Toshiba's Storage Business Strategy

  Toshiba's Storage Business Strategy

                           Total Storage Innovation

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TOKYO -- April 04, 2013

Toshiba (TOKYO:6502):

With the world's population expected to exceed nine billion by mid-century,
the issue of how to make the most of limited energy resources has risen to the
top of the global agenda. There is growing recognition that the smart
community is an effective way of tackling this pressing issue. Smart
communities are environmentally friendly, economic, and achieve stable
electricity supply by striking a balance between electricity demand that
changes with on the season and the time of day and electricity supply,
including power generation using renewables.

At the heart of every smart community will be powerful IT infrastructure and
mechatronics that estimates electricity demand, the amount of electricity
generated, etc. by analyzing the big data gathered from smart meters,
surveillance cameras, medical sensor terminals, social networking services
(SNS), and so on. IT infrastructure consisting of servers and storage systems
connected over the Internet sustains cloud computing and will continue to grow
as an element of large-scale, efficient and advanced social infrastructure.

Total Storage Innovation is Toshiba's shorthand for the suite of capabilities
required to efficiently store big data, output data as necessary, and process
it appropriately. We aim to meet diversifying storage requirements by offering
high-quality, differentiated solutions employing the cutting edge

Mr. Hironobu Nishikori, Corporate Senior Vice President of Semiconductor &
Storage Company, comments: "HDD and flash memory technologies will continue to
coexist, taking advantage of their respective characteristics. Toshiba is the
only vendor covering the spectrum of HDD, SSD and NAND flash memory. Inspired
by our vision of Total Storage Innovation, we aim to be the leading storage
solution provider in the evolving cloud & big data era.
Big data has three essential attributes: volume for over petabytes data,
velocity for real time data processing and analytics and variety for mixture
of structured and unstructured data. The key to product differentiation lies
in real-time analytics of that data to maneuver social infrastructure system
in timely manner . Towards that Toshiba will offer storage solutions that
address each of the 3Vs.

Mindful of fast-emerging possibilities, not least those associated with cloud
computing, in fiscal 2013 Toshiba is focusing on the following storage

1. Enterprise storage products (integration of HDD and SSD)
As networks proliferate and their technologies continue to progress, the world
is being inundated by a rising tide of data generated by SNS terminals and
sensors. The numbers are startling: reflecting the rise of cloud computing,
people will have to deal with about 40 zettabytes of data in 2020.
Toshiba will offer HDDs ideal for storage of large volume of data. At the same
time, the company will strengthen its offerings of enterprise SSD suitable for
data transfer at high velocity by exploiting the synergy of its proprietary
NAND flash memory technology and know-how in controller and firmware design
for enterprise HDDs.
Further, storage products must provide enhanced reliability and security
functions to underpin enterprise activities. We will emphasize HDD/SSD
products with encryption functions.
We will offer a range of storage products with characteristics suited to
handling data in the era of cloud computing and capable of satisfying a wide
range of system requirements.
The cloud computing and big data revolution is expected to transform the
storage business environment over the next 10 years. By anticipating that
transformation, Toshiba will offer cutting-edge solutions inspired by Total
Storage Innovation.

2. Client storage products
Hybrid drives
Hybrid drives are the fruits of a synergy between NAND flash memory, SSD, and
HDD technologies. Hybrid drives are HDDs with NAND flash memory that offer
capacities as large as HDD and speeds comparable to SSD. Featuring
self-learning algorithms to identify user access patterns, a hybrid drive
optimally assigns data to three layers of storage devices consisting of DRAM,
NAND flash and magnetic disks. The result is a start-up time as quick as an
SSD's. Toshiba's strengths in both NAND flash memory and SSD/HDD technologies
have a multiplier effect, giving our hybrid drives performances far superior
to those of conventional HDDs. With hybrid drives to the fore, Toshiba aims to
expand its share of the market for client storage products.

Consumer products
Rising demand for external HDDs attests to their attractiveness as a neat
solution for those requiring additional storage capacity for moving data from
the HDD or SSD built into PCs, for back-up, or for recording TV programs.
Toshiba offers a wide choice of external HDDs, including the world's smallest
and lightest^1 9-mm-thick portable HDDs, portable HDDs up to 2 terabytes (up
to 1.5 terabytes for models for the Japanese market) that do not require a
power cable, and 3-terabyte external hard disks (2 terabytes for the Japanese
market). This extensive line-up of captivating products is one compelling
reason why Toshiba has already won a 25% share^2 of the North American and
European markets for external HDDs. Building on that strong presence, Toshiba
intends to grow the business by offering a wider choice of consumer products
geared to diversifying needs.

1 For cubic volume and weight among 2.5-inch portable HDDs. Toshiba data, as
of April 4, 2013
2 Among 2.5-inch portable HDDs. Toshiba data, as of April 4, 2013

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