Doble Engineering Releases New Technology to Help Utilities Increase Reliability of Aging Power Grid

     Doble Engineering Releases New Technology to Help Utilities Increase
                       Reliability of Aging Power Grid

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  WATERTOWN, Massachusetts, April 9, 2013

-- Decades of Intelligence Give Life to Actionable Data, Improved Safety, and
Regulatory Compliance

WATERTOWN, Massachusetts, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Electricity is a
necessity provided to us by the power grid: the largest machine man has ever
created. Utility companies must efficiently monitor and maintain this aging
grid and ensure its reliability. Today that process is shifting from
time-consuming, complicated testing toward monitoring and intelligent systems
that provide real-world analysis.

Stepping in to better equip and empower utility organizations with streamlined
testing and management tools, Doble Engineering announces three critically
important solutions: dobleARMS™, the M7100 Power Apparatus Analyzer and
Protection Suite 2.2.

Cutting through the Noise

Test data helps determine the health of critical assets, but the volume of
data can be overwhelming. Available today, dobleARMS will provide utility
companies with an online monitoring and risk assessment platform that goes
beyond condition-based maintenance, delivering actionable diagnostic data to
its users.

dobleARMS is the first product in the global power industry to seamlessly
integrate real-time monitoring and offline test data with a sophisticated
suite of intelligent, analytical tools. Its unique asset health scoring system
lets users prioritize what requires immediate action while providing data
needed to prepare long-term replacement and maintenance strategies.

The analytical tools in dobleARMS pull from online and offline data as well as
FRANK, the First Response Analysis Knowledgebase, an artificial intelligence
engine that leverages Doble's 80+ years of diagnostic test data.

An All-In-One Tool Kit for the Power Grid

Tackling two major concerns for utility workers – safety and time – Doble's
M7100 will revolutionize the way offline testing is done. Available later this
year, it will be on display for the first time this month at the 80 ^th
International Conference of Doble Clients.

The solution will greatly reduce the number of ladder trips technicians are
exposed to per job – sometimes cutting the number to nearly one third,
significantly improving the safety and quality of field work by limiting

The M7100 also automates multiple tests, previously performed by several
pieces of equipment, cutting down testing time from seven hours to one and a
half hours. By dramatically reducing testing time, utilities can now maximize
their outage periods by performing more maintenance during the hours
previously devoted to testing.

Reliability and Compliance

Meeting compliance standards can be a challenging, but critical, part of
proving the reliability of the grid. Pressure to improve reliability increased
after major outages like the 2003 blackout where 50 million people lost power
in parts of the US and Canada.

Doble works with utility clients to help them meet North American Electric
Reliability Corporation (NERC) compliance standards and audits by providing
the necessary tools, like the new Protection Suite Software, which is designed
to help utilities perform their protection testing, data management and
compliance reporting.

"We understand the concerns of our clients and know the pressures they are
under to ensure grid reliability while addressing increased demand,
alternative energy sources, regulatory compliance and the impending knowledge
gap due to the power industry's retiring workforce," said David Zabetakis,
President of Doble Engineering Company.

"Our mission is to help our clients become more efficient as we work together
to maintain the reliability of an aging and changing power grid. Innovations
like Protection Suite, the M7100 and dobleARMS are designed to keep our
clients on the cutting edge of technology that keeps them safe, saves them
time, simplifies testing and gives them the actionable intelligence they need
to make important decisions about their critical assets."

About Doble:

Over 5500 companies in more than 110 countries rely on Doble Engineering
Company solutions to improve operations and optimize system performance. For
nearly a century, Doble has offered diagnostic instruments, services, and the
world's premier library of statistically significant apparatus test results
for the benefit of energy generation, transmission, delivery companies and
industrial power users worldwide. Doble is part of the Utility Solutions Group
of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE), St. Louis. For more information, visit:

Contact: Rachel Adam, Corporate Ink,, +1-617-969-9192
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