JANA Partners Reminds Agrium Shareholders To Vote The BLUE Proxy Or VIF Before Tomorrow, April 5 At 9am Eastern Time

JANA Partners Reminds Agrium Shareholders To Vote The BLUE Proxy Or VIF Before 
Tomorrow, April 5 At 9am Eastern Time 
Confident that Value-Unlocking Change is Coming to Agrium's Board Next Tuesday 
Nominee Biographies and More Information Available at www.JanaAGUAnalysis.com 
NEW YORK, April 4, 2013 /CNW/ - JANA Partners LLC today reminded all 
shareholders of Agrium Inc. (TSX / NYSE: AGU) to vote their BLUE proxies or 
VIF "FOR" value-unlocking change via Internet, phone or fax by 7:00amCalgary 
time / 9:00am Eastern time tomorrow, April 5(th).  JANA Managing Partner and 
board nominee Barry Rosenstein also made the following statement: 
"Based on the results so far, we are highly confident that real change is 
coming to Agrium's board.  Every vote still counts, however, and we encourage 
all shareholders to make their voices heard by voting the BLUE proxy or VIF 
well before the deadline. 
It is unfortunate that Agrium management still cannot seem to imagine a board 
with differing views that works collaboratively to reach the right result, but 
not only is it possible, it is vital.  A lack of differing views does not make 
a board strong, it makes it weak.  We have seen that with Agrium's board, from 
a failure to ask the tough questions about costs, capital allocation, returns 
on investment and other matters, to its conduct in this campaign, including 
approving a divisive campaign of entrenchment, merely to avoid adding a 
minority of experienced new directors. 
Despite all this, my fellow nominees and I stand ready to work collaboratively 
with the full board to find areas of common agreement for the benefit of all 
shareholders.  No matter what has come before, everyone on Agrium's board will 
share the same goal:  Doing what's best for Agrium.  JANA is Agrium's largest 
shareholder and all of our nominees have substantial personal investments in 
Agrium, so no one has more interest in finding common ground than we do. 
While Agrium continues to describe our efforts in simplistic campaign terms, 
it will soon be time to turn to the harder business of maximizing value for 
shareholders.  These are the ideas we have been focused on this entire 
campaign, as embodied in the 5 C's of opportunity for Agrium:  Costs, 
Controls, Capital Allocation, Conglomerate Structure and Corporate Governance. 
 In none of these areas would we be able to force change; change will only 
come through building consensus with the full Agrium board about the best path 
forward for all Agrium shareholders. 
As for Agrium's comments this morning, we do not view attempting to purchase 
an election as a 'distraction' and it is the height of arrogance to criticize 
us for not raising earlier something that the company kept hidden.  We raised 
it when we learned of it, and if the board wished to avoid discussing vote 
buying it should not have pursued it.  It is also only one example of the need 
for change at Agrium.  Fortunately, that change is coming soon." 
North America's leading proxy advisory firm, Institutional Shareholder 
Services (ISS), believes that there is a "compelling" case for change at 
Agrium and advises shareholders to vote the BLUE proxy for nominees Rosenstein 
and Bullock. 
Your vote is important, no matter how many shares you own.  If you have not 
yet voted your BLUE proxy or VIF, please do so today FOR the election of the 
JANA nominees. Even if you have already voted using the white proxy, you can 
change your vote by submitting a BLUE proxy or VIF now, which will revoke any 
previously submitted proxy or VIF and be counted at the meeting. 
For questions or assistance, please contact Kingsdale Shareholder Services 
Inc., at 1-866-581-1514 toll-free in North America, or 1-416-867-2272 outside 
of North America, or by email at contactus@kingsdaleshareholder.com.  To keep 
current with further developments and information about voting your shares, 
visit www.JanaAGUAnalysis.com. 
JANA Partners LLC, (212) 455 0900 
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