Spring Your Computer Back To Life

  Spring Your Computer Back To Life

 Get That Computer Back Up To Speed with Spring Cleaning Technology Tips From
                          The Experts at Crucial.com

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BOISE, Idaho -- April 02, 2013

It is the time of the year when the weather begins to warm, bears return from
hibernation, birds fly north, and dreary winter scenes transform into colorful
springtime sights. Of course, while Mother Nature goes through her own annual
rejuvenation, the rest of us celebrate spring’s arrival by rejuvenating our
floors, walls, windows and reorganizing our closets, garages, and basements.
Before declaring the spring-cleaning ritual officially complete, the memory
and storage experts at Crucial.com suggest it is also the perfect time to give
your computer a seasonal refresh. Here are a few spring-cleaning technology
tips that will infuse your computer with new life, and give you one less thing
to worry about this year.

Back Up Your Data

A crash or system error will happen when you least expect it, so be prepared
for the inevitable by backing up photos, files and important data. Most Mac®
and Windows® operating systems have a built-in back-up mode that will
automatically sync computer data to an external storage drive or to an online
storage service when the function is turned on. It’s an easy process that will
save you a lot of stress and aggravation when your computer’s hard drive
fails. While you’re at it, you may also want to consider upgrading your
current hard drive with a more efficient and reliable solid state drive (SSD).
Its durability, faster performance, and light weight, have made SSDs an
increasingly popular alternative to traditional hard drives.

Declutter and Update

Make sure both your operating system and applications are all up to date with
the most current available versions. Also, make sure to remove unused programs
by utilizing the add/remove programs tool located in the control panel of
Windows operating systems, or on a Mac computer by dragging the application to
the trash.

Enhance Your Security

Ensure your antivirus software is up to date with the most recent virus
definitions. Consider running spyware software as well. Take the time to do a
password audit on all of your online accounts and ensure that the passwords
are unique and secure for each one. Also, while you are at it, consider using
a password management app for your smartphone.

Upgrade the Memory

There are a number of simple hardware upgrades that can sometimes make a
system perform better than when it was new. For example, adding more internal
memory (RAM) is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve a computer’s
performance. When a computer does not have enough internal memory to properly
run programs, it becomes slow and unresponsive as it struggles with limited
resources. Installing computer memory is a fairly simple process that requires
no special tools or skills. Just go to Crucial.com and run the free System
Scanner tool or use the Crucial Memory Advisor™ tool to find the right memory
upgrade for your system.

Hardware Wash

For some, the keyboard and mouse double as napkins for collecting crumbs, skin
oils, and of course, germs. Clean the keyboard and mouse with a disinfectant
wipe. Dip a soft rag into a mild soap and water solution and wipe down the
monitor’s LCD screen. Do not use a household glass cleaner as the harsh
chemicals could damage the LCD screen. Never spray anything directly onto any
part of the computer, and always make sure to unplug the computer before
beginning the cleaning process.

Blow It Out

Over time, the inside of your computer will accumulate a “blanket” of dust,
which may result in a temperature rise inside your computer case. Open your
computer case and blow out the dust using a canister of compressed air. Be
sure to blow air through all fans in order to thoroughly clean them.

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