Most Executives Believe Work-at-Home is Recipe for Career Stagnation, According to Korn/Ferry Survey

    Most Executives Believe Work-at-Home is Recipe for Career Stagnation,
                        According to Korn/Ferry Survey

- 60 percent believe telecommuting can limit upward career mobility

- Two in ten say pay should be lower for telecommuters

- 94 percent see work-at-home as "important" to working parents

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LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2013

LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A new survey by the Korn/Ferry
Institute found that the vast majority of executives embrace telecommuting as
a strategy to boost productivity and allow working parents to continue their
careers. Yet, paradoxically, most also see it as an avenue to career

"While some high-profile companies have stepped away from telecommuting, our
survey shows that most enterprises still see it as an important way to drive
productivity, increase retention and demonstrate inclusion in the workplace,"
said Ana Dutra, chief executive officer of Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent
Consulting. "It is all about driving responsibility and accountability,
whether a person works in the office or at home."

Nearly 80 percent of the executives surveyed earlier this month say their
companies allow telecommuting across job categories. Fully 94 percent of
executives, in fact, see telecommuting as an important option for working
parents. Despite it being an essential perk for work-at-home parents, 60
percent believe telecommuting can limit career-growth opportunities.

"While working at home can be beneficial for both companies and workers, it
can also lead to 'invisibility' that can limit opportunities for career
advancement," said Dutra. "It is important for telecommuters to remain
networked as closely as possible with peers and leaders in the office."

Though the vast majority of executives believe telecommuters should be paid as
much as other workers in comparable jobs, two in ten disagree with the notion
that pay should be equitable, regardless of work locale.

The survey also found that 77 percent have telecommuted at some point in their
careers, and that 58 percent are telecommuting now.

The survey was conducted from March 11 – March 20, 2013 and involved more than
300 respondents. 

Editor's note: A 2012 Korn/Ferry survey showed that most female executives
believe parenting provides unique leadership skills that are transferable to
the job. These include a better ability to multi-task and prioritize.


1) Do people in your enterprise telecommute?
Yes – 77 percent
No – 23 percent

2) If people in your enterprise telecommute, from what functions?
Various – 61 percent
Primarily executive and professional – 32 percent
Primarily administrative – 7 percent

3) Do you telecommute?
Yes – 58 percent
No – 42 percent

4) Have you ever telecommuted?
Yes – 77 percent
No – 23 percent

5) Do you believe telecommuting can limit career upward mobility?
Yes – 60 percent
No – 40 percent

6) Telecommuting is an important option for working parents?
Agree – 94 percent
Disagree – 6 percent

7) Do you believe telecommuters should be paid as much as their peers in the
Yes – 81 percent
No – 19 percent


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