Say 'hello' to Seriously Friendly™ Oral Care

                 Say 'hello' to Seriously Friendly™ Oral Care

Hello Products' 99% natural, 100% nice™ products reinvent the category,
feature gorgeous solutions designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA

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MONTCLAIR, N.J., March 20, 2013

MONTCLAIR, N.J., March 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Hello Products greets the
world with the launch of the first-ever seriously friendly oral care line,
simply called hello™. With a lineup of 99% natural, 100% nice toothpaste,
mouthwash and breath sprays, hello promises a friendly mouth: healthy, white
teeth, fresh breath, and a clean, moisturized mouth – with no harsh chemicals,
artificial colors, alcohol or pain.


hello debuts in distinctive, gorgeous designs created by BMW Group
DesignworksUSA, a subsidiary of BMW Group, and offers a refreshing departure
from the unfriendly-looking bottles and goopy tubes that consumers have put up
with for too long. In an unprecedented relationship between a consumer
packaged goods (CPG) company and the world-renowned design arm of the
performance automotive leader, hello and BMW Group DesignworksUSA partnered to
create breakthrough solutions that bring the brand's seriously friendly spirit
to life.

All hello products are available in four delicious flavors, including
Supermint, Pink Grapefruit Mint, Mojito Mint and Sweet Cinnamint. Beginning
this week, hello is available nationwide in Walgreens and Duane Reade stores,
with additional retailers to follow worldwide.

"With so many brands talking about killing and fighting, we thought it was
time to unleash products that explored the friendly side of oral care," said
Craig Dubitsky, Founder and CEO of hello. "Our 99% natural products bring all
of the performance and none of the pain, and they taste – and look –

Seriously friendly, seriously effective ...

The hello formulations are 99% natural and 100% nice, and feature proven
ingredients that don't rely on stinging alcohol, artificial colors and
sweeteners, or harsh chemicals. The alcohol-free mouthwashes taste amazing and
are refreshingly clear, with no dyes. The cheerful little breath sprays are
also alcohol-free, highly portable, and cute enough to display and share. The
toothpastes feature delicious flavors that freshen breath and help keep teeth
clean and healthy, and a unique dispensing cap that even makes loading your
toothbrush a fun experience.

hello products, made with proven ingredients, offer the following benefits:

  ohello toothpaste features fluoride, which is known to help prevent
    cavities. The paste helps to strengthen and whiten teeth, while reducing
    the effects of acid erosion and tartar buildup. It is free of
    controversial ingredients such as triclosan and stannous fluoride.
  ohello toothpaste is made with a special type of silica, which gently and
    safely polishes stains off teeth and doesn't contain harsh chemical
    whiteners like hydrogen peroxide, or the extra grit that others use to
    whiten teeth.
  oA well-moisturized mouth is a healthy mouth, which is why hello
    mouthwashes are alcohol-free. Every swish works with your body's natural
    defenses to wash away bad-breath germs and deliver long-lasting fresh

...and seriously gorgeous

In creating the design, hello and BMW Group DesignworksUSA sought the perfect
balance of form and function, incorporating a soft, curved aesthetic and
thoughtful, user-centric precision. All packaging on the mouthwashes, sprays
and toothpastes are 100% custom, proprietary designs – from the pour-and-swig
rings on the mouthwashes, to the sleek click-and-go sprays, to the "pastry bag
tip" on the toothpaste. Every aspect of the design, and how it relates to the
user experience, was examined and optimized for friendliness.

To design hello, the team set out to achieve beautiful, minimalist packaging
that would be pretty enough to leave on display, including:

  oToothpaste that would look the same the day you recycle it as the very day
    you bought it – with a unique, medicine cabinet-friendly, soft-touch
    tottle that politely stands up, with no wasteful secondary packaging.
  oAn arresting mouthwash bottle with a swig-or-pour friendly flavor ring,
    and an easy-to-use, easy-on-the eyes shape.
  oColorful, curvy breath spray packaging that takes delicious fun and
    seriously friendly on-the-go. The twist-to-lock functionality, sweet
    shape, and raised logo make it a breeze to tote and locate in purses or
  oBright toothbrushes that will bring on a smile, morning, noon or night.
    The brush handles are made with recycled polypropylene and a biodegradable
    corn resin – a friendly material that feels great to hold and is nice to
    the environment.

"When Craig first came to us with the concept for hello, everybody – from the
President of DesignworksUSA all the way up to the Global Head of Design for
BMW – got extremely excited by his idea to bring beauty and design to a
category that's lacking in both, yet is ubiquitous in our lives," said Peter
Falt, Director, BMW Group DesignworksUSA. "We collaborated every step of the
way to bring Craig's vision of 'seriously friendly' to life through design. In
the end, we created solutions that are unique to hello's brand attributes,
balancing premium and playfulness to bring beautiful, never-before-seen
designs and fun-to-use form factors to an experience we all repeat every day."

Hello Products' Dubitsky added, "Looking across the oral care aisle, we
realized that the charge for establishing the design DNA of hello products was
form and function, but also the formation of a philosophy around the notion of
'friendly'. So we approached the design process by exploring how these
products can live in your life in a more pleasing way. We feel like hello can
make personal care feel personal again."

hello products will be available nationwide in Walgreens, Duane Reade and
select Target stores, as well as online at, beginning in
mid-March 2013. hello products are wallet-friendly too, with retail prices
that fall in line with many incumbent offerings in the category. Learn more
about Hello Products, experience the brand, and actually Skype with the team
at, or visit and

About Hello Products LLC
Hello Products LLC, is the first-ever seriously friendly™ oral care brand for
consumers. The team believed it was time personal care became, well, personal
again. And beautiful. So, they created 99% natural, delicious, pain-free and
gorgeous products that include toothpaste, mouthwash, breath sprays and
toothbrushes. For more information – or to pop by, say hello and make new
friends – visit

About BMW Group DesignworksUSA
BMW Group DesignworksUSA is a creative consultancy that's been driving
innovation for forty years. Acquired by BMW Group in 1995, DesignworksUSA
enables its parent company as well as internationally-renowned clients outside
the automotive industry to grow their businesses through a portfolio of
creative consulting services. With clients including Coca Cola, Dassault
Aviation, Embraer, John Deere, HEAD, HP, Microsoft, Siemens, Intermarine, and
Varian Medical Systems, DesignworksUSA is deeply immersed in a broad
cross-section of industries. Combining cross-fertilized knowledge with
strategic long-term perspectives and global context provided by studios in Los
Angeles, Munich and Shanghai, DesignworksUSA draws upon its unique and vibrant
resources to create the future.

SOURCE Hello Products LLC

Contact: Brittany Roth, FH for hello, +1-212-453-2244,
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