Velti and BlueKai Partner to Build Largest Pool of Mobile Data-Driven Audiences Available for Brands

  Velti and BlueKai Partner to Build Largest Pool of Mobile Data-Driven
  Audiences Available for Brands

  New Partnership Enables Marketers with a Data Activation System to Target
                           Audiences Across Mobile

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SAN FRANCISCO -- April 12, 2013

Velti (NASDAQ: VELT), the leading global provider of mobile marketing and
advertising technology, and BlueKai, today announced a mobile data
partnership. As a result of the partnership, brands and agencies using
BlueKai’s Data Activation System now have new access to Velti’s extensive
mobile marketing data, allowing them to more precisely target consumers on
mobile devices.

BlueKai powers the world's most interconnected data marketplace and serves as
the de facto standard for open and transparent audience data-driven targeting.
Through this partnership, BlueKai will license data collected by Velti, on
select publisher sites, providing marketers, brands and agencies with the
ability to increase campaign reach and targeting while reducing waste on
ineffective mobile spend. The aggregated data gives marketers valuable
consumer insights, improving campaign relevance and consumer engagement and

“This partnership brings together the world’s leading mobile and online data
companies to give marketers a way to identify qualified mobile audiences at
scale based on real consumer signals,” said Cory Treffiletti, BlueKai’s SVP of
Marketing. “With this partnership, we are bringing a level of transparent
targeting and depth to mobile that marketers have come to expect in online.”

BlueKai’s Data Activation System allows advertisers and marketers to create
target audiences based on a combination of in-depth first-party and
third-party audience data and activates them for all online marketing
activity. Partners can accurately target campaigns to these audiences across
third-party ad networks and exchanges and measure with accuracy which
campaigns performed the best across segments and channels to refine their
media buys and ad creatives over time. Velti’s Mobclix Exchange, through which
BlueKai will access Velti’s data, is the largest real-time bidding mobile ad
exchange platform and currently delivers 30 billion monthly impressions. The
Exchange has access to data from 35,000 app publishers and 300 million unique
mobile devices and the BlueKai Data Exchange currently has over 85 million
unique users available to power more effective mobile marketing.

“Together we’re creating an industry-leading mobile opportunity for brands,
agencies, publishers and anyone who wants to tap into targeted mobile
advertising,” said Steve Bair, Velti’s VP of Strategic Partnerships. “With
access to this data, partners can better understand their customers, maximize
ad campaign performance and drive sales.”

BlueKai has also enhanced its mobile technology stack by creating the BlueKai
Mobile Privacy Guard, a proprietary technology that ensures consumer anonymity
without compromising any value to the marketer. Based on noise injection
techniques, which are used in various fields to protect anonymity, BlueKai's
Mobile Privacy Guard will substitute random noise with value-added

Both Velti and BlueKai have privacy policies that were designed to ensure that
mobile consumer privacy remains protected at all times. The partnership will
continue to maintain consumer anonymity without compromising any value to the
marketer. For more information regarding Velti’s privacy policy visit:; and for BlueKai visit:

About Velti

Velti is the leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising
technology and solutions that enable brands, advertising agencies, mobile
operators and media to implement highly targeted, interactive and measurable
campaigns by communicating with and engaging consumers via their mobile
devices. The Velti platform, called Velti mGageTM, allows customers to use
mobile and traditional media to reach targeted consumers, engage the consumer
through the mobile Internet and applications, convert them into customers and
continue to actively manage the relationship through the mobile channel. Velti
is a publicly-held corporation based in Jersey, and trades on the NASDAQ
Global Select Market under the symbol VELT. For more information, visit

About BlueKai

BlueKai ( is the world's first complete enterprise data
activation system for intelligent marketing. BlueKai offers its customers a
solution for managing and activating all their 1st and 3rd party data for use
in their marketing and customer interactions. BlueKai represents the only
end-to-end SaaS solution for marketers who are looking to maximize their
cross-channel marketing efforts and create a proprietary solution for
unlocking reach, scale and efficiency in their data. BlueKai has led the
data-driven marketing category since 2008 when it launched the world's first
Data Exchange and then branched out to create the first Data Management
Platform (DMP) for marketers. BlueKai is currently trusted by, among thousands
of others, 12 Fortune 30 corporations and numerous other brands to activate
their data.


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