Sun Bergeron Continues to Break-up Wheelabrator Monopoly for Waste Disposal Services in Broward County, Florida

  Sun Bergeron Continues to Break-up Wheelabrator Monopoly for Waste Disposal
  Services in Broward County, Florida

       Hillsboro Beach Opts into Miramar Contract with Sun Bergeron for
     Cost-Effective, Environmentally Responsible Waste Disposal Services

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- April 08, 2013

The Town of Hillsboro Beach, Florida, Commission made a historic decision at
its April 2^nd meeting. Its decision to sign a 5-year waste disposal contract
with Sun Bergeron puts the Town in the forefront of environmental stewardship
in Broward County while securing greatly improved pricing for its residents.

“For the total proposal, Sun Bergeron had the best price,” said Commissioner
Jim Lambert, “and it is essentially the same proposal presented to every other
city in the County. Wheelabrator’s pricing has come down considerably over
their current level, but it’s only come down because there is competition in
the market.”

The contract Hillsboro Beach joined into is the result of a two-year
procurement process undertaken by the City of Miramar which resulted in
substantially reduced waste disposal fees. That process signaled the end of a
more than 25-year waste disposal monopoly in Broward County with Wheelabrator
Technologies, a subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc. (NYSE: WM).

“I’m a great believer in competition,” said Hillsboro Beach Commissioner Dick
Maggiore, “it serves the city and our residents well. Without competition, the
sky’s the limit with pricing.”

”For the first time in 25 years,” said Ron Bergeron Sr., President, Sun
Bergeron, “the citizens of this county are able to benefit from competition in
waste disposal services. This competition has driven disposal costs down by

The environmental benefits Hillsboro Beach can expect to see under the new
contract are also considerable. Sun Bergeron has a core philosophy and
business model that supports all of its clients, including Hillsboro Beach, in
achieving the state of Florida’s goal to recycle 75% of all municipal solid
waste by 2020.

“Sun Bergeron was formed,” Bergeron said, “to give the people of Broward the
benefits of real competition, lowering costs and bringing new technologies to
better protect taxpayers' pocketbooks and the environment. Monopolies give
companies the power to exclude competitors and to charge high prices. During
its long term Broward County monopoly, Waste Management / Wheelabrator
continued to raise its waste disposal prices to more than $90 per ton.

“Open and honest competition, the foundation on which America was built, has
enduring benefits which the citizens of Broward County so rightly deserve.”


Sun Bergeron is a joint venture between Sun Recycling and Bergeron
Environmental Services operating together to achieve zero waste. Combined, Sun
Bergeron has over 35 years experience in the waste and recycling industry and
a proven history in logistics and disaster recovery including the BP Oil Spill
clean-up in 2010. Pioneering innovation in the waste and recycling industry,
Sun Bergeron is headquartered in the Town of Davie, Broward County, Florida.
The more than 500 employees that represent Sun Bergeron are dedicated to the
environment and currently recycle in excess of 75% of the solid waste
materials they process, a state mandated goal by 2020. To find out more about
Sun Bergeron visit


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