New Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test with Breakthrough Technology to Help Women Get Pregnant Faster Naturally

  New Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test with Breakthrough Technology
  to Help Women Get Pregnant Faster Naturally

  New test expands the baby-making window by identifying 4 best days to get
              pregnant - 2 more than any other ovulation test^i

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CINCINNATI -- April 09, 2013

When it comes to baby-making, most couples focus on the fun part of how but
overlook the important piece of when. According to a global Clearblue®
study^ii, 84 percent of American women surveyed understand what ovulation is,
but more than a third of those women are not confident that they know exactly
when they ovulate. In fact, one out of two couples trying to conceive may be
having sex at the wrong time of the woman’s menstrual cycle^iii, missing her
fertile days completely! Now, with the launch of the Clearblue Advanced
Digital Ovulation Test®, women can have a better understanding of their
fertility window, giving them greater control to remove the stress and add the
fun back into the baby-making process. It is the only ovulation test that can
identify^i a woman’s four best days to get pregnant, two more days than any
other test on the market.

Melissa Rycroft partners with Clearblue to launch the new Advanced Digital
Ovulation Test. (Photo: B ...

Melissa Rycroft partners with Clearblue to launch the new Advanced Digital
Ovulation Test. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Many women don’t realize that there is only a small window of time when they
are able to conceive each month. The result is a lot of frustration and grief
when they don’t get the positive news they want each time they take a
pregnancy test, and this can put stress on any couple, ” says Dr. Donnica
Moore, women’s health expert. “By tracking two hormones instead of just one,
the new Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test typically identifies two
more days that help maximize women’s chances of conception. For any women
actively trying to get pregnant or even thinking about becoming pregnant soon,
this is a tool that can help them understand their bodies better, play a more
active role in their pregnancy journeys and get pregnant faster.”

While a simple urine test, the new Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test
is the only one to detect the rise in estrogen a few days before ovulation to
identify additional days of ‘High Fertility’ that no other ovulation test can.
On these days, women will see a flashing ‘smiley face’ displayed. Then, like
other tests, it also detects the surge in luteinizing hormone (LH) 24-36 hours
before ovulation to identify the two days of ‘Peak Fertility’, noted by a
static ‘smiley face’ on the display. In fact, both Clearblue Advanced Digital
Ovulation Test and the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test that can adapt to a
woman’s personal hormone profile every time she uses it with its unique, smart
algorithm so she won’t miss her four best fertile days. The clear digital
results are easy to read, simplifying the process even more.

Melissa Rycroft, reality television personality and mom to a two-year-old
daughter, thinks every woman needs to know about pregnancy tools like the
Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test.

“Getting pregnant is an emotional roller coaster for any woman. Knowing when
you ovulate reduces some of the guesswork so you can focus more on the fun
parts of baby-making and, hopefully, get pregnant sooner,” she says. “My
husband and I talk about expanding our family in the coming year, and you
better believe I’ll be using the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test.
Every woman should take advantage of tools and knowledge that empowers them to
take an active, informed role in planning their families.”

The new Clearblue Digital Advanced Ovulation Test is available in packs of 10
test sticks (one month’s supply) and 20 test sticks (two month’s supply) to
provide the woman with enough to detect her four best days to get pregnant
each cycle. A test should be done once a day, using the first urine after her
longest sleep, starting from between day 5 and day 20 of a woman’s cycle,
depending on her cycle length - to ensure she doesn’t miss her four best days
to get pregnant naturally. To determine cycle length, count day one of as the
first day of full menstrual flow and number the days until the day before the
start of the next period.

The new Clearblue Digital Advanced Ovulation Test is available at most major
retailers. For further information on Clearblue, please visit or

About Clearblue

Clearblue is the world’s leading brand in home pregnancy and fertility
testing. The Clearblue product range is built on a strong foundation of
peer-reviewed science and consumer understanding. Clearblue products are also
trusted and recommended by doctors, many of whom recognize that Clearblue is
supported by 25 years of expertise, quality, and innovation in consumer
diagnostics. Clearblue offers a complete line of products to help a woman
better understand her body’s ovulation cycle and identify peak fertility days
to maximize her chances of getting pregnant. The Clearblue family of products
includes the Clearblue Fertility Monitor, Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test,
Clearblue Ovulation Test, Clearblue Easy Ovulation Combination Pack, Clearblue
Digital Pregnancy Test, and Clearblue PLUS Pregnancy Test. For more
information visit

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^i In a study of 87 women, four or more fertile days were identified in 80
percent of cycles using actual cycle length.
^ii Clearblue Ovulation and Fertility U&A 2012 (Ipsos)
^iii Johnson SR, Foster L and Ellis J. Women’s knowledge regarding ovulation
and most likely time of conception. Human Reproduction (2011) 26: i236

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