they may face when  
              in 2012 accounted for less                 tendering for 

                  than 3% of total revenue.                  negotiating        
                  Our ability to manage                      contracts and      
                  technical risks will                       executing work.    
                  generally be reflected                                        

                                                         •  Legal review 

                  in our profitability.                      unusual or onerous 
                                                             contract terms.    
                                                             •  Project staff 
                                                                selected on the    
                                                             basis of their     
                                                             skills, experience 
                                                             of a particular    

                                                         type of project 

                                                             their workload.    

                                                         •  Establishment 

                                                             'centres of        

                                                         •  Formal 

                                                             meetings at each   
                                                             step of the        
                                                             contract in        
                                                             •  Weekly cost   
                                                                reports produced   
                                                             for all projects   
                                                             and reviewed by    
                                                             next level         

                                                         •  Periodic 

                                                             of poorly          
                                                             contracts to       
                                                             establish lessons  
                                                             learned with the   

                                                         communicated to 

                                                             relevant staff.    

Acquisitions      We recognise the risks      Return on net  •  Target 
                  associated with             operating      are usually well   

Our long-term     acquisitions and our                       known to Keller;   

growth            approach to buying          Assets         and the 
                  businesses aims to manage                  and cultural       

track record is   these to acceptable levels.                differences and    

built on a                                                   potential 
combination of    First, we try to get to     Definition and are well           

organic growth    know a target company,      method of      understood.        

and acquisitions  often working in joint                                        
                  venture, to understand the  calculation    •  Robust due    
                     operational and cultural                   diligence process, 
                  differences and potential   Operating      mostly undertaken  
                                              profit before  by own management. 
                  synergies. This is followed                                   
                  by a robust due diligence   impairment of  •  Clear         
                     process, most of which is   intangibles    integration plan,  
                  undertaken by our own                      reflecting the     

              managers, and we then       expressed as a unique character 
              develop a clear integration percentage     the target 

                  plan which takes account of of average net                    
                  the unique character of the operating                         
                  target company.                                               
                                              net debt, tax                     
                                              and net                           

Safety            Keller is made up of        Accident       •  Keller Safety 
                     businesses                  Frequency      Framework 'Think   

The construction                                             Safe',             

industry in which of varying sizes operating  Rate ('AFR')   incorporating our  

we operate poses  around the world, often in                 Safety Goal,       

significant       challenging environments.                  Principles, Policy 

safety                                                       and Minimum        

challenges, but   It is essential that, as we Definition and Standards.         

we do not accept  continue to grow and move   method of                         

the inevitability into new regions, we can be                •  All business  
of injury         sure that our approach to   calculation    units undertake an 
                  safety is equally rigorous,                annual safety      
                  no matter                   Accident       assessment.        
                                              frequency per                     
                  whereabouts in the world,                  •  From these,   
                     or on which projects, we    100,000 man    safety improvement 

              are working.                hours.         plans are 

                                                             and implemented.   
                                                             •  Regular       
                                                                directors' and     
                                                             managers' safety   

                                                         tours reinforce 

                                                             importance of      

People            The risk of losing, or not  Staff turnover •  Excellent     
                     being able to attract, good rate           training and       

The accumulation  people is key.  We pride                   development        

of                ourselves in having some of                opportunities.     
                  the best professional and                                     

knowledge and     skilled people              Definition and •  Opportunities 
experience is                                 method of      for career growth. 

essential to      in the industry, who are                                      

helping our       motivated by our culture    calculation    •  Good 
customers to find and the opportunities for                  and two-way        

the best          career growth.              The number of  communications.    

                                              managerial,    •  Employees     
                                                 professional   treated with       
                                                             dignity and        
                                              and technical  respect.           
                                              staff leaving                     
                                              in the period,                    
                                              other than                        
                                              redundancy or                     
                                              expressed as a                    
                                              of employees                      
                                              in this                           

Responsibility statement of the Directors in respect of the annual report and
the financial statements

We confirm that to the best of our knowledge:

 * the financial statements, prepared in accordance with the applicable set of
   accounting standards, give a true and fair view of the assets, liabilities,
   financial position and profit or loss of the Company and the undertakings
   included in the consolidation as a whole; and

 * the Directors' report, including content contained by reference, includes a
   fair review of the development and performance of the business and the 
   of the Company and the undertakings included in the consolidation taken as a
   whole, together with a description of the principal risks and uncertainties
   that they face.

24 Related party transactions

Transactions between the parent, jointly controlled operations and its
subsidiaries, which are related parties, have been eliminated on consolidation
and are not disclosed in this note.

During the year the Group undertook various contracts with a total value of £
3.9m (2011: £2.3m) for GTCEISU Construcción, S.A., a connected person of Mr
López Jiménez, who retired as a Director of the Company during the year. An
amount of £5.6m (2011: £1.8m) is included in trade and other receivables in
respect of amounts outstanding as at 31 December 2012.

During the year the Group made purchases from GTCEISU Construcción, S.A. with 
total value of £2.0m (2011: £3.5m). An amount of £1.0m (2011: £1.0m) is
included in trade and other payables in respect of amounts outstanding as at 31
December 2012.

Related party transactions were made on an arms-length basis. All amounts
outstanding from related parties are unsecured and will be settled in cash. No
guarantees have been given or received. No provisions have been made for
doubtful debts in respect of the amounts owed by related parties.

The remuneration of the Directors, who are the key management personnel and
related parties of the Group is set out below in aggregate for each of the
relevant categories specified in IAS 24 Related Party Disclosures.

Key management personnel compensation comprised:
                             2012 2011
                               £m   £m

Short-term employee benefits  3.4  2.1 
Post-employment benefits      0.3  0.2 

                              3.7  2.3


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