Pepsi/Beyonce and Chanel/Brad Pitt Battle for Most Celebrity Spokesperson Chatter: NetBase Evaluates Endorsement Buzz Winners

Pepsi/Beyonce and Chanel/Brad Pitt Battle for Most Celebrity Spokesperson 
Chatter: NetBase Evaluates Endorsement Buzz Winners 
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/10/13 --  NetBase, the
Social Intelligence Company, today announced the release of the
latest Brand Passion Index (BPI), this month analyzing the seven
celebrity spokespeople representing six consumer brands. Powered by
the Insight Composer, the Index surfaced the behaviors, emotions and
opinions from social media about the following commercial
endorsements: Jessica Simpson for Weight Watchers, Jennifer Hudson
for Weight Watchers, Beyonce for Pepsi, Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5,
Ashton Kutcher for Nikon, William Shatner for Priceline, and Jennifer
Aniston for Smartwater.  
The BPI analyzing advertisements and their celebrity spokespeople
found that consumers continued to ridicule the awkward monologue in
Brad Pitt's debut ad for Chanel No. 5, and buzzed about Beyonce's
vivacious Pepsi ad from the Oscars. Online consumers chatted most
about Beyonce, generating 47 percent of the overall conversation
about the seven spokespeople, and also had the highest Passion
Intensity score (76) and a mid-range Net Sentiment score (29).
Conversations about the performer's endorsement of Pepsi (70 percent
positive) revealed that online consumers not only love the pairing of
Pepsi and Beyonce, but also the commercials and print ads.  
Brad Pitt and Chanel were the next most buzzed about pair with 28
percent of the total spokesperson conversation, but also had the
second lowest Net Sentiment score (-7) and a Passion Intensity of 44.
Social media users ranted about his monologue-style commercial and
how uncomfortable it made them feel. As for most disliked
endorsement, Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers took the cake.
Despite making up only 5 percent of the overall conversations, Hudson
had the lowest Net Sentiment score (-12) as well as the lowest
Passion Intensity score (16). Conversations (56 percent negative)
revealed that online consumers feel inundated by Weight Watchers
commercials featuring Hudson, and have grown tired of her
Unlike her former husband, Jennifer Aniston generated the most social
consumer love (83 percent positive) with the highest Net Sentiment
score (65) and a Passion Intensity of 46. Verbatim surfaced about
Aniston, as it related to Smartwater, revealed that online consumers
appreciated the refreshing and funny tone in Aniston's commercials.  
Read what consumers are saying about Beyonce and Pepsi: 
Pepsi commercials now with Beyonce might be my favorite commercials.
#Yess #goddess 
Pepsi will taste better now that Beyonce is on the can. 
Loving @Beyonce's new Pepsi ad! Very pop adorbs! 
Read what consumers are saying about Jennifer Aniston and Smartwater: 
Again, Jennifer Aniston shows great sense of humor with another
SmartWater commercial. 
Great new ad by @smartwater with Jennifer Aniston: "Even more
refreshing than the truth" 
I've had it on repeat for 3 days. I love when Jennifer Aniston pokes
fun at herself. Check out her hilarious new video for Smartwater. 
Read what consumers are saying about Jennifer Hudson and Weight
Dear Weight Watchers, PLEASE get a new spokesperson. I'm tired of
hearing AND seeing Jennifer Hudson singing. 
Omg, I'm tired of seeing Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers commercials.
I think it's very clear you lost weight. 
#Honestly, I am SOOOO tired of Jennifer Hudson && these damn Weight
Watchers commercials.! (-.-). 
Read what consumers are saying about Brad Pitt and Chanel No. 5:  
Brad Pitt's Chanel commercial is so stupid. 
Brad Pitt's Chanel commercial gets worse with each viewing. 
Brad Pitt's Chanel commercial is ridiculous. That's all I'm going to
say about it although I could go on and on. 
Each month, the Brand Passion Index (BPI) analyzes consumer passion
for brands in various categories and publishes the results on the
NetBase blog. Register for our next Demo Day about the best flower
delivery brands for Mother's Day here.  
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