DiagnoCure's adoption of an advance notice policy

              DiagnoCure's adoption of an advance notice policy

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QUEBEC CITY, April 9, 2013

QUEBEC CITY, April 9, 2013  /PRNewswire/ - In view  of the annual and  special 
meeting of  its shareholders  on April  29,2013, DiagnoCure  Inc. (TSX:  CUR; 
OTCQX: DGCRF)  (the "Corporation")  announces  the adoption  by its  board  of 
directors of an advance notice policy establishing conditions and framework to
submit director  nominations, similar  to what  is set  forth in  the  advance 
notice by-law adopted on March11,2013.

The advance notice by-law,  which is fully described  in the management  proxy 
circular  filed  on  March  26,  2013  under  the  Corporation's  profile   at 
www.sedar.com, requires  advance notice  to the  Corporation in  circumstances 
where nominations of persons for election as a director of the Corporation are
made by shareholders other  than pursuant to: (i)  a requisition of a  meeting 
made pursuant to the provisions of the Business Corporations Act (Quebec);  or 
(ii) a shareholder proposal made pursuant to the provisions of this same  act. 
Among other  things, the  advance  notice by-law  fixes  a deadline  by  which 
shareholders must submit a notice  of director nominations to the  Corporation 
prior to any annual or special meeting of shareholders where directors are  to 
be elected and sets forth the  information that a shareholder must include  in 
the notice for it to be valid.

As an interim and special procedure before ratification of the advance  notice 
by-law by  the shareholders,  the  policy stipulates  that an  advance  notice 
regarding nominations of directors will have to be sent to the Corporation not
less than 10 days  prior to the  upcoming meeting of April  29, 2013, i.e.  by 
April 18, 2013 at the latest (rather than the 30 to 65 days prior to the  date 
of the  meeting  required  by  the  advance  notice  by-law).  All  the  other 
provisions of the advance notice by-law which are described in the  management 
proxy circular  and available  under the  Company's profile  at  www.sedar.com 
apply under the policy.

The policy on the advance notice is effective immediately. At the next meeting
of shareholders, shareholders will be asked to confirm and ratify the  advance 
notice by-law.

The Corporation  believes the  advance notice  policy and  the advance  notice 
by-law will facilitate orderly and  efficient annual or special meetings.  The 
immediate  implementation  of  the  advance  notice  policy  adopted  by   the 
Corporation's  board  of   director  will  allow   the  Corporation  and   its 
shareholders to readily benefit from this good corporate governance  practice, 
allowing the Corporation's  shareholders to  cast an informed  vote, based  on 
information on  the  proposed  nominees'  qualifications  and  suitability  as 

About DiagnoCure

DiagnoCure (TSX:  CUR;  OTCQX: DGCRF)  is  a life  sciences  corporation  that 
develops and commercializes high-value  cancer diagnostic tests that  increase 
clinician and patient  confidence in making  critical treatment decisions.  In 
2008, the Corporation launched  a colorectal cancer  staging test through  its 
U.S. CLIA laboratory. Previstage^TMGCC is currently available for  licensing. 
The Corporation has granted a worldwide exclusive license to Gen-Probe, now  a 
wholly-owned subsidiary of  Hologic Inc. (NASDAQ:  HOLX) operating as  Hologic 
Gen-Probe, for the development and commercialization of a prostate cancer test
using PCA3, DiagnoCure's proprietary molecular biomarker. Hologic  Gen-Probe's 
PROGENSA® PCA3 test is commercialized in Europe under CE mark and is  approved 
for commercialization in Canada and  the United States. For more  information, 
visit www.diagnocure.com.

Forward‐looking statements

This release  contains  forward‐looking  statements  that  involve  known  and 
unknown risks, uncertainties and assumptions that may cause actual results  to 
differ materially from those expected.  By their very nature,  forward‐looking 
statements are based on expectations and hypotheses and also involve risks and
uncertainties, known  and  unknown,  many of  which  are  beyond  DiagnoCure's 
control. As a result, investors are  cautioned not to place undue reliance  on 
these forward‐looking statements. The forward-looking statements regarding the
outcome of  research and  development projects,  clinical studies  and  future 
revenues are  based on  management expectations.  In addition,  the reader  is 
referred to  the  applicable  general risks  and  uncertainties  described  in 
DiagnoCure's most  recent  Annual Information  Form  under the  heading  "Risk 
Factors". DiagnoCure undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any
forward‐looking statements contained herein unless required by the  applicable 
securities laws and regulations.

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