DataCore Storage Virtualization Software Delivers Faster Performance and Five-Nines Reliability to Mission Critical Databases

   DataCore Storage Virtualization Software Delivers Faster Performance and
   Five-Nines Reliability to Mission Critical Databases and Tier-1 Business

SANsymphony™-V Storage Hypervisor Supercharges I/O Intensive Virtualized
Tier-1 Applications; SQL, Exchange and SharePoint Lead the Way

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 9, 2013

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --DataCore Software, the
storage hypervisor leader and premier provider of storage virtualization
software, today announced that companies and organizations around the globe
are realizing the benefits of the software-defined data center and
simultaneously improving the performance of their Tier-1, mission-critical
business applications through its SANsymphony-V storage virtualization
software. The SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor boosts the speed, throughput
and availability of virtualized, I/O intensive Tier-1 applications like
Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange, as well as SAP, Oracle and
others. Customers report two to five times faster application performance and
achieve better than 99.999 percent uptime after virtualizing their existing
storage with SANsymphony-V.

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Three Real World Use Cases:

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital: 500 Percent Improvement in Microsoft SQL
Database Performance; Better Response Times Enable More Precise Treatment and

Download full customer presentation:

San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital in Banning, California has achieved a
completely software-centric data center and is reaping the benefits of having
virtualized its critical healthcare and database applications. Richard Trower,
senior programmer and database administrator, is able to deliver non-stop
business operations serving more than 500 physicians, nurses and healthcare
professionals who rely upon the system's availability to fulfill San
Gorgonio's mission to "provide safe, high quality, personalized healthcare

When San Gorgonio migrated its data center to a new facility, Trower took the
opportunity to virtualize his infrastructure. He took all the physical servers
offline, virtualized and restored everything on virtual machines, with all of
the hospital's primary servers now running on VMware and SANsymphony-V. The
storage hypervisor-powered SANs support the mission critical databases for the
hospital: McKesson-Paragon, McKesson HPF and all of the virtual supporting
servers. The McKesson-Paragon database runs on a high performance, RAID-10,
while the others are on RAID-5s. According to Trower, with his DataCore™
powered RAID-10, tasks like defragmentation of indexes, which previous took
him an hour and a half, can be completed in about three minutes.

"I cannot stress how absolutely paramount uptime and speed are in healthcare,"
stated Trower. "When systems go down, our ability to deliver services to our
patients is affected, which is unacceptable. By virtualizing San Gorgonio's
infrastructure with VMware and DataCore, we can now assure non-stop
performance and availability to the healthcare professionals who rely on IT to
provide proper care and treatment for our patients."

Trower further explains that in moving to a software-defined data center
environment, he was not only able to reduce the infrastructure's physical
footprint by half, but he was enabled with greater freedom of choice and
flexibility in future hardware investments. "SANsymphony-V is the backbone of
our storage infrastructure," furthers Trower. "Virtualization has allowed us
to increase efficiencies, performance and availability, which not only makes
our faculty happy, but also our business office. This freedom of choice allows
us to make wiser purchasing decisions and gain truly maximum ROI from our
hardware investments."

Great Plains Communications Powers Its Applications with DataCore Storage
Virtualization and Fusion-io to Achieve Unmatched Performance and No Downtime

Telecommunications and internet service provider, Great Plains Communications
is enhancing the performance and resiliency of virtualized corporate
applications using VMware and DataCore's SANsymphony-V. The company's
software-defined data center is split between two facilities, located 10 miles
apart. Their multi-tiered storage infrastructure incorporates cutting edge,
high performance flash drives from Fusion-io, along with a variety of other
SAS and SATA drive devices. Corporate applications such as Oracle, Microsoft
Exchange, Lync and SQL Server are powered by VMware vSphere and user mailboxes
are hosted by LinuxMagic MagicMail.

Chris Jones, information technology manager, shares that Great Plains
Communications' infrastructure is 90 to 95 percent virtualized. "Our
databases, applications, web servers and email servers are a critical part of
our business and we rely upon them to provide services to our tens of
thousands of customers," explains Jones. "Our ability to deliver on-demand
internet, emails and unified communications to not only our employees, but
more importantly our customers, is positively critical. In this industry,
there is plenty of competition and service downtime and outages are the fast
track to lost customers."

"In today's competitive service provider market," continues Jones, "response
times and always-on availability are king. Having a storage environment
powered by the SANsymphony-V Storage Hypervisor and Fusion-io has had an
enormous impact on performance and our business critical applications respond
at a simply blinding speed. I feel we have the fastest I/O performance
available on the market and running various reports have gone from taking
several minutes to mere seconds."

Thorntons Accelerates Microsoft SQL, Exchange; Reduces 10-Hour Backup Times to
3.5 Hours; Continuous Availability Keeps Businesses Moving and Drives Sales

Download the full case study:

DataCore customer Thorntons operates 167 gasoline and convenience retail
stores, car washes and travel plazas in Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee,
and Florida. Thorntons dove into server virtualization in 2007 and has now
virtualized more than 90 percent of the company's systems. Senior Network
Engineer, James Haverstock, reports that Thorntons has virtualized all of
their production SQL servers and data. Six production SQL VMs maintain around
150 SQL databases consuming several terabytes (TB) of storage. Their Exchange
server also runs on virtual machines, all powered by the SANsymphony-V
virtualized storage platform and hypervisor.

"We have many Tier-1 applications virtualized through VMware and DataCore,"
said Haverstock. "Of particular importance to us, were the uptime and
performance of Exchange and SQL. Once we made the move to a SANsymphony-V
powered storage environment, our data and system response improved
dramatically. Needless to say, our user community, which depends upon the
availability of these applications, was very pleased."

Bottom-line: The deployment of SANsymphony-V significantly boosted overall
systems performance. SANsymphony's RAM cache vastly decreased latency for all
of Thorntons' storage, resulting not only in faster application performance
but also much faster backups. A monthly profit/loss report backup previously
required about 10 hours to run. "We've got it down to about three and a half
now," explained Haverstock. "Overall backup times, whether for VMs, SQL
databases or full system, were cut nearly in half."

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DataCore Software develops storage virtualization software for high
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