Night Time Curfews Won't Work Says Young Driver Insurer ingenie

       Night Time Curfews Won't Work Says Young Driver Insurer ingenie

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  LONDON, March 26, 2013

LONDON, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

  *ingenie welcomes all efforts to improve young driver safety

  *However, it believes education for young drivers is a better approach than
    night-time curfews

  *Only 9% of claims made by ingenie-insured young drivers were due to
    crashes at night

  *Black box technology that assesses young drivers offers them the chance to
    prove they are safe on the road and helps identify where further education
    is needed.

ingenie welcomes the government's focus on young drivers and all efforts to
make this disproportionately high-risk age group of drivers safer.

However, ingenie does not believe that restricting young drivers and imposing
nighttime curfews is the best way to approach the problem.

Our statistics show that only 9% of claims made by young drivers insured by
ingenie were for crashes that occurred at night.

Further education for young drivers has been proven to work. We embrace
coaching and use black box technology to develop driving styles and trends and
help young drivers improve.

Every three months we reward our best drivers with discounts on their
insurance. We believe this approach gives new drivers the opportunity to learn
from their experiences - by imposing nighttime curfews young drivers are
denied this opportunity.

We believe in educating young people to make them more responsible. 70 percent
of ingenie-insured drivers have received a discount for good driving.

"While we are supportive of some of the proposals being considered by the
government, we believe that imposing night-time restrictions or curfews on
young drivers suppresses the root cause of the problem. ingenie's approach is
to work with young drivers as individuals and encourage them to take
responsibility for their driving."

"Many young drivers are underprepared when they first take to the road but
ingenie's approach, alongside post-test coaching, can support young drivers
while they gain valuable experience."

"We believe that UK insurers have a part to play in educating young drivers.
ingenie provides useful feedback to our community of policyholders - if asked,
we'll even pick up the phone and talk to the customer about where they're
going wrong and how they can improve, which will ultimately reduce their risk
and premium."

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About ingenie

ingenie is a radical new way of insuring young drivers. We exclusively insure
17 to 25 year olds who often struggle to find affordable premiums elsewhere.
Our policyholders join a community of young drivers who benefit from ingenie
black box telematics technology that constantly assesses their driving

We build a picture of a driver's individual style, awareness and safety on the
road, rewarding those who drive well with cheaper insurance premiums and
helping those who need improvement become safer.

Established in late 2011, ingenie offers a disruptive, fresh way of providing
car insurance to young people and has quickly become a powerful digital brand
in its own right.

The company counts footballer turned broadcaster Gary Lineker among its
high-profile investors and ambassadors. Williams F1 is a key partner assisting
in the development of telematics, high-profile brand promotion and road
safety. The company is also backed by leading figures from UK business,
including Sir Martin Broughton, Chairman of British Airways.


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