ATOS : Atos consortium chosen by the CNES to develop its future space mission control centres

ATOS : Atos consortium chosen by the CNES to develop its future space mission
                               control centres

Paris, London, 20  March 2013- the  French space agency  CNES has chosen  the 
consortium led by Atos  to develop its future  space mission control  centres. 
Satellites are launched, put into orbit  and piloted from a dedicated  mission 
control centre for each space programme.

The consortium, led by  Atos in partnership with  Thales - along with  Scassi, 
Spacebel and Telespazio, will be developing a  line of ISIS products - the  so 
called "Initiative for Space Innovative Standards" - which will constitute the
new standard for mission control centres. The standard will address  mandatory 
space programme requirements in terms of performance, security and evolutivity
over the future two decades.

For each new satellite, the CNES will  use the generic ISIS baseline and  will 
work on developing  a dedicated mission  control centre specifically  designed 
for the mission context. The first missions  to benefit from this will be  the 
CSO imaging defence space programme and MERLIN, satellite designed to  measure 
the level  of  methane gas  in  the  atmosphere. According  to  Marc  Pircher, 
Director of the Toulouse  Space Centre,"The issues  of developing and  keeping 
future space mission control  centres operational over the  next 20 years  are 
crucial for CNES".

Laurent Kocher,  CEO, Atos  France, adds:  "Atos  is very  proud to  lead  the 
consortium chosen by the  CNES to carry out  this programme for future  French 
and European space  missions. In  a close  partnership with  Thales, Atos  has 
demonstrated  its  expertise  in  aerospaceengineering  and  its  ability   to 
industrialise the development of large complex systems, operate them and carry
them  through  in  the  long  term.  This  contract  is  a  fine  example   of 
capitalisation of the Group's expertises and innovation for the benefit of our
customers' technological and operational excellence."

Within this context, Atos is acting  as project manager across the  programme, 
and is developing an innovative IT architecture (infrastructure, data storage,
man-machine interface etc.),  as the basis  of all system  components, in  due 
observance of military  programmes' security standards.  Atos will also  adapt 
the generic ISIS solution to the specificity of the MERLIN mission.

Thales is responsible  for system  definition and  architecture, creating  the 
command/control and  flight dynamics  components,  and system  validation  and 
integration. It is also  in charge of adapting  the generic ISIS solution  for 
the CSO  mission.  The Group  is  also  working alongside  Atos  on  programme 


About the CSO and Merlin space programmes:
CSO, Composante Spatiale Optique, is the future Musis (multinational
space-based system) spatial defence imaging system, which will be carried out
along with Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece and Italy. CSO will have two
satellites to replace the current military observation satellites Helios 2, as
the first satellite will be placed in orbit in December 2016. Resolution of
the satellites will identify smaller targets, the quantity of images supplied
will be enhanced, and timeframes for provision of images for decision-makers
and forces will be shortened.
MERLIN is the Franco-German atmospheric methane measurement project as part of
the plan to control climatic and environmental changes. Methane is a major
greenhouse gas which has undergone inexplicable changes over the last 10

About CNES
Founded in 1961, the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) is the
government agency responsible for shaping and implementing France's space
policy in Europe. Its task is to invent the space systems of the future, bring
space technologies to maturity and guarantee France's independent access to
space. CNES is a pivotal player in Europe's space programme, and a major
source of initiatives and proposals that aim to maintain France and Europe's
competitive edge.
It conceives and executes space programmes with its partners in the scientific
community and industry, and is closely involved in many international
cooperation programmes-the key to any far-reaching space policy.
Through its ability to innovate and its forward-looking vision, CNES is
helping to foster new technologies that will benefit society as a whole,
focusing on:

  oaccess to space
  ocivil applications of space
  osustainable development
  oscience and technology research
  osecurity and defence

Atos Space and  Aeronautics Centre  of Excellence, based  in Toulouse,  brings 
together specialist skills, enabling us to respond to challenges posed by  our 
Aerospace customers with regard to both information technology (complex system
architecture, real time techniques, management of standards in place  relating 
to aeronautics  and  space....) and  our  clients' core  requirements  (flight 
dynamics, physics, structural mechanics, digital simulations and  probability, 
calculation of orbit, satellite navigation....).
The teams within this centre also  draw on the Group's substantial  skill-base 
with regard to critical, on-board and security systems. Our outstanding skills
in critical  systems  has  enabled  us  to be  a  partner  within  the  French 
electro-nuclear programme for 30 years, and the only large IT services company
able to supply digital control systems for nuclear power plants.
Atos teams have contributed  to the success of  more than 50 space  programmes 
and collaborated on a large number of projects for the CNES (the French  Space 
Agency) and major industrial  players within the  sector (EADS, Thales  Alenia 
Space) over the past twenty years.

About Atos
Atos  SE  (Societas  europaea)  is  an  international  information  technology 
services company  with annual  2012  revenue of  EUR  8.8 billion  and  76,400 
employees in 47 countries. Serving a  global client base, it delivers  hi-tech 
transactional  services,   consulting   and   technology   services,   systems 
integration and  managed  services. With  its  deep technology  expertise  and 
industry knowledge, it works with clients across the following market sectors:
Manufacturing,  Retail,  Services;  Public,  Health  &  Transports;  Financial 
Services; Telecoms, Media & Technology; Energy & Utilities. Atos is focused on
business technology that  powers progress  and helps  organizations to  create 
their firm of the future. It  is the Worldwide Information Technology  Partner 
for the  Olympic and  Paralympic Games  and is  quoted on  the Paris  Eurolist 
Market. Atos  operates under  the brands  Atos, Atos  Consulting &  Technology 
Services, Atos Worldline and Atos Worldgrid.

About Thales
Thales is  a global  technology leader  for  the Defence  & Security  and  the 
Aerospace & Transportation markets. In 2012, the company generated revenues of
€14.2 billion with 67,000 employees in 56 countries. With its 25,000 engineers
and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and  deploy 
equipment,  systems  and  services  that   meet  the  most  complex   security 
requirements.  Thales  has  an   exceptional  international  footprint,   with 
operations around  the  world  working  with  customers  and  local  partners.

About Thales Alenia Space
The European  leader  in satellite  systems  and  a major  player  in  orbital 
infrastructures, Thales Alenia Space is  a joint venture between Thales  (67%) 
and Finmeccanica  (33%). Thales  Alenia Space  and Telespazio  embody the  two 
groups' "Space  Alliance". Thales  Alenia Space  sets the  global standard  in 
solutions for space telecommunications,  radar and optical Earth  observation, 
defense and security,  navigation and science.  With consolidated revenues  of 
2.1 billion euros in 2012, Thales Alenia Space has 7,500 employees in  France, 
Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and United States.

About Telespazio
Telespazio, a joint venture  between Finmeccanica (67%)  and Thales (33%),  is 
one of the world's leading  operators in satellite management services,  Earth 
observation and satellite navigation,  as well as in  the field of  integrated 
communications and scientific programmes. Telespazio  plays a leading role  in 
the reference markets  harnessing technological experience  acquired over  the 
years and through its  participation in major  European space programmes  such 
as: Galileo, EGNOS, GMES and COSMO-SkyMed. The company in 2011 generated sales
of  EUR  475  million,  and   employed  around  2,500  staff.  Telespazio,   a 
Finmeccanica/Thales  company,  operates  in  France  through  its   subsidiary 
Telespazio France, which is headquartered in Toulouse and has offices in Paris
and Kourou. In  Germany, Telespazio  is represented  , for  this contract,  by 
Telespazio Vega Deutschland.

About Spacebel
Established since 1988, SPACEBEL is  a Belgian Space engineering company  that 
has grown in the  Space market to  become a trusted  developer of advanced  IT 
solutions  and  a  related  service  provider.  Today,  SPACEBEL  is  in   the 
international mix of small satellite system suppliers. The company operates in
the Space and Earth monitoring  applications sectors, serving Space  agencies, 
government departments, major  aerospace companies,  European institutions  as 
well as the commercial  market. Our skills range  from the mission  definition 
and  analysis  of   Earth  observation  microsatellites,   over  the   design, 
development, integration, validation of IT  systems for the Space industry  to 
geospatial information systems.

About Scassi Conseil
Scassi Conseil  is  a  consulting and  engineering  company,  specializing  in 
information systems and embedded systems security. Located in Toulouse,  Paris 
and Madrid, we manage  risks for our clients:  large companies in  industrial, 
banking and public  sectors. We have  a double mission:  first, we enable  our 
clients to  protect their  information and  technical assets,  and second,  we 
accompany them to make their embedded  systems more secure. In this frame,  we 
work on the convergence  of security and safety.  We offer expertise in  audit 
(Pen Tests, code audits.), advice (security policy, Business Continuity Plan.)
and engineering (security  in development  of embedded  software). We  provide 
tailor-made answers to our clients'  needs, as we combine technical  expertise 
and human  factor approach.  We are  a training  center and  the leader  of  a 
European R&D  project. Innovation  is at  the  heart of  our strategy  and  we 
dedicate each year 15 % of our revenue to R&D.

For more information
Atos : Anne de Beaumont - +33 6 23 76 19 41 -
Thales:    Dorothée    Bonneil    -    +33    1    57    77    90    89     -


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